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December 21, 2014

Superbugs – global threat

Public health / Drug resistance

Report: Superbugs a growing global threat


   WASHINGTON — The world could have a deadly and expensive problem on its hands if the growing fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria stays on the same track, according to a dire new warning.   The so-called superbugs, if left unchecked, could result in 10 million deaths each year by 2050 — more than the number of people killed by cancer — and put a $100 trillion dent in the global economy, according to a new report commissioned by British Prime Minister David Cameron.  

The analysis, which projects a 2 to 3.5 percent drop in global economic output, comes from RAND Europe and KPMG.  

Overuse and abuse of antibiotics have helped build up bacterial resistance, making it hard to fight off many common illnesses. Superbugs already cause 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in the United States alone each year.   The report, written by former Goldman Sachs executive Jim O’Neill, says the anticipated effects of the worst-case scenario could be understated. Failure to contain the antimicrobial resistance could undermine a heavy reliance on prophylactic antibiotics provided during surgery.  

“In a world where antibiotics do not work, this measure would become largely useless and surgery would become far more dangerous,” the report states.  

There are some signs of progress in the fight against super-bugs. A Dutch biotech company has reported early success in anew treatment to cure methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, infection, which is especially drug-resistant. Fecal transplants, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like, have shown success in treating Clostridium difficile, an internal bacterial infection found in about 500,000 Americans each year.  

The health community, at home and abroad, has been warning about this superbug threat for years. The World Health Organization has labeled it a “global epidemic.”   One of the world’s largest drugmakers, Merck, announced plans last week for an $8.4 billion acquisition of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, one of the leaders in the effort to develop super-bug-fighting drugs.   But a panel advising President Barack Obama warned in September about a dearth of new drugs to replace the ones now rendered ineffective by antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics generally provide low returns on investment, so they’re not an especially attractive area for research and development.

(My comment:  

The only thing good about this story is that finally, many are beginning to think seriously about how we handle sickness, diseases, etc.  That forward thinking doctors have been warning of this very thing and the harm which BIG PhRMA is causing all of us as well as our home – the planet Earth with the chemicalization of everything commercial; not just pharmaceuticals, but all the chemicals from all the huge industries which have declared war on old-fashioned, simple truths, natural food and natural farming which have always been done without chemicals for many thousands of years.   In only a few decades, they are altering and destroying our home and it should be illegal.    

Not only the destruction of our land and personal health, but to enforce and generate the correct thinking in the minds of the public, we are being brain-washed into thinking our enemy is all those bacteria which are the culprits  causing all our ails and woes. Just not true. We couldn’t survive with out them.  We should not be using germicides or attempting to remove bacteria at every juncture.  Babies are healthier who are raised with pets around (not germ-free) — and playing with them, down and dirty on the floor.  We must become inured to the normalcy which constitutes our world.  Soap and water is good and about all that one needs, providing one has a normal immune system.  

But therein lies the rub.   We succumb to the pressure of infant and childhood inoculations, vaccinations,  etc.,. and there goes the struggling to grow and become, a functioning immune system before it ever has the chance to fully develop.  So instead we have neurological abnormalities, brain disorders and autism, lowered intelligence factors and so on.  And parents who run from room to room spraying every door knob and article available for touching with some kind of  ‘cide’. (germicide, fungacide, etc).  The same with our mouths:  The dental industry wants us to brush and floss and rinse with germicide to clean up that mouth.  And be sure you are using fluoride on those teeth!  . . . aaarch!  . . .worse thing one can do!  Our mouths are rather like a mini immune system and in fact works a similar way, hand in hand with the gut.  In other words, our mouth can protect in a similar manner, but like the gut needs plenty of bacteria with which to do it’s job.  If we kill off all the oral natural protection which our mouth  innately has and uses by putting chemicals into this oriface, our gums will suffer become faulty or painful and perhaps bleeding.  Teeth cannot self repair as they are wont to do.  [Have done several posts on Holistic dentist recently. . one was  “Holistic dental Pioneer Hal Huggins” 12/8  and 11/30/14 – “How our oral Microbiome protects us” ]  both excellent, can learn much, especially if you want to save your teeth and be healthy.   Just use baking soda on your teeth to brush and hot salt water to swish thru teeth when done.  I have done posts on that too giving my own recipe for cleaning teeth and of course I use a water-pic with the hottest water I can stand  to irrigate. Some of those favorites are listed in HOT POSTS.  

I bring some of this up because I sincerely wish health for us all, which is why I often share what I do – am doing to help myself. If We stayed well, we wouldn’t be running to the doctor asking for help or relief.  A pill.  We would drink the best, cleanest water we could get;  cook at home more with wholesome, organic food — eating nothing in  a box, can, package, etc. — no junk;  learn what works,  how to  and when to eat what (food combining e.g. Hay’s way of eating. Don’t eat protein with starch – can eat fruit or veggies galore.  Can mix veggies and/or fruit with (smart) starches.   Has to do with digestion and those digestive juices the body makes in order to assimilate the food and use it for energy, instead of just letting it mix up wrong and putrefy,  which gives us those farts that Dr Oz says is normal. . .but I’m telling you it’s not right, you are confusing your body and growing digestive problems and because of all the farts [your clue something ain’t workin’ right],. . . you also aren’t benefiting from the expensive food you’re buying by any nutritional standards and the body continues to need nutriment. . so you crave.  Ah, well. . . .   Jan


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