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November 3, 2014

Dr Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

Be Amazed with this startling, useful “deeper” understanding

in this discussion with Dr Lipton –  brought to us by David Wolfe

The Cutting-Edge Science of Epigenetics / David Wolfe …

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(My Comment: 
We have all heard the ongoing bits and pieces here and there about  understanding how our GENES actually work.   Mostly, we are born with marvelous genes, fully capable of orchestrating how we live out our lives with regard to our health or lack thereof.  No matter how perfect our genetic inheritance might be,  the genes can be altered in their function by the way we live our lives, what we do and the choices we make dietarily and the  intrusion of toxins from our chemical-filled world.
We know about nutritional needs,  even with all the changing new realities such as hi-fat and/or lo-fat or no-fat; commercially prepared (?) foods  as it compares with wholesome, organic, fresh, untainted by chemicals REAL foods;  our life styles and habits which impact our living experience, e.g. . . smoking,  addictions of all sorts and movement needs of our motion-loving bodies . . . all of these ingredients enter in to allow or impinge on our genetic potential to function optimally. 
Shamefully, when stuff goes wrong, illness emerges. . .causes not fully plummeted or understood, ergo it is symptoms which the medical complex essentially deals with.   This is why it’s chemicals which are used to treat our out-of-balance body which is crying out for help,  generally– adequate nutrition (corrected dietary choices),  and/or the elimination of  toxic overload.  Medical complex focuses on pharmaceuticals to correct the symptoms.  But symptoms are just a reflection of an inner problem which then remains both ignored and untended which allows further deterioration and the drugs are also part of the body’s problem in that they are alien (unrecognized by the body), hence toxic and a further burden as the body must further drain it’s resources to detoxify. 
Standard, regulated medicine (allopathy) seeks answers too, but most frequently in laboratories and drugs.  With the advancement of the understanding of genes (with the genome being plumbed), it has become fashionable to blame the genes for everything.  Of course I rail at this because it is LAZY use of SCIENCE and entirely in the service of financial flow to BIG PhRMA and the medical complex.  If instead of the myopic concentration on pharma — the same energy had been spent all these years to fully delving into what HEALTH looks like and what the body actually NEEDS to fully function optimally, I am totally convinced that we would not be finding one new DISEASE after another with increasing regularity.  We have healthy women, armed with genetic information who are removing beautiful, healthy breasts because of family genetics.  Genetics do in fact run in families,  but so do styles of eating. . . those foods and experiences we so lovingly remember and enjoy.  And what we eat and do influences (and changes) those genes.  
Wouldn’t it be helpful to know with certitude that  if we have gene # XYZ which is involved in a disease pattern in my family and that gene is dependent on nutrients A,B and C to function in an integral, harmonious way within the total organism, and that those factors can be found in everyday, common foods such as G,H and M.  Simple, just correct the diet (slight re-focus),  not a cost factor, no fear to contemplate!  This would be a vital, welcome and correct use of science.  Works for me.  There are multitudes  of Medical people going in this direction even now and for rather along time. It’s easy, logical and so much preferred over becoming a captive invalid, dependent on drugs and procedures and stripped of resources. 
But this video conversation between David and Dr Bruce Lipton is fabulous!  It goes beyond and behind all the above. I absolutely loved it and will revisit it often and might have to get those books Dr Lipton has written in order to truly nail this down.    The video is short – not 1/2 hour. . . but so good.         enjoy.     Jan)

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