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December 8, 2014

Holistic Dental pioneer, Hal Huggins

This is from David Wolfe [recently received] and it is to honor Hal Huggins and all the ground-breaking developments based on years of research.  It was not well received by the established  Medical/Dental complex as any can imagine. People with this kind of moxie are almost always debunked, delicensed and/or run out of town or country to practice.  e.g. Dr Max Gerson with his remarkable cancer therapy  and having to go to Mexico in order to have it available for those who demanded it.   Look at  the persecution Dr Burzinski had to go thru. . .the years and millions of his own dollars, just to keep on keepin’ on.   Most can’t.  

The corporate hierarchy which built and continues to fund our Medical Complex  will not allow it – period. It is a stacked deck with solid protection for their very profitable cash flow for they bought and own all the voting members of congress who protect those interests and their own security.  What a system! . . so nothing changes; fresh ideas rarely ever get seen or heard.  Accountability is non-existent.  

I admire so much of what he has done and am in agreement with his ideas, which is why I’ve shared my own dental care several times [some of which I’ve put up in the “TOP POSTS” area].    Some of my ideas came from Nadine Artemis [her product line openly, proudly showing the ingredients which I also admire and respect], and articles from several modern, holistic dentists [probably trained by Dr Huggins].  But hey, whatever works, as long as one realizes that commercial products available to us are causing much of our troubles.  And for sure, much of the procedures they use in our mouths are in fact injurious and setting us up for further biological woes and immune problems.  

One need not make a career out of caring for the teeth;  just a simple baking soda for brushing in the direction of gums to edge of tooth, inside and outside of all teeth, taking the time to sense and feel the rightness of this action.  It can be almost soothing or meditative.  Flossing is good especially if your teeth are close together as mine once were [ lost many molars, so shifting apart a bit now].  Finish up with a sea-salt rinse using water as hot as you can comfortably accept. I have used different water irrigation systems for over 50 years and think they are terrific.  Loved the Water Pic and now using Colgate Via Jet.. . any of them beat electronic contraptions like motorized tooth brushes or massage  pics etc.  .  just sayin’


Dear Longevity Enthusiast,

Remembering Dr. Hal A. Huggins

We are deeply saddened to share that Dr. Hal Huggins, who pioneered the campaign against the use of dental amalgam fillings and other unsafe dental therapies, passed away peacefully at his Colorado Springs home Saturday, November 29, 2014. He was 77.

Dr. Huggins spoke at our Longevity Now® Conference in 2013, and we are honored to have had the chance to know him. We are so very sorry to hear of this loss and are sending loving thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time.

Dr. Huggins was a caring and sensitive man who dedicated his life’s work to helping humanity and was loved by his patients, professional colleagues, and staff for his compassion, generosity, and willingness to give of himself. He devoted his last years to establishing the Huggins Applied Healing Center (, but his greatest passion was the recent formation of the Dental DNA laboratory ( This sophisticated facility specializes in the detection of dangerous, disease-causing DNA that reside within root canals, cavitations, implants, and other oral environments.


Please enjoy this feature presentation in honor of

Dr. Hal Huggins…   The Pioneer of Holistic Dentistry

Click HERE to watch.



  1. Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative post.. Dental Implants in Hyderabad

    Comment by prashanth ellendula — March 29, 2018 @ 9:08 am | Reply

    • Thank you for stopping by. You are interested in none of my favorite subjects – the intelligent care of teeth. I’m sorry it took me so many years to learn of ‘holistic dentistry’ . . . perhaps I could have averted losing those molars I spoke of. In my various 2500 posts of these last 10 years, I have devoted many to the proper care of teeth to insure they last til our last breath without dental intervention. As I learned, frankly, I was astonished to observe all the wrong-headedness that people are taught to observe in the name of dental care (e.g. brushing after meals, use of chemicals -upsetting oral flora. . which can lead to so many additional woes). Genuine good dental care is kinda simple really, in our own hands and quite cheap to do. All it takes is a goodly dose of self-respect, love and appreciation of our teeth (and other blessings), and willingness to take action which serves those ends. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — March 29, 2018 @ 1:12 pm | Reply

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