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September 23, 2014

Must SUE 4 help – Law says/yours


Parents sue state over care for autistic boy


CINCINNATI — Parents of an autistic child sued the Ohio Department of Health and others in federal court on Thursday, alleging discrimination against Ohio’s autistic children by failing to provide what the lawsuit describes as federally mandated treatment.

Gary and Nikki Ruhl, of Mansfield in northern Ohio, sued in U.S. District Court in Cleveland on behalf of their 3-year-old son. The lawsuit says the Health Department and the coordinator of Ohio’s system that provides early intervention services aiding the development of children up to age 3 refused to provide necessary treatment. The complaint is similar to one recently settled in federal court in Cincinnati over an autistic boy in southwestern Ohio.

The Ruhls’ lawsuit says that the Health Department and system coordinator Wendy Grove refused to provide intensive treatment known as applied behavioral analysis for their son and “all infants and toddlers with autism in Ohio.” It also says the state has denied funding for services to make up for the earlier lack of treatment.

Grove’s office referred calls to the Health Department. Spokeswoman Melanie Amato said in email that the department has “no comment at this time pending litigation.”

  • Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by symptoms including communication difficulties, emotional detachment and repetitive behavior. The attorney for the families in both lawsuits, Richard Ganulin, said the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires states to provide early intervention services to autistic children. States get federal money to provide treatment aimed at helping autistic children develop into self-sufficient adults.

A U.S. Department of Education spokesman said the agency doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

Mrs. Ruhl said requests to the state to evaluate their son were repeatedly denied, and he was nearly age 2 before a private hospital diagnosed his autism.  “We knew the sooner he received treatment, the better, and each day that treatment was delayed harmed him in ways we will never know,” she said.

The Ruhls are seeking more than $500,000 for services to help their son achieve the development level they say he would have reached with earlier treatment. They also want unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Jan’s musings:  

Stories such as this one are so distasteful, that it is difficult for anyone to think about, let alone discuss.    It is, frankly, hard to know how to begin — where?     why?     why me?   why my child?      For a disease virtually unheard of – unknown 100 years ago;  rarely heard of 50 years ago and now so common that every young parent  expecting a child is filled with unnecessary grief- – worries about such ‘stuff’.  Then to their joy, a beautiful, perfect child is born. . .  and then the so-called ‘protective inoculations’ start over which so many parents are genuinely ill-informed and unsuspecting.  

Many others who are suspicious and alarmed find they have no choice – – many coercive  mandates force compliance.  A young parent wants what’s best for their baby and wind up going against that inner knowing, pain in the gut,  or worrisome thoughts.  Couldn’t happen to us!    But it does.  This precious, beautiful seemingly perfect  baby doesn’t develop along the way as expected.  Pediatrician  is questioned, but there is nothing to worry about. . .he/she is fine. . . give the child ‘time’ to develop, you’ll see.  

But even with all this injustice, misery and confusion going on,  there IS a path here and there which can help. First, one can refuse this kind of medical abuse and stand up to them and resist or otherwise fight back.  Say no.  Find another doctor if you’re not locked into “the system” they are out there- – doctors who understand these things and treat children holistically and naturally, honoring “First, do no harm”. . .  but also, have you noticed how many women today (well-informed, drug opposed) are opting to have their babies at home, with proper help and sometimes in water.  So much safer (not to mention the financial savings).

Then, in almost all the states now, there are exemptions from these mandated vaccinations.  Barbara Lowe Fisher at Nat’l Vaccine Info Ctr has an awesome site  and has the info one needs (in the Blogroll).    There are options using food and supplementation to help the children over- come these obstacle . . . organic, no pharmaceuticals. . .go online and dig in. Gonna need to get smart fast, but there is help out there.

So what we have going on is a case-history of medical  mal-practice  coerced into law forcing our  people  to offer their children onto the altar of MEDICAL COMPLEX – BIGPhRMA  corruption and GREED  which has been enabled through the efforts of lobbying and the influence of corruption in our Congressional members to pass laws  designed by the Medical Complex which serve only their interest – NOT OURS.  What we get instead is injury to the delicate but powerful immune systems,  central nervous systems and brain which runs it, all impacted and often destroyed.    Yet these vaccinations keep coming thru the decades beyond the first injury.  It is all criminal and NEVER proven safe, just like the GMO thing or the farmed fish  which has so much pollution in it that there s no benefit in eating it at all.  Plus  all the thousands of toxins poured into our earth, air and water — — none of which you and I and folks like us ever approved of, or wanted.  We don’t want to eat chemicals,  we were (at least the older ones of us) raised on organic food-stuff and most of us did our own cooking, so we made it through just fine.    

If it seems like a losing battle, my friends;  that’s because it is.  Americans have become lazy about taking interest in our government or trying to figure out how stuff works.  Money runs everything ESPECIALLY politics.  Follow the money.  Dig in and learn.  If we aren’t ALL willing to understand that we are in this boat together, we’ll never get anything done.  We have to trust one another enough to open up to ‘others’ and let fresh air in.  Take part.  This mid term election coming up is so vital.  When people have had enuff and start to coalesce and find common ground. . . we can move mountains.   There are only a handful of people out there who are actually in the game for the GOOD they hope to do,  have you heard Elizabeth Warren speaking or telling it like it is?   How about Bernie Sanders?  If Warren is a no-go, I’d vote for Bernie.  He is smart as hell and gets things done – is a real mover and shaker.   I LOVE Sherrod Brown and would also vote for him as Prez. . .but that would mean losing him as our Senator and it hurts to even say that.    If we don’t use our voice and our vote, we will deserve what we continue to get.


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