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August 12, 2014

Robin Williams, tragic loss

A Comedic Genius has left us

Along with everyone else, I am stunned and saddened.  Here was an individual of such great depth, beauty,  talent and charm. . . that all were captivated by him.  His manic-style  delivery was both mesmerizing and fascinating, if not somewhat off-putting at times.  There was never another quite like him.   Seems there was no one who didn’t love Robin Williams. . . how could they not?  

We read that he was married three times and sired six children;  one from  first wife,  two from second and finally three from his third and present wife.  Born into wealth and remained able to afford a good life by his own efforts. Accomplishment and fame were not denied him as he continued to receive accolade and praise.  And yet he was tormented with depression.  Is it really fair to say he lived with demons?  I donno, it just doesn’t equate or add up for me.  

So very many people are giving up and yielding to suicide as preferable to the painful  struggles they endure and finally can’t handle any more.    Tho we may hate it, we can see some reason with so many of these lost lives in the tortured struggles to overcome hardship of physical inadequacies, financial deprivation,  or just to find simple meaning in life.  Perhaps this is part of our frustration;  Robin seemed to have it all, including an awareness of others as he demonstrated in his understanding of others and human nature and his willingness to help wherever he could.  He was the whole package.  

I do not presume to have an answer here, but there is no taking the seeker/observer out of me.  And I openly admit that I have, perhaps inhaled too deeply from the air around minds like Drs.  Russell Blaylock,   Nicholas Gonzalez,  Stephen Sinatra,  Joel Fuhrman,  Mark Hyman,  Max Gerson and Harry Elwardt.  All these brilliant men of science have through their open, inquiring minds backed by solid training, have had the courage to follow what evidence has shown to be  — rather simple to grasp and easy to live with truths about how and why our species gets sick and how it can find solutions.  How to get rid of “toxins” and enabling the healing process (which alone, the body can do if allowed) by the ingestion of wholesome, untainted nutrient.  It’s just not that complicated,. . . .  .  but it is specific.    

Between of our returning veterans,   juvenile delinquency problems, stuffed prisons and the suffering middle-class sinking into poverty without adequate career opportunities. . . .  .  our country has faced, endured and watched helplessly as multitudes have taken their own lives.  Accidents and  homicides will long be with us, no doubt .  .   .  but surely, suicide IS something we know a little more about, or do we?  

We are what we eat and can utilize, so it pays to take the time and consider a segment which was run back in January on the 6th of this year of 2014.   It was called “Mental illness  (Study or Fix?).  The speaker is Russell Blaylock, speaking on  how Nutrition through our diets affect our brains and bodies.  It is fact filled citing countless studies  illustrating the proof of what he has  witnessed.    It is so relevant — here’s the link:


Dr. Russell BlaylockNutrition & Behavior Dangers of Aspartame

Oct 4, 2012 – Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour

Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections betweennutrition and our health, how


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