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December 15, 2014

Heart healthy Rosemary Tapenade

Again, John @ Learning Herb’s. . . and this appears to be fantastic, gonna have to do this. . . . .  Jan

What do you want, the RED PILL   or the TAPENADE?

Which would you rather take a regular basis for heart health?

Today’s herbal spreadable snack is not only killer on crackers, it also contains 8 amazing ingredients that are known to...

  • support heart health
  • reduce the risks of heart attack or stroke
  • reduce inflammation and hypertension
  • lower cholesterol
  • contain lots of omega 3 oils
  • support bone health
  • support mental health

Obvioulsy, this snack is food….and we can choose food to be our medicine.


Just go here for Rosalee’s amazing Rosemary Heart Healthy Tapenade.


Next week we’ll continue our Holiday Remedies & Recipes with an awesome gift giving idea.  (Well, guess I presented this one first.)

Yours in health,

John Gallagher




I think it goes without saying that you should not replace any heart medications with an hors d’ oeuvre. Never stop prescribed meds without talking with your physician. However, I don’t think anyone needs to check with their doctors on whether they can eat tapenade or not (unless you have issues with one of the ingredients).

This tapenade is simply another example of how we can use herbs in our every day lives to support a healthy heart.



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