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August 30, 2014

Survive? natural food’ll save us

Return to “Natural Food”  which we are genetically programmed to use

It probably seems  that I’m hammering away on this issue of “You Are what You Eat and can utilize”  I am! because the issue is one that must be clearly understood if one is going to be able to incorporate it.  Unless there are vital changes in our land starting with each individual setting his/her own sail with determination to follow thru. . . well, frankly, there won’t be much hope for our species no matter who is president or which nation is destroying the others.. . . or if Monsanto and all the other “Processors of food-stuff” into  toxic pap, grows even bigger and more powerful or even implodes with the weight of their ‘karma’.  (joke)

. . so yes,  I have focused in on this deeply, pointedly because science has in fact been providing new and wonderful — proven beyond a theoretic level, basis which is living proof about why humans get sick and what to do to keep it from happening.  And the solutions are in our awareness of the importance of sound nutrition, what it is.   During 2014 I’ve stressed Dr Blaylock several times because he has had it right for so long.  Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Stephen Sinatra,  Dr Joel Fuhrman.  I would be remiss not to mention Dr Harry Elwardt whose book enabled me to boldly take over my own heart therapy and profit thereby, yesterday was my 85th B.D.

But there is somewhat of a revolution going on now which is exciting.  The food pyramid has been turned on its head.  Those who faithfully cling to it ‘anyway,’  will remain stuck with the sickness industry.  Couple of weeks ago with Donal O’Neill’s CEREAL KILLERS was about the final blow for me.  Absolutely stunning as he showed us ‘how’ he overcame his genetic markers for diabetes and heart disease with very high fat diet  and very low carbs.  

He was consuming fat in excess of 70%; buying nuts and seeds by the tens of pounds, eating over 2 dozen eggs weekly, minimal fruit – only berries and tons of colorful leafy veggies. NO GRAINS at all or vegetables which grow below the ground. What’d all that fat do to his cholesterol?   It was high!  But the cholesterol was happily swimming, freely flowing (not stuck) and they are very large in size, ergo, can’t enter the cells where any possible damage could be done.   Our hearts and brains are the two vital organs which strongly require ample cholesterol or they wither and break down, which is why heart disease has risen so dramatically after it was targeted as unhealthy and it was popular to prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs over the last 4 or 5 decades. Ditto for Alzheimer’s which used to be rare indeed or even unknown at that time.  

So we’ve had pieces and parts of this new (for us) way of thinking about food . . but it’s NOT NEW, it is how mankind has always (naturally) eaten.  And no-one will tell it better or simpler than one of the world’s finest, most convincing minds known as Dr David Perlmutter.   His Brain Change  program that I saw on PBS recently is frankly riveting . .it’s to ‘live’ for.   But I had no luck accessing it to bring to you.   Found an interesting interview @ Fox and friends, first – very casual and many questions we’d all like answers to.     If not yet satisfied, there is another interview   in the Atlantic which is like 5 pages long.  Much objectivity and some dissenters there, but essentially well done and allows a fine cross section of thinking.   enjoy. . .   .   Jan


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