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December 15, 2014

Learning Herbs – Tea Stuff

 World’s favorite Beverage – TEA

Recently, even noted Dr Jonathan Wright’s “Nutrition and Healing” was speaking of  Green Tea and its benefits to so many diseases overall including lowering  mortality from any or all diseases.  Helps in lowering blood pressure, heart disease and so much more.  And that from ordinary teas  e.g. Camellia Sinensis.  Just ordinary tea!  

But put into hands of those at John Gallagher’s “Learning Herbs”. . .magic enters in and voila —  great Christmas gifts plus your own  personal pleasure  pleasure:  They have prepared a few delightful recipes,  just click on link below – take you right over:


Did you know that black tea, green tea and white tea all come from the same plant?

Harvesting, processing and even making tea has evolved for thousands of years and considered a high art form.

These teas are rich in antioxidants, including catechins. Numerous studies have shown tea to decrease cancer risks, aid metabolic processes for weight loss, and support heart health as well as longevity.

Tea has shaped cultures as it has fueled wars.

There must be a reason why tea became the popular beverage in the world.

Well, rather than ponder this further, let’s just make some tea. :-)

Rosalee has formulated SIX tea blends for you…

  1. Orange Spiced Black Tea
  2. Vanilla Earl Grey with Cornflowers
  3. Forest Tea Blend
  4. Smokey Pu’erh Tea
  5. Herbal Digestive Blend (no caffeine)
  6. Vanilla Rooibos Tea Blend (no caffeine)

These blends make GREAT Holiday gifts.

Yes, these kinds of tea are caffeinated. However, Rosalee has also included two blends without caffeine.

You’ll save a ton of cash making your own gifts that your friends will LOVE.

We also hope that these blends provide a “jumping off” point for you to start blending your own teas.


Just go here for Rosalee’s Six Tea Blends



John Gallagher



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