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August 28, 2014

Vaccination endangers children

This important subject is from Dr Mercola; its XLNT and needed to share it with you.

Not hot off the presses, but it should be.  I can think of nothing outside our children that rates with an equal amount of concern as the subject of how vaccination  affects our children.  The evidence skyrockets with every passing decade.  The laws and regulations were blown away – RIGGED, before the subject ever got off the ground.  

Our country stands alone in this “Absolute Rule” of BIG PhRMA, and the government went along so that  today, the didactic authoritarianism of the Medical complex is able to terrorize parents into submission or they are denied the process of education and normal life as a consequence.  Young parents especially, don’t know what to do, lacking cynicism and experience in order to fight against these horrendous circumstances.  It is wrong — dead wrong!  We are a free society with rights of choice;    and corporate structures are basically serving their profit picture foisting off dangerous, toxic treatments onto people which maim and kill — with out the least proof that any of it works. only their claims  and projections.  It is cruel to demand people go against their inner guide and to do acts which can endanger precious children.  

But worse yet is the whole concept of the Doctors whom we are supposed to trust belittling and intimidating those same parents into submission and refusing to be their doctor if they won’t comply (obey). We are all left wondering about the state of modern medicine which seems to have sunk to the level of just one more kinda ‘tacky’ business structure instead of a calling based on “First, do no harm”  More are harmed by medical errors and mishaps including in the hospitals than the top  diseases which are doing most of in.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are legitimate steps one can take to avoid having to go against one’s own principles.  Barbara Lowe Fisher has been at this for decades due to what happened to her own son.  She took action and has been trying to educate others to understand what the choices are — to bring hope and help to others, because she has been there, done that.  Many, many others are out there doing this too, but Ms Fisher has led the way.    This is not a happy subject, but the message is so vital,. .more need to know how to help themselves, a place to get answers to pressing needs.  Listen to it and help protect our little ones.  Jan



Back-to-School Vaccines: Know the Risks and Failures


Girl Dies Within Hours of Common Medical Treatment – Your Child May Be at Risk
Don’t make the mistake of glibly going with the status quo, because the potential consequences can be grave. Make it with total deliberation based on these new facts, despite the controversy it may raise with your doctor. And others. It could even save the life of your loved one.


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