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August 26, 2014

Fluoride Conference (important)

August 25, 2014



FAN’s 5th Citizens Conference on Fluoride

September 6-8
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia

The excitement is mounting as we approach the conference – and there is still plenty of time to register! We want to meet you there! See details.

If you want to attend the conference but need a little financial help to do so, or you are willing to share a room at the conference hotel and split the cost with a fellow campaigner, you can email Ellen:

Help! We need volunteers to:

  • Photograph the Conference and Monday’s Lobby Day.
  • Capture footage of our Friday press conference, as well as footage of conference presentations on Saturday and part of Sunday using your own high quality camera. The videographer who volunteers will get a free hotel room for 3 nights.
  • Help at the registration table.
  • Capture audio and video for Clint Griess, who will be streaming parts of this conference for our international supporters. He needs someone with a recording device that can connect directly to a laptop.

New to the Agenda:

  • Henry Rodriguez’s presentation:Why communities of color should be particularly concerned about fluoridation. Henry lives in San Antonio and is with LULAC, Concilio Zapatista 4383, (League of United Latin American Citizens), the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in the US.
  • Just a reminder: Daniel Stockin will be exposing shocking documents obtained from freedom of information requests and other sources that show the true nature of the relationship between CDC, HHS staff, dental groups, and other organizations as they work to halt efforts to end water fluoridation. These documents provide powerful evidence supporting the need for investigative Fluoridegate hearings and are expected to be used in legal cases. You will be stunned to see who is involved and the lengths they have gone to in desperately attempting to counter science-backed criticism of water fluoridation.
  • In addition to the presence of Dr. Joe Mercola, we will have representatives from all the members of his Health Liberty Alliance at the conference on Sunday morning. They are:

-Ronnie Cummins, Founder & Dir, Organic Consumers Union

-Charlie Brown, Dir, Consumers for Dental Choice

-Jeffrey Smith, Founder & Dir, Institute for Responsible Technology

-Barbara Loe Fisher, Founder, National Vaccine Information Center

The timing of this conference couldn’t be better. There is so much good news coming in from around the country and around the world on this issue. Come and meet some of the key players and some of the people fighting this battle in the local trenches. And have fun doing it!




Hope to see you in Crystal City,

Paul Connett, PhD,

Director, Fluoride Action Network


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