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November 20, 2014

Over-common woe Ill-treated

Starving Thyroid, misdiagnosed – badly treated


The Cancer Diagnosis You May Be Better off Ignoring
Despite up to 15 times more diagnoses, death rates haven’t come down – telling researchers they aren’t, in fact, dangerous. Yet removing them can lead to a slew of cascading health problems including depression, hormone deficiencies, and damage to your vocal chords.


(My comment:    

Actually, like hundreds of thousands of others  over the past 5 – 6 decades. . . this was my issue and perhaps   – my only problem.  It wasn’t just a genetic thing, but in fact my mother and grandmother both had the same problem and since I knew how they handled it  and it became a non-issue,  I wanted what they had – – IODINE.  When they presented to their docs with their list of symptoms, they were given iodine or Lugol’s solution.   All was restored to normal quickly, I was told.  Don’t know what side issues my family  had going on, but they both had goiters.     Now at 21, I had developed a goiter to my otherwise slender neck about which I was disturbed.  (ego thing)

Obviously my hormonal system WAS involved because my menses was so irregular that I had no expectations at all.  When it showed up, there it was.  Those periods were stressful to me and extraordinarily, debilitatingly  painful.   At that age I had not become the ferocious, informed rebel that I currently am.  Had no idea those issues were or might be connected.  I trusted doctors to care for me.  So I sought IODINE from them – – for over forty years.  Not one would comply saying only that “we don’t do things like that anymore”. . .iodine is passe.  And besides. . .my test results were “normal”.  

I was bleeding to death every time and the menses usually lasted around 7 days;   buying the largest boxes of the thickest pads.  Tampons could not stem my flow.  They probably assumed I was some kind of hypochondriac.  (One time as I deplaned, Mother saw I was ill and asked what was wrong.  I responded that I was fine, it was just my period.  They didn’t believe me and took me straight to the hospital.  Raging temp, much pain. . .appendix was rupturing.)  

So much bad doctoring.   Could it be that 19th and early 20th century docs were just better informed than our current crop.   The world around us has been changing in everything;  the way food is “manufactured,”  the burgeoning growth of chemicals EVERYWHERE and among other things — the way the nation baked bread.  Iodine used to be incorporated in the bread making process.  Everybody ate bread.  (And it was healthy not genetically modified back then the way grains of all kinds are grown – especially wheat).  But they removed the iodine and replaced it with cheaper  chemicals  – – (have covered this so often, not going there now) -( just Google Bread making if want to understand more).  So the ground shifted under the docs too, and perhaps they didn’t understand the connection,  but this was the beginning of the end  of our daily dose of iodine we all need so desperately in every cell of our body.  

So as I saw what Dr Mercola’s article was about – – Dr Jonathan Wright – one of my favorites, who pioneered ‘natural hormone therapy’ and so much more, I was pleased to put this up.  There are two separate videos in the scripted text.  Be sure to watch both as Dr Wright describes the beneficial way iodine used to be used and still is.  Ya just gotta find the right doc!   This is NOT  ‘new stuff’. . .but it so relevant.   All those years I went thru fertility stuff with my husband – unnecessary!   All that menstrual pain for so many years – -needless!  My goiter grew back fairly quickly — surgery was an unnecessary, needless expense and misery.  Problem never solved because I needed iodine and was too uninformed to understand that I could get it myself — why the hell didn’t I?  Ya live and learn, hopefully.     Jan)









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