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October 16, 2014

EBOLA, RX-Emperor/no-clothes

What actually works is already “patented” – “Out There”

We all know that BIG PhRMA  has no intention of moving in any direction for which it has no patentable rights  – – because THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT FOR THEM.”    That is the realty we live in today;  los federales  stands behind and supports the Medical Complex  which includes and is dominated by BIG PhRMA.  This isn’t to suggest that  that they have been derelict in preparing for the future;   they have patents on certain vaccines to prevent Ebola. . . guess something went wrong.

Meanwhile the endless newscasts and talking heads of everything  are busy telling us that they have all under  ‘tight control’ and they are on it!  Trust them.

Watching the Rachel Maddow show last night on MSNBC,  demonstrated to me that factual effort is being made to attempt clear perspective.  She is one of the few I can  trust,  as she has this incredibly balanced, sharp mind (she’s not a Rhodes Scholar for no reason) and is not just out there to pump up  or hype the latest Hot Subject.   I very much learned new information with a look behind the scenes and I am grateful for that,  for her.  But it does make me consider, Have I done all I can . . . .  .   (based on what new relevant information which I am incorporating into my life as of the last few weeks)  So let me explain:

On October 10, 2014 I put up a post called  “FIGHT ILLNESS CHEAPER, BETTER”     That post was jam-packed with vital, life-saving processes  that one can incorporate to send almost any health-deterrent packing — cheap!   While it seemed well-received,  I felt that considering the enormous potential for improved health at a micro-fraction of what the medical establishment is charging not only us, but also simultaneously bankrupting our government coffers so that we can do little other than foot these unconscionable gangster prices.  We can’t fix our roads or any other major ‘infrastructure’ chore which needs our attention from tax dollars.    So yeah, I was disappointed big time. . . I expected a tidal-wave of interest; maybe a few comments expressing interest in the subject at hand. . . some clue that people even heard me – – got the message.

“Smokinchoices”  has had a great run, will be closing out the 7th year shortly and I have loved every minute of it.  It has been a labor of love and for me, a great joy.  We have all witnessed many new and impressive changes regarding health issues  e.g.. . .foods that we were told ‘not to eat’ only to learn that we MUST  eat them if we would be healthy;   the carnivore – veggie thing – – follow own gut – it knows what you need. . .just make it organic and ignore taste buds – they shouldn’t rule one’s choices;   and finally, importantly,  we ALL  must learn to take responsibility for the health of our own lives and that means learning how to do that efficiently and economically.  I’ve tried to assist in that showcasing so many unique, outstanding physicians mostly alternative or naturopaths and of course, . .  energy medicine.    But America has been led down a sorrowful past wherein we have been let down by many of our finest institutions which are  by law, supposed to protect us and insure our well-being.   Ain’t happening.

Which is why I was overjoyed to learn about the BECK PROTOCOL.  One doesn’t need to be ‘an eternal student’. . .but hard to ‘get’ if one isn’t willing to be OPEN  to the new and possible.   I didn’t fall in love at first blush with all this.  It was so stunning (to me) that I couldn’t let it go until I had researched  it to a fare-thee-well.  Took a week or two, , but I’m sold.  Bob Beck was some kind of gentle, ‘mental-giant’  Suffice it to say that He created instruments (only four of which I want to speak of).  He dreamed up, revised and built his pieces of equipment to his personal satisfaction, treated himself of many huge health problems (wheel-chair bound), obese and bald; regained pretty good ability to function well, get around, continue working and teaching and lecturing on his offerings.

An interesting but amazing thing is, he never made a penny on his creations;  he literally gave them away.  (His patents and specs) on how to build each and every one of these little machines is clearly designed to be used by any kid who has the knowledge to know which end one uses the weld on and capable of following instructions which are clear and concise and specific.  He wanted people to take back their POWER.  The pittance that it costs to build these things is very tiny, as compared to the outrageous, ongoing financial “rape”  the medical complex is engaged in.   If one could accept their professional fees to theoretically resolve ones illness (cancer or whatever),  one would then be in the poor house thereafter.  Where is the justice in that?  A short time on the internet gives a clue how many manufacturers there are out there who have Dr Beck’s Protocol equipment and they have been selling them right along.  They all praise him and feel that his gifts are monumental.

Most are aware that I am a follower of Dr Hulda Clark (died a few years ago) and her books and technology.  Have had her Zapper for almost 20 years and used it advantageously.  Haven’t used it for a couple of months tho and forget that I own it.    Ditto with the Colloidal Silver, guess I bot mine in 2002 and it’s still going strong.   Wanted to mention that these two pieces of equipment which I own won’t serve you well unless you use them.  Studying the Beck Protocol I learned that one should be drinking an ounce or three daily to ward off all the enumerable germs and parasites which continually invade us.  I didn’t know that, so I have been ingesting about 2 oz daily this past week.  Got my zapper out and started zapping daily  for the last few days.    Have to tell you, the pain in my insufferable left knee has greatly improved and, the swelling has gone away.   I would say . . right direction!  Finally got my Blood Electrifier, found it on Ebay and it looks great.  .  Have to put three 9 volt batteries in it and I’m off and running.  Can’t wait!

I paid about $225.00 for my Colloidal Silver generator.   Didn’t realize it, but my new Blood purifier has the outlets to also be my CS maker and it takes approximately 1/2 hour to make a pint or so for almost instant use.  My Silver Gen which I have really loved takes about 5 hours and cost some real money.  Next, as I can, want to get the Magnetic Pulser  which can be aimed specifically at the Kidneys, Liver, Spleen or Lymph at will to relieve any problems they may have.    The point is you can build your own pieces , pay a local knowledgeable student or friend to do it for you,  or just go online and find one to your liking and price My so-called $350 blood purifier I paid about  $127.00 for and I couldn’t be more pleased; made by a young college man with an engineering degree.  Good for him and good for me.  and its guaranteed.

So, the last thing I want to give you is the instructions for how to build any and all of this stuff. . for the brave of heart.  It is from a lecture that Bob Beck gave and all of the facts are from him.   Be aware, this is 42 pages long as there is quite a bit of dialogue involved as well – – but its Dr Bob Beck, for heaven’s sake.

I am hoping for the best with my Alzheimer’s thing.  While I still function, it can take sometimes days for the memory bank to release the name or thing I want.  Plus, at 85, one has had a long time to pick up alien invaders (not from space. . just local invaders).  To have them gone releases a lot of energy which I would welcome.  So why should you be interested?  I dunno – whadda ya got?  Epstein Barre?  HIV,  Cancer?  Hep-C? or maybe worried about Ebola?  Almost any viral, bacterial or fungicidal germ or infection known to us can be handled and made to go away (heaven forbid, we should deem to call it a cure — not me!)   Have at it.   Jan



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