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October 8, 2014

Stuff erupts as “Lid” comes off

 Dr Mercola  informs us of the “latest” ‘Need-to-Know’:

Senior Scientist Makes Horrifying Admission About Popular Medication
Odds are, you or a family member has been exposed to it – yet a senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and his co-authors hid statistically significant information in order to hide the fact it has declined in effectiveness. Tread carefully.


What Whistle Blowers reveal of Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness 

Story at-a-glance

  • In 2010, two Merck virologists filed a federal lawsuit under the False Claims Act against their former employer, alleging the vaccine maker lied about the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine
  • A US District Court Judge has now given the lawsuit the green light to proceed. The Department of Justice has also submitted documents to the court affirming its “strong interest in the outcome” of the case
  • A senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and CDC co-authors of a widely cited MMR vaccine safety study “omitted statistically significant information” and that “the final study protocol was not followed”
  • A recent study reported a correlation between autism and vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines contaminated with retroviruses, including certain MMR, chickenpox, and Hepatitis-A vaccines
  • A Boston nurses’ union is suing to block a policy that would require nurses to get flu shots in order to maintain employment

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