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November 18, 2014

Internet neutrality – go Obama!


Obama calls for Internet neutrality



WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama recently embraced a radical change in how the government treats Internet service, coming down on the side of consumer activists who fear slower download speeds and higher costs but angering Republicans and cable giants who say the plan would kill jobs.

Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to more heavily regulate Internet providers and treat broadband much as it would any other public utility. He said the FCC should explicitly prohibit Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T from charging data hogs like Netflix extra to move their content more quickly.

                         The announcement sent cable stocks tumbling.

  • The FCC, an independent regulatory body led by political appointees, is nearing a decision on whether broadband providers should be allowed  to cut deals with the content providers but is stumbling over the legal complexities.
“We are stunned the president would abandon the longstanding, bipartisan policy of lightly regulating the Internet and calling for extreme” regulation, said Michael Powell, president and CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, the primary lobbying arm of the cable industry.    .This “tectonic shift in national policy, should it be adopted, would create devastating results,” Powell added.

.Netflix swung behind Obama, posting to its Facebook page that “consumers should pick winners and losers on the Internet, not broadband gatekeepers.”

  • .“Net neutrality” is the idea that Internet service providers shouldn’t block, slow or manipulate data moving across their networks. As long as content isn’t against the law, such as child pornography or pirated music, a file or video posted on one site will load generally at the same speed as a similarly sized file or video on another site.

In 2010, the FCC embraced the concept in a rule. But last January, a federal appeals court struck down the regulation because the court said the FCC didn’t technically have the legal authority to tell broadband providers how to manage their networks.

Obama waded into the fray and gave a major boost to Internet activists by saying the FCC should explicitly ban any “paid prioritization” on the Internet. Obama also suggested that the FCC reclassify consumer broadband as a public utility under the 1934 Communications Act. That would mean the Internet would be regulated more heavily in the way phone service is.

.“It is common sense that the same philosophy should guide any service that is based on the transmission of information — whether a phone call, or a packet of data,” Obama said.

.This approach is exactly what industry lobbyists have spent months fighting against. AT&T threatened legal action if the FCC adopted Obama’s plan, while Comcast Corp. said reclassifying broadband regulation would be “a radical reversal that would harm investment and innovation, as today’s immediate stock market reaction demonstrates.” Similar statements were released by Time Warner Cable Inc. and several industry groups.

Many Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner, R-West Chester, and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, sided with industry in denouncing the plan as government overreach.

“ ‘Net Neutrality’ is Obama-care for the Internet,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a tea-party favorite, on Twitter. “The Internet should not operate at the speed of government.”
.The Internet Association, which represents many content providers such as Netflix, Twitter, eBay and Google, applauded Obama’s proposal.
As the Standard & Poor’s 500 index edged up slightly, big cable companies slid. Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and Charter Communications dropped 2 percent to 4 percent in the hours immediately after the announcement.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said he is open to using a “hybrid” approach that would draw from both Title II of the 1934 law and the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Wheeler said he welcomed the president’s comments but suggested that his proposal was easier said than done.
“The more deeply we examined the issues around the various legal options, the more it has become plain that there is more work to do,” Wheeler said. “The reclassification and hybrid approaches before us raise substantive legal questions. We found we would need more time to examine these to ensure that whatever approach is taken, it can withstand any legal challenges it may face.”
The FCC isn’t under a deadline to make a decision.
The president’s statement all but guarantees that the major cable companies will spend the next few months trying to encourage Congress to step in to protect their interests. Still, Internet activists are hoping that Obama’s position will go a long way.
“When the leader of the free world says the Internet should remain free, that’s a game-changer,” said Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass.

Jan’s Comment:
Once again, our president is trying to serve the needs of the “people” over and above the demands of the “corporate complex” which is after more and more money and power.  
The way Congress has treated our president, it is amazing that he has been able to accomplish anything, but he keeps hammering away, mostly by himself.    History will reveal that his achievements will rank him among the best and most noteworthy, while this particular congress has also achieved a certain  distinction. . . one who is less capable,   obviously less educated in the essentials of governing, and of a pitiful class who serves petty political  ends over the needs of our people who have been so extremely impoverished and stripped of so many rights and privileges.  All this  while the rich have become obscenely moreso as they pull the corporate “corruption strings” there in Washington which is how and why all the things we need and normally expect from our government aren’t happening,. . .aren’t even heard, because our new laws and regulations are being paid for by them to line the greedy congressional pockets and their own corporate purposes.     
Our world in all its vital texture is imperiled;   the climate has already changed and is dangerously worsening;  animal species are dying faster than we can keep up with or properly tally.  The entire planet is being sterilized and poisoned . . . which of course, will not selectively kill, but snuff us all out.   We could stop all this craziness,  but we don’t!  Its true all these chemical toxins kill, but they destroy our ability to properly think and it would seem — that’s already happened.   Have we become a nation of imperiled idiots who can’t tell right from wrong?  
Have all those Democrats who were a part of the thrilled millions not only here, but around the world who lauded our first “black” president with all the great ideas who spoke words that everyone of us resonated to — become so jaded and inept that they have bought the scurrilous proclamations coming out of the Republican mouths?  Can it be?  There has never been a secret to the GOP mantra – – block everything he does and make him a one-term president!  They have been cruel, deceitful and devastating to the American way of life as we knew it.  Of course many of them are bigots, racist, but can anyone change that?  Maybe, but it ain’t easy.  I’ve known many who hate (or are intolerant of) and it seems to be in them deep, whether it was directed toward the Jew, Hispanic, anyone whose skin wasn’t ‘white’,  or any whose religion not their own including differing branches of the  ‘Christian’ religion.    Forgive my blind-spot please, as this is a concept I can’t easily deal with. I loosely think of this way of being and thinking  as  “againstness.”   I choose not to go there as I have instinctively felt that it is better to live and let live.  When any of us become open to a greater truth than we think we now have, life finds a way to slide right in bringing a different understanding.  
Anyway, its a good thing that the prez is trying to accomplish here to benefit all us everyday people in what is fair and right for our wants, needs and wallets.  Thank you Mr. President.      Jan

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