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January 3, 2015

Factory Farming disabling Medicine

From Dr Mercola, an enlightening piece which can help us all get a grip on this overwhelming disease/death “causation” which unfortunately, lies beyond our own personal power to change.  As usual, our best defense is in awareness/knowledge. . . only then can you and I affect the changes we need to survive and hopefully, be healthy.  

We are not of the plant world classification, nor are we of the mineral classification even tho we need and use both;  we are animal in class  with a subtle electric composition which links us to our earth — therefore, to survive, we must EAT.  100 years ago, any choice would have been okay.  .  but now, we must be selective because our world has changed.  Our position on the ladder of life grants us intelligence  above the lesser animals – MIND, with which to survive.  Our position in this country  (it is said) grants us innate freedom.  Let us assume the responsibility of  doing just that.  

The following link will take you to a remarkable PBS multi-part video which is the basis for this subject matter as it relates to our survival,  our food sources and the growth and development of the so-called ‘super-bugs’ and what reasonably, our expectations might be.  Its kinda nitty-gritty and serious stuff;  considering the consequences – – what choice do we have?   Can’t be ignored.  Let me suggest that you NOT overlook the XLNT dialogue following the video which more fully explains the stuff we’ve just seen and providing many helpful hints on how to insure our safety.  I downloaded it for myself — that good!  

My friends, if I can keep on keepin’ on.  .  .  I’ll betcha anything — you can too.     Jan


A Compelling Documentary About the Causes of Antibiotic Resistance, and How to Fix It

The Popular Food That Contains Up to 80 Different

Most people would be shocked to find out that this everyday food, popular with adults and kids alike, is allowed to contain 80 different antibiotics. Every time you consume it, you’re getting a part of the 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics that are used every year in the US.


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