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October 25, 2014

Final days, not so simple

With Love, compassion, it works out

It is said we are eternal beings. . .which in essence suggests, we always have been and always will be.  This isn’t too hard when we consider that which we do know (per science) .  .  .  we don’t create or conversely, destroy energy; it is ‘matter’ we humans enjoy tinkering around with.  When that which we are – Energy, manifesting in a material form, winds down far enough, we transition back into subtle form – – we die, seemingly.  If we have been fortunate enough to have loved ones (after all, man is a social animal and we tend to cluster together). . .there are many who will miss us, perhaps grieve, be at a loss when we aren’t ‘there’  anymore.   Been there, done that.  Those ties aren’t broken. . .they linger on — our love and memories generally aid in keeping that going.  This is the way life is; it ends in death (quite apart from any philosophical or esoteric meaning).   Beyond that point many of us function as is consistent with our  emotional/mental balance, with many picking up the pieces, fully aware of the loss. . .but life goes on, so we do.   All straight forward — simple!  But is it really? 

From time to time  I come across stories of long married couples who are so deeply devoted to one another that when one dies, the other quickly follows with families attesting to the enormous love and attachment the two had together. Their “raison d’etre” has ceased to be.  Or the octogenarian who aids his wife’s passing and being sentenced to prison because he so loved her and she begged him to help her die.  These stories are so poignant to me, they nearly buckle my knees.  And I have posted these on my blog  because, to me. . .this stuff is important! 

People should not have to suffer when their life has lost all flavor and perhaps filled with pain.   That it is Okay for people to suffer isn’t right.  They say ‘humanity’ occupies the top rung of the ladder of all life species (intelligence, awareness, etc). But the truth is, we treat our pets with greater kindness than we often do one another.  When they suffer and have lost function, we find it HUMANE to put them down.  We let the vet induce ‘sleep’ and tho we grieve over the loss, we know we have done the decent, moral, right thing.  What we would do for our loved pets, we are not free to do for our most beloved mothers or husbands or anyone.  This is so screwed. No one ever said the LAW was compassionate.  Thru pressure, it is changing and still needs to sweep the nation as a courageous issue based on civil rights and personal choice.  The little  20 something bride who recently moved to Oregon because of terminal brain cancer is trying to take back “control” of her life such as it is, and I deeply salute her for her courage and bravery.  Only a handful of other states have also enacted this law. 

Then there are those who berate doctors for being truthful with their patients about their end times (disease prognosis and actual likely amount of time left).  As an advocate of truth, this has been my position. . we all have a right to know and choose, period. . . until I read Dr Roach’s recent column.  He is showing depth, delicacy and compassion.  Bravo Dr. .

This follows;   then afterward , I want to share an item  the last few days which still has my head reeling for which I will present no comment;  its callous degradation to another is unparallelled.    Jan

glyphTo Your Good Health:

Some patients want to know when the end is near


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