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August 26, 2014

Please carefully rethink SOY

ONE Food Babies and Children should NEVER EAT!


 From the HEALING GOURMET, a Vital Message  regarding OUR CHILDREN:


In a previous message, we let you in on one of the dirty secrets of the soy industry – the use of the chemical hexane in the  extraction process.

If you’re eating according to Healing Gourmet’s guidelines, unfermented soy isn’t a food in your diet anyway. But you might be surprised about all the places this cheap protein turns up, including everything from “health food” bars, burritos and smoothies, to sauces, pizzas and other packaged foods.

These foods may send us to an early grave… but where we really should be looking is the cradle.

  • In fact, baby food formulas made from soy (and many of them are) may be one of the worst things we can do for the long-term health of our babies and children.

And even if you don’t have a baby, surely you have grandchildren, nieces, nephews or friends who need the information in this letter. We hope you’ll pass this along to those you care about.

Here are eight reasons why you should NEVER put a baby on soy infant formula:

1. Caustic Chemicals: Soy protein isolate is the primary ingredient in soy formulas. Unless it is listed as organic, this ingredient is treated with caustic hexane.

2. Exposure to GMOs: Almost all soy is genetically modified, which can cause allergies and problems with DNA that we are only beginning to discover. But even if you choose organic soy formula (like Earth’s Best), the issues below still remain as health concerns.

3. Estrogen Exposure: It is estimated that infants fed exclusively soy-based formula receive the estrogenic equivalent (on a bodyweight basis) of FIVE birth control pills… DAILY!

4. Proper Growth & Development: Soy is high in anti-nutrients, known as phytates. These molecules actually block the uptake of essential minerals. For this reason, soy formulas have been known to cause a zinc deficiency in infants. Zinc is essential for normal growth and development.

5. Lower IQ: Soy formulas do not have lactose, which is broken down into glucose and galactose. Galactose is valuable for brain development. Anthropologists have demonstrated that the more intelligent species of mammals have greater amounts of lactose in their milk, and human breast milk contains one of the highest concentrations of lactose. Soy-based formulas contain table sugar and corn syrup instead.

6. Brain Function: Soy formulas lack cholesterol. This is a required ingredient for making myelin – the fatty sheath surrounding nerve fibers. Myelin makes it possible for nerves to carry information from one part of the brain or body to another.

7. Thyroid Function: Soy contains goitrogens. These are chemicals that can impair thyroid function. The thyroid affects weight, metabolism, mood and the functioning of other endocrine organs.

8. Exposure to Heavy Metals: The aluminum content of soy formula is 10 times greater than milk-based formula and 100 times greater than unprocessed milk. The toxic effects of aluminum range from kidney failure in infants to Alzheimer’s in adults.

When it comes to baby food, the breast is always the best (so long as mom is consuming a healthy diet). If someone you love is feeding their baby soy formula, please pass this important information on. You just might save a life or at the very least improve the health of a precious little one.


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(Need to state that I agree completely with all the above.  Soy doesn’t cross my thresh-hold, ever, by choice. Which is not to say that I haven’t carelessly allowed it in ignorantly. . . it is so hard attempting to be ‘perfect’.  

But I also wanted to add that while it is important to be extra diligent regarding our children for this is our responsibility – – to protect them;   all of this applies to ourselves as well. . . because it isn’t wise to screw around with Mother Nature — it usually gets us in the end.  Many of us, males and females often wonder how our hormonal systems get so wounded and off kilter.  We blame the body or the genes.  (Insult on top of injury!)  But it most generally is our own poor choices due to lack of information.    

But there is still one more element to the Soy Saga which is aside from all the harm it does to ALL OF US, is the fact that you and I through our tax dollars at work via BIG AG is subsidizing this entire industry which is growing by leaps and bounds — reaping mega-huge corporate profits  for their already humongous wealth while the small, independent (need I say organic, sustainable and struggling) farmer is lucky to stay alive with no help at all from any faction of government.  These ethical folks just eke out a living while the biggest guys party on our dime.  Where is justice?  equity?  fair play. . . ah well.   .    

All have been deceived, with or without labeling as we have been sold a pack of lies. . .soy is good for you.  Soy is an excellent protein source! Soy is a ‘super-food.’    Truth is, it’s right up there with fluoride is healthy and good for you because it is protecting your teeth;  chlorine is protecting your health from all the contaminants in our  water;  sugar is fine – just be moderate with it!    This farmed fish is just the same as non-farmed and you can’t tell the difference.   . . .   .  arrgh!            .  .  watch it old girl, you’re getting wound up, again.   .  OKay,. . .Jan) 




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