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January 3, 2015

Cancer ‘random’, just bad luck?

Cancer may simply be biological bad luck

By Will Dunham REUTERS

WASHINGTON — Plain old bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, said researchers who found that two-thirds of cancer incidence of various types can be blamed on random mutations and not heredity or risky habits.  The researchers said yesterday that random DNA mutations accumulating in various parts of the body during ordinary cell division are the prime culprits behind many cancer types.

They looked at 31 cancer types and found that 22 of them, including leukemia and pancreatic, bone, testicular, ovarian and brain cancer, could be explained largely by these random mutations — essentially biological bad luck.

The other nine types, including colorectal cancer, skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma and smoking-related lung cancer, were more heavily influenced by heredity and environmental factors such as risky behavior.   [ya think?]

Overall, they attributed 65 percent of cancer incidence to random mutations in genes that can drive cancer growth.

“When someone gets cancer, immediately people want to know why,” said oncologist Dr. Bert Vogelstein of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, who conducted the study published in the journal Science with Johns Hopkins biomathematician Cristian Tomasetti.

  • “They like to believe there’s a reason. And the real reason in many cases is not because you didn’t behave well or were exposed to some bad environmental influence. It’s just because that person was unlucky. It’s losing the lottery.”  [. .just fate!]

Tomasetti said harmful mutations occur for “no particular reason other than randomness” as the body’s master cells, called stem cells, divide in various tissues.    Tomasetti said the study indicates that changing one’s lifestyle and habits like smoking to avoid cancer risks might help prevent certain cancers, but not others.

“Thus, we should focus more research and resources on finding ways to detect such cancers at early, curable stages,” Tomasetti added.  [. .ah, so there it is!]

(Jan’s comment:  

I know, I know. . .I’ve addressed this concept a number of times, it’s getting old to me,  too.  Humanity was perfectly designed in the greatest detail  in magnificent harmony.  The human body is not so easy to break down, but modern civilization is doing it.  When I was a great deal younger, it was announced almost daily on radio and then TV. . .”Progress through Chemistry.”  This progress amounts to the age of CHEMICALS. .  .  and yes. we are all living it.  

Not one of us has the freedom to pick up any piece of fruit or other food because it looks appetizing and we’re hungry — not if we have any brain cells left.  We go thru life making the best choices we can based on the information we are given  which is scant at best. Without  labeling, how are we to know?  

Why are we the last civilized country to have to cede our health to corporate greed and a very corrupt political system which allows our members of both houses of congress to accept payoff  for their votes and legislation? This is no longer the land of the free;  its the land of the greatest corruption  and runaway greed perhaps ever seen!  The people no longer have a voice. Its the Corporation who have that sewn up with the blessings of a corrupt SCOTUS.    Between the FDA,  BIG AG,  BIG PhRMA. . .MONSANTO and all the other chemical companies, we are being altered, poisoned and dumbed down.  The very well off folks can afford to buy the best of every thing, but we peons have a hard time getting Organic for ourselves like pastured cattle and chickens, etc.  Its out there, but our middle class keeps sinking further into the mire.  

So human bodies started off great at birth, but lets plug in all those infant, newborn shots and keep it up throughout school. Those who make it that far will be patients for life with every known disease and many which haven’t quite bubbled up to the surface yet. So if our genes and bodies were so clever, why aren’t they protecting us?  They did and they do as long as they have a fighting chance.  One simply cannot feed the body with toxic food – make it sick, then dose it with more toxins in effort to get it better.  Doesn’t work like that.  Too many would rather trust those good doctors to take care of stuff.  They will get their share, for what goes around — comes around.  That’s the way of life.  

So this is not fickle fate messing with you, not random luck. . not the luck of the draw – – that kind of thinking is designed to help create fear and a sense of futility . . .AND dependence on doctors, because they know, and we don’t know!  Are you kidding me?  How many times have you heard repeated over and over again. . .”we just don’t know”  or “we have no answers for that.”  And yet, they always have a medicine for you to try, and then another one and still later another one or four.  Medicine has changed, not what it used to be.  Don’t allow others to strip you of the courage to live to your highest potential, take back control of own thinking.  Only we have control over what we put into our body. 

For those who would rather be healthy, first one must become aware of basics.  You are what you eat.  One must avoid polluted anything and that includes pharmaceuticals which only manipulate symptoms;  doesn’t go after cause areas [its too easy and besides, there’s no money in it].   The immune levels of babies are shortened or destroyed with all those vaccinations.  Hence neurological impairments.  Without their natural, growing immunity they cannot ward off disease;  the genes are continually bathed with a toxic environment and that is how they so-called ‘mutate’ or change.  Same with adults.  The buggers just break down.  It’s not LUCK, FATE  or any kind of CRAP SHOOT, but just the way of life.  It is natural.  But until we die, we can make inroads thru optimum choices which can and will right the system. . .thru diligence, loving care and retraining how we all think about what the body needs. We are not separate from it.   Respect and love that beautiful body – – revere it.  It is the temple where in you dwell.  Choose well and act for your best and highest good; if not you — — then who?  No one will ever value your health as you do.  Get with the program.  Jan)


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