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October 10, 2014

Fight illness cheaper, better

This may be as close as I’m gonna get to MAGIC


While many have remained with “smokinchoices” for some years now, I recognize that nothing ever stays the same, my readership like everything else  in life is in a constant state of flux.  Based on that,  it might be relevant to realize that many of you do not know of my own personal predilections or history and that’s Okay.  It’s probably enuff to understand that I no longer have much faith in the direction of Medicine with it’s obvious cost factors driving most of us out of the game.   Instead of striving ever to the bigger, latest-newer and more costly pharmaceuticals (which no-one but the wealthy can afford) for the ever-growing list of strange-sounding NEW DISEASES with all their off-shoots,. . . how much better it would be if they turned their attention  to study what  “HEALTH” looks like.  And what it takes to have good health and a fully functioning body where everything in the body works in harmony with all its systems, allowing homeostasis.   But that wouldn’t be good for their business, would it?   When was the last time your doctor asked. . “what have you been eating lately?. . . tell me about your diet?”    But then, why would they? . . .they don’t know much about that, so, aren’t conversant on it.

No matter that HIPPOCRATES,  the ‘Father of Medicine’ advised “let food be thy medicine”  ! . . . . .  Kind of old-fashioned?   Old hat?   Passe? . .yeah, no one does stuff like that anymore.    But some do!  Here and there aspiring healers become demoralized when they find they can’t help people get well, fix their problems, none of their medicines are working and set out trying to find out why.  Rather than walk away, they hammer down, dig in and learn that there are seemingly, universal truths which can be determined and that these ‘truths’ aren’t new at all, but built into reality waiting to be observed. So they take up a further study; understand that health begins with nutrition and that the body can heal when it has adequate , dense nutrition and all the toxins  have been cleared out of the way so that the body can right itself.  It is ALWAYS the body  which does the healing. . .the doctor simply helps it to be enabled.

While these iconoclastic physicians are still doctors per se,  . . they have now added to their talents,  abilities to begin associating relevancies which are of primal importance so that they can lead their patients back to health and full function.  These practitioners are among the elite in my book and fall into a classification of Alternative medicine and become increasingly sought out for the ability to truly help people.  But this in itself, brings up additional problems within the “controlling establishment.”  They aren’t pushing products of BIG PhRMA, but instead, teaching patients how to give the body what it needs to survive and function properly. . .wholesome, non-toxic . .’natural foods’ and so on.  The average family has trouble getting their insurance to approve of their choice of doctor,  and for many, must bear the burden financially, which is what I am and have doing for some time now.

So while our medical care in USA is the most expensive in the world, it also discriminates against our right to choose.   We often can’t have the kind of doctor we want or the type of treatment we choose in times of great need like serious cancer, etc.   Nor do we have the right to refuse so-called standard procedure even for our children without risking the loss of our child if we do not want our precious sons and daughters not to have toxic procedures foisted off on them because they are the only ones which are deemed acceptable and standard,  thereby – recognized.   Nor should we be mandated by law to have our children undergo dangerous inoculations from birth forward with protocols never proven to be safe and effective, but in fact are hugely likely the culprit in the escalating incidence of brain and nervous system impairment.   The components of these vaccinations are loaded with toxins which are injurious and detrimental to the natural development of our young ones whose internal biological protections have not had a chance to fully develop into a strong, healthy immune system, able to defend itself.   Shot down before even having a fair chance at normalcy.  Everything in life is going to be harder for them and/or they will not achieve their  full potential.     One wonders. . .what if it didn’t have to be that way?


I was born with a healthy almost perfect body, good genes and a few special individuals in my lineage to which I could point with pride and also disgrace. Had one fabulous pregnancy which resulted in a perfect, magical son who remains the joy of my life even tho I was almost 31 by the time he found it acceptable to grace this scene.  I was strong, healthy, creative, loved my friends and the social life, entertaining,  . .my home and all the toys in my kitchen, .  domestic scene, my wonderful husband,  the joyous pets, plants and their care.  Number 1 has always been family; then search for meaning and truth (some call it being a seeker); maybe the arts and the way stuff in the universe works which includes health in all its ramifications.  Ethics and justice have always been motivators with me

Have had only a few issues, healthwize and in my opinion, was hurt as much as  helped by the collective medical profession.  Haven’t dealt with cardiologists in perhaps 4 or 5 years now. Have posted on how I am managing my heart, lung and hypertension problems now along with a struggle against Alzheimer’s  and the almost amazing good fortune I’ve had with that, which of course, I’ve shared endlessly.   That is not to say that being 85 has not had an impact on me.  I’m slowed down; having a hard time keeping up with usual routine . . juicing and obligatory house-cleaning – which isn’t up to my prior standards.

Since I am the “eternal student” and always the “seeker”. . . I continue to snoop around on the internet, guess I always will.   Naturally, my so-called health interests [which dominate this blog],  are generally uppermost in my efforts.  In these travels I often come across something which gets my attention. Often I will notate the name or issue with intention to return, but life being what it is, it can fall by the wayside.   But this issue which I want to speak about today is all about one such incidence.

The MAGIC  referenced above

This name came up over an extended period of time and finally got THRU  to my awareness level.   What on earth is the  BECK PROTOCOL?  What are they referring to?  Believe it or not, I have been solidly immersed in finding out just that for over a week now.  Can’t let it go.  I am so hyped up over this,  but I’m not going to try to tell you all about Dr Robert Beck who was a doctor of Science with many patents in his name and many accolades amassed over his brilliant gifts to the world.  He never reaped the monetary benefits from his creations and research but will go down in history as one of our benefactors.  He always gives credit where it is due sometimes claiming that he didn’t invent this (whatever), but is just a re-discovery of (so and so’s). . . highly ethical man and a brilliant certified genius.  Just researching Bob Beck is a wondrous joy.  

There are about six or so pieces of equipment which he designed, built and used personally (curing his cancer at one point; grew hair all over his bald pate and so on).  The internet is filled with references, videos, tutorials and testimonials, and of course everyone and his dog is trying to sell their own version of most of these pieces.  So it has been a lot to go through. Bob Beck bequeathed all his papers and designs to the owner of SOTA.    The protocol is all done using electronic field energy to which I am rather familiar and in agreement (Grounding? all earth’s electric energy!) There are stories of dramatic remission of cancer, HIV-aids, Lyme disease,  CFS,  Epstein-Barre,  and frankly, so much that it can be off-putting.  But each machine has a different use.  There are some pieces which are built to incorporate several of these  functions –  in one piece of equipment.  That’s excellent for those who don’t have any of the equipment to begin with.  But I have been using Dr Clark’s Zapper for 20 years, which is the person to whom he credits with it’s principles which he also built and considers an important part of the BECK PROTOCOL.   I also make my own Colloidal Silver and have for close to 20 years – wouldn’t do with out it.  So these are two of the pieces in the protocol.    The designs for each of these pieces are available online for free if one wants to attempt to build his own.  That is so like my beloved Dr Clark who did the same thing (and of course, I did try to do it. . .had to find someone to finish it up for me.  Then I eventually just bought hers.

Now I am not going to attempt to talk anyone into all this or hype the so-called uses, but if its fixing ADD and ADHD and providing a good night’s sleep to the insomniac, alleviating Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions and eliminating pain – – gotta tell you, that’ll do it for me. With the available plans, we can build it ourselves or buy a couple of these units and as he says — “Take Back Control of our Lives” (or stay with the status quo; die broke, in debt and in pain.)

I want the 1) BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION  unit,  2) MAGNETIC PULSING machine, and would like the 3) OZONATING WATER  machine.   God willing, I’ll get item #1 and #2 as soon as my budget allows.  My left knee acts like it hates me so #2 should fix that (pain and swelling). . . and #1 looks like it could improve the old memory thing.  Getting oxygen into our cells is a major  hurdle for geriatrics and anyone with brain issues. . .so it for sure  can’t hurt to have the Ozonating unit..

If interested in the potential which I think I am looking at, go online and just give it a go, make your own judgment.  Going to put up a nice piece on Bob Beck so you can hear him in his own words  (He died at age 77 with a heart attack. . . .  but who knows, we all have to go sometime and it really doesn’t matter when as long as we can keep on loving life, stay in touch with others and do what makes happy.)

Here is a group which seems genuine, while not overly modern in their delivery, still, I liked them.  They attempted the “how-to’s” pretty well. and that one is         They praise Beck, but make their own stuff.       This is a 2 hour video with Bob Beck discussing  curing Cancer and HIV and so much  background material  covering in detail  factual data.  This is some kind of group meeting which finishes up with a Q and A session at the end.  Good to watch for the relevance, tho the picture quality is not very good.




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