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February 7, 2015

Vaxxers aren’t selfish – just smarter

The Lofty 1% is  going too far – – they’re strangling us!

It is so very difficult for me to sit by and watch, see and listen to  all media – Television, newspapers/print media and  so many icons in our world of celebrities,  including our own President,  all but criminalize the parents of our land who have chosen NOT to vaccinate their children.    In particular, I refer here to the measles vaccine.  To the best of my knowledge, it is given as the MMR and there has in fact been much discussion over that!  

I only know that as a child, I had measles three times and chicken pox once. During this time I was living in my (doctor) uncle’s home and family.  He removed my tonsils and sewed up my many wounds resulting from my forays out into the world on my own.  (scaling fences, climbing trees, approaching all animals, hunting for treasure, checking out new homes being constructed — I was a busy kid)

We are being described as misinformed, biased and declared selfish  NOT  to put the welfare of “all” above our own personal interests.   “They”  are claiming LOUDLY that vaccination  is protective, safe and proven to be beneficial.  They continually cite the one English doctor who ‘started’ all this ‘conspiracy’ and began this controversy and how he was eventually de-licensed — but neglect to admit this doctor migrated here and became licensed and continued to prove and show his mounting evidence.  But that doesn’t fit their story line.  Furthermore,  The thousands of us from newborns all the way up to established and accomplished medical professionals have also been seriously injured — lives ruined.  None of that matters!  Where has been the outcry for the one in five children who now fall into the “Autism -spectrum”. . a broad swath of Americans from flat-out autism to ADD and ADHD, all with some form of damage to the  brain and central nervous system.  

Millions are onto the fact that something is wrong and we are being lied to – – even the recent post  here about the ‘Head of Nursing,’ a highly educated, respected medical professional who didn’t know about the risk she was taking with a simple flu shot!  She was never told about the possible consequences or the damage which could be done.    Pro that she is and was,  didn’t KNOW!   Her life is ruined  and she lives helpless, in torment and pain.  

Parents are being traumatized and stripped of their rights of choices and natural-born, inner-compelled responsibility to do the right thing for their own children.  Call it what you like , crazy,. . a gut thing – whatever. . .a parent just knows. On any level, this should never be violated,  not in a free society where citizens have ‘CHOICE and RIGHTS”  It is without doubt that the citizens of this country never voted to give up their rights or have some kind of hierarchical “gestapo” laying down the laws of our land.  But it appears — this is exactly what is happening with BIG PhRMA wielding the power, making the laws by paying-off  [“BUYING”] all those who claim to be our ‘law-makers’ and reaching throughout Washington.

The clout of the Pharmaceutical industry is totally behind all of this.  Who else but an organization who understands they can get away with anything, go to any lengths necessary to protect themselves, would even attempt such a thing if it wasn’t written down, made law and given total exemption from any liability whatsoever?  For that is how they operate.    SAFE?  The FDA checks nothing.   They do no testing — aren’t set up for that at all.  They take the word of  PhRMA that safety is a given. . .and so it goes.  There has never been legitimate studies done to prove safety.  Never!  But that our government would allow any entity exoneration from responsibility from wrong-doing (consequence seen when one goes to court and perhaps having to prove those statements),  tho it is defying all logic — that’s what we are living with.    

So on the one hand we have these ever-growing laws,  mandates,  untouchable corporate structure, ill-informed practitioners of medicine – who haven’t a clue (obviously, or they wouldn’t be in cahoots to injure innocent people)  and on the other hand we have tons of physicians who see with open eyes, listen with sensitive ears and have sufficient integrity that they have done independent further investigation and study and realize that the components and adjuvents used in most of the vaccinations are toxic, harmful and in many cases – lethal.  A baby’s central nervous system and brain can’t tolerate this injury which is why the damage is done, not to mention that this also interferes with the proper, normal development of the child’s still forming immune system, which until it is fully formed and strengthened, cannot protect the child which is why most kids have so much sickness.  That immunity is the only thing which heals the body when the child is under bacterial, germicidal or fungal attack.  

Yes, there are many fine and forward thinking  doctors among us.  But they too, suffer attack and scurrilous abuse. . .because they aren’t following ACCEPTED, RECOGNIZED,  standard procedure.  Many are run out of town, prosecuted year in and year out in court cases; or just de-licensed!  So when you find a good one – – treasure them.  

 While it is true, the evidence is piling up displaying an American  society in obvious decay and/or ruin. .I’m not speaking of smoking, drinking and drugs, but the core structure of people these days.  We are fat, worried, sad and/or overly emotional – even suicidal.   Beneath the 1%,  few can legitimately aspire to a meaningful life – – forget prosperity. . .the ability to just get along  and exist without shame, and not winding up in some ditch somewhere.  We see our country falling into the same decay our own lives have sunk into.  Why is all this?    I dunno, but it’s got a whole lot to do with how stuff is run in Washington.  

Is it the socio-economic disparity between the 1% and rest of us?  Likely.  Take Bill Gates — he’s about as well off as anyone around. People think highly of him, praise his contribution ‘back to society’ and so on.   He keeps his money abroad so he doesn’t have to pay any taxes here at home where he is such a big shot!  In my mind, that puts him way off the charts in being a solid citizen.  Smells really bad.  But he takes all this credit for spreading money all over the globe giving suffering masses – inoculations. . to help them. .   aargh!  

Ever since Clinton tried to raise all boats, almost two decades ago, we’ve been going downhill;  jobs went overseas and our people really hit the skids.  The middle-class income levels can’t even begin to compare with those of 50 – 60 years ago.  That’s pathetic.

Not meaning to be cagey,. .I fully own up  that I have only touched highlights of what I see as a problem while alluding to  few facts.  For that I would like to send you off to NVIC with the latest update from them.  They have the facts and some really good advice. So please, click on the link below and lets join forces to see if we can’t come up with some action which might alleviate this horrid pain.  It doesn’t seem right to be angry with the personalities I’ve cited above,. . .most are doing what they’re told to do.  Others are just lust being led around by their noses — one could say, they are just mis-informed!  

One thing I know for sure,  our bodies were designed by the very best;  doesn’t make mistakes.  So, we can be certain that it isn’t our genes at fault here.  But man in his greed has polluted the earth, is sterilizing the soil, tainting our water and polluting the air. . .the chemical corporations have almost destroyed our food supply with low-nutrition GMO’s,  the food processing manufacturers have almost done us in with their methods,  and the medical profession knows nothing about nutrition or what HEALTH looks like.  They push chemicals [prescriptions] and surgery.  Definitely – not my choice!

Meanwhile, I hugely don’t like the inference that all us folks,  rich and poor alike, can’t think and figure stuff out or that we are only concerned for ourselves.  Americans have always been kind hearted and willing to help one another. And since when have our smarts been in question?  We formed, fashioned and built the most successful nation in the world!

If I ran the zoo, I’d abolish infant shots, and deeply minimize the rest of them and  trash the concept of MANDATES.   Mandate is just another way of saying  “law” and you know what, if we keep making more and more of these laws, in pretty short order they will make criminals of us all.  Funny how easy it has become to issue mandates.  This country is made up of hugely independent people who definately don’t like being told what to do.  I personally deplore the Mandate on Obamacare or the ACA!   That is no help to people who really need it, but don’t qualify for assistance in the majority of Republican run states who have slashed everything that isn’t nailed down.  but that’s another story altogether.    Jan


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