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February 8, 2015

Regenerative AG for soil

REGENERATING OUR SOIL. . . saving ourselves

Well, here I go again with Dr Mercola and his fabulous resources – [thank you God, that he is so willing to share],  this time, it’s all about the soil which allows us to have food which we need, no matter which side of the FOOD-theory you dwell in.. This is a video with knowledgeable Kristin Ohlson  on the subject of Regenerative Agriculture.  She and others aren’t satisfied with simply saying ‘organic’ to describe this particular thrust, for it is more about saving the “SOIL”. . .so that it can save us in turn.  In fact, her new book is called “The Soil will Save Us.”  This is fascinating and I learned so much more about it, in fact, stuff I can do tho I live in an apartment complex with limited ground space. . .but I have my roses and Mint and of course, potted plants on the patio, visited by roving squirrels, few cats and an occasional skunk or two.  

The loss of viable, living land globally is a major problem to earth’s inhabitants.   Planet earth, before humans began ‘farming’ was highly fertile — teeming with life we only recently, have begun to understand.  Hard, dry, barren land is devoid of vital components needed to support any kind of life – even it’s own.  In ignorance, man has done this.   Now, with new science and open, questioning minds. . .we have begun to understand the amazing, but simple realities that can, IS and will restore our soil, thereby  saving all of    us.  You’ll be amazed and happy with this,  a very positive message. . .enjoy.          Jan



Far Better Than Organic, This Is the Healthiest Kind of

This new movement is gaining momentum, and offers you a level of micronutrients you never dreamed possible. The pioneers of this movement shun the word organic as the standard, trading it for this… Is your produce on par with it?


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