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August 20, 2014

Bladder, Prostate and Kidney

Lack of bladder drainage might cause kidney failure


To Your Good Health
Keith Roach

Q: My primary-care doctor sent me for a blood test and said my prostate-specific antigen number was too high, then sent me to a urologist. The urologist said I am retaining urine in the bladder.
After one week of medication (Rapaflo), I had a catheter inserted for another week. He measured the urine in the bladder at 880 milliliters. Now he is suggesting surgery.
Is he going too fast? What are your thoughts on the procedure and side effects? Will this correct the problem?

A: The bladder is drained via a tube called the urethra, and, in men, the urethra runs right through the middle of the prostate. As men get older, the prostate commonly enlarges (1), and this can cause a resistance to the flow.
Symptoms can range from mildly annoying to completely obstructive. Complete obstruction is an emergency because the kidneys will fail within a few days of being unable to drain urine.

But the obstruction doesn’t need to be complete to cause kidney damage. The high pressure in the urethra, bladder and ureters (the tubes that allow urine to flow from the kidneys to the bladder) causes kidney damage. Placing a catheter allows the
urine to drain at low pressure if the problem is in the urethra.

The normal bladder capacity is 300 to 400 ml. With 880 ml, you would experience abnormal bladder drainage and be at high risk for ongoing kidney damage. Thus, I completely agree with your urologist that something, probably surgical, needs to be done quickly.

It isn’t clear to me whether your inability to drain the bladder is a result of an obstruction from an enlarged prostate, even though an elevated PSA suggests that is the case.  It is also possible that something is wrong with the nerves that go to or from the bladder. I suspect that your urologist has done additional bladder tests to help sort this out.

(My Comment on Q#1:   In  medicine today,Drug companies drive health care practices and they can’t make money on unpatentable natural herbs . . . the emphasis seems to be on what the Medical Complex has lined up on the shelf waiting to be dispensed by way of known pharmaceuticals or specialized ‘treatments’.  The easy, old fashioned,  simple stuff is too ordinary. . . mundane to be considered.  It may be that it will be ‘sorted out,’  whadoyathink?

Why does the prostate “enlarge”?

Meanwhile, lets start with (1) above;  . .the prostate enlarges because, as men get older. . yeah, this is the spot, what often happens is the toxins of the world finally get one’s attention even if one has got away with it for decades.   It is generally a combination of poor or inadequate dietary choices  for any of a variety of reasons. Plus  another subject which finds no favor in the current medical community at all, but extracts huge costs against those who ignore them — parasites of such a wide spectrum and variety, can’t begin to relate it all. I know, it sounds confusing, but it isn’t.  Alternative physicians, also  called ‘functional medicine’ will step right in, testing for metabolic, hormonal status and the presence of parasitic invasion.  

Doctor’s Orientation makes a difference

There is access to herbal supplementation bringing immediate relief and over time, restoring complete, normal function without invasive technologies  and costly procedures.  We can try to demand better more practical care from our doctors, but the power structure being what it is, I donno. . .one either sees this stuff or  they don’t – can’t. . .so one needs to seek out doctors who will — can!  

Stuff you can do

Let me outline a couple of these alternate possibilities.  First and foremost: clean up your diet,. .  . stop using prepared (by others) anything in boxes, cans or jars. Buy fresh,whole foods, as organic as possible;  indulge your passion for butter, eggs, any meat fish or chicken as long as it is not “farmed” – caged or force fed GMO corn and grains.  Eat the real, old fashioned McCoy.  Use organic dairy,  cheeses and butter — all good.  Never fall victim anymore, to the  70 year old lies  advocated by ‘medicine’ and government ‘authorities’about fat harming you and making one fat!  It doesn’t, eating healthy fats enables one to ‘burn fat’ – pure and simple.  We only have three classes of food-stuff to choose from  and that would be carbs, proteins and fats.  

Eat Plenty of good Fats

Healthy Americans were advised to shun fat in all forms because it was said to lead to many disease states, among them Heart disease. . .not true.  Heart and brain require large  reserves of fat for energy for the work they do.  Which is why over the next decade heart disease began to escalate and grow exponentially with every passing decade til it is now epidemic.   But that is the advice we were given and people started eating low-fat everything and no-fat where they could find it.   So America and then the world went on this heart killing diet. But that wasn’t the only lie,.  .  .  cholesterol was another gross untruth which they now want to perpetrate against children;  start feeding drugs to lower their cholesterol while still building bodies.  Not only disturbing, its insane.  Cholesterol is a necessity vital not only to our hearts and brains but required through the body. By limiting our cholesterol, the body’s ability to maintain adequate levels of CoQ-10 is impaired, thus the heart was dealt another blow.  This equates to the necessity to buy maximum amounts of CoQ-10 or Ubiquinol to keep from risking earlier death.  

We replaced the Fats with Carbs  (setting-up  new bio-problems)

What do I mean?  People started eating a lot more carbohydrates.  We missed the satisfaction, so our appetites raged on seeking the natural energy once enjoyed, now deemed ‘bad’.  Grains received higher status and usage almost quadrupled.  HFCS was now infused into almost everything.  Grain and sugar consumption soared and continues to do so.   There is no mystery surrounding most of our problems — just nobody wants to look at it. In the Cereal Killer movie we all saw, Donal O’Neill started eating lots of nuts and seeds – pounds and pounds of them and at least 2 dozen or more eggs weekly.. . .so he truly upped his protein — not the CARBS.  He ate copiously  ‘above the ground’ grown vegetables, for fruit he ate freely of all kinds of berries due to the high sugar content in other fruits.  Wound up overcoming his genetic predisposition and boasted the best medical reports his body had ever shown.  Full of energy and very strong.  All that cholesterol floating in his blood stream would stun the average doctor, but it seems that the particles of those molecules are so large and healthy, they can’t be absorbed into the surrounding cells. . .so, no problem.  His prostate is great as well.

Diet for Healthy Prostate    

All the above outlined for health is even more important here as have some catching up to do.  The EFA’s are vital (essential fatty acids) and since so important to this health picture, using an oil called MCT oil  (I use this) as this is the more vital part of EFA’s.  Calamari DHA 500 is also excellent.  Pumpkin seeds are high in Zinc – good for prostate as are Sunflower seeds.  These two raw, unroasted seeds are high not only in zinc, but the EFA’s as well.  Dr Jonathan Wright at his  Clinic in Washington  recommends men to ingest a handful or two of these seeds daily as he feels this condition may be a nutritional deficiency. He recommends 90 mg daily broken into three 30 milligram doses til symptoms reside, then lower to 60 mg  and eventually to 30 mg once a day.  

Often, men will be given a prescription med from American doctors for finasteride (proscar) which doesn’t work any better than Saw Palmetto, a natural treatment without the side effects of loss of sex drive.  This is thought to stop a cascade oi prostate damaging enzymes that may spark the problem. Saw Palmetto also comes in combination with an extract of Stinging Nettle which enhances Saw Palmetto. Before starting any new procedure, it is important to see a doctor to evaluate and oversee as the specific prostate antigen in a high range can require guidance and successful outcome.

Eliminate soy products as it is detrimental to the hormonal balance in both sexes and seems there is generally an issue with  estrogen, estradiol which cause prostate cells to multiply.  Sorry this is such a long, tedious response, but I have not addressed this specific problem heretofore. And I’m not done, my favorite follows.

Dr  Hulda Clark

My favorite of course, has to be Dr Clark – she of the brilliant, creative mind and a heart as big as all outdoors. She dealt in simple truth and felt that people could take care of themselves beautifully if they just knew what to look for and how to test stuff out to find answers.  No unpronounceable words or frightening prognosis. As I began, I selected an armful of books from my many volumes, I knew before starting, that probably, Dr Clark was all I really needed since I bought her book “The Cure for All Disease” back in 1995 when it was first published.  Best investment ever — hands down. With a little patience, can find almost anything there.  

(To begin, let me say that the Index shows more than 20 case histories listed on this subject matter.)  First is a 58 year old man comes to her with gout in both feet and one hand. Could hardly walk his pain was so intense after 7 years.  He also had prostate pain and couldn’t sit comfortably.  Her tests revealed his kidneys were full of uric acid, oxalate and cystine stones.  His prostate was full of Gardnerella and Campylobacter bacteria.  His wisdom teeth were harboring plantar wart #4 virus and Coxsackie B4 virus.  Gsardnerella often comes with fluke parasites and indeed, he had intestinal flukes in his kidney!  

He began with the kidney herb program, then the parasite killing program.  It took five months to clear them all.  Then he could walk and sit without pain.    

#2 is a 62 yr old male who said his urination had stopped, probably due to kidney stones;  this had occurred before and now he was in a panic.  He started our kidney herb recipe that day and passed 117 stones that same night without bleeding or enough pain to require meds.  Afterwards, he could focus on his prostate enlargement and pain with sitting.  He had intestinal flukes and other stages in his prostate gland as well as in his intestine.  He also had Clonorchis (human liver flukes and their eggs) in his prostate.  He had carbon tetrachloride,  methyl butyl ketone and TC ethylene from food pollution accumulated there too.  After stopping grocery store beverages and killing parasites with a frequency generator, he could urinate normally, freely and without pain.

Q: I have gastroesophageal reflux disease and a hiatal hernia, and have been on Nexium for many years. I had an endoscopy, and the doctor put me on 10 milligrams of Reglan, which I have taken for a couple of years. It does help, but, after reading about the side effects of Reglan (it should be taken for only about 12 weeks), I wonder whether I should continue taking it. My doctor told me the low dosage he prescribed wouldn’t have the side effects.

A: Reglan is used for some people with reflux disease or a hiatal hernia to help the food and acid move forward and not backward into the esophagus.
The dreaded side effect is tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder that usually goes away if the offending drug is stopped immediately but is sometimes permanent. Tardive dyskinesia is more likely with high doses taken for longer periods.
Most people who develop tardive dyskinesia do so after being on metoclopramide (Reglan) for more than a year. It is considered low-risk if given for 12 weeks or less.

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or ToYourGoodHealth  .


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