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October 11, 2014

Why/How Genetic-modification

FREE showing of movie THE FUTURE OF FOOD

This limited time-frame (18th of October) should be enough time for most of us to get the idea of the reality behind this terrible “HOAX” under which we have been forced to live out our lives — without truthful information upon which we could otherwise make different choices which would automatically improve our lives and health and that of our future generations.  I am grateful that we have someone like Dr Joseph Mercola who is always out there, digging to acquire the necessary news,  scientific developments and able to share them with everyone.  Grateful that he puts his resources to such good use.  Thank you for this Dr Mercola, once again.  


Every Time You Eat This, You’re Engaging in a Risky DNA Experiment
It’s perhaps the biggest biological experiment humanity has ever seen, and the effects are complex and unpredictable, with pieces of DNA interact with each other in unexpected and potentially dangerous ways. Be careful: here are some of the side effects.

Jan’s musings. .  .   .    .    

 .  .    .   most of us attribute ‘life force’ and our lives to nature — designed by GOD.   .  .  give thanks with gratitude for this gift.  It seems to run on  ‘electrical energy’ and of course the dynamics of a magnetic equilibrium held in place by our celestial SUN which also gives  life and warms us all and enables thriving on our planet.   We live in an electrical world.  Our bodies are balanced and utilize an electrical energy as well.  Perhaps most of us can never really understand how all this came to be, how it was done all those millions of years ago.   But it has worked very well. . . it is good.   Without the force of ‘opposition,’  always present, we couldn’t know the meaning of harmony. . . and continue to strive for it.   So it is a given there are great forces known and unknown ever at work.   Live and learn.

Lately, we are learning that many are attempting to alter nature to a detrimental effect — — through the use of “Chemicals.”    More and more chemicals are impacting and changing our lives. . . not just here, but the world over and the consequences are not good, evidently as we can tell by the results.   While we as a species, were mostly born and lived healthy in our electrical world, as we become more chemicalized our problems have mounted and are not only impacting our individual lives and abilities, but polluting the earth, air and waters of our world so that our entire planet and all the species herein are in jeopardy.  

We must become more aware and start taking responsibility.  .   .    just sayin,’  .  .  Jan



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