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July 28, 2014

Rid Fleas/rug/house/dog non-toxic

Was delighted to find this YouTube video showing Gene Sis Payne describing the ease with which one can kill fleas and rid that problem.   I had been copying down formulas for quite some time when there she was. . .with her candor and straight, tell-it-like-it-is approach which seems to come from the heart.  Saw there were a few other videos she had made, and since there was a connection;  I watched them too. This lady impresses me and I learned a thing or two from her, which I may venture out to try.  

See for yourself.    As many may recall, I’ve done posts on Diatomaceous Earth with regard to killing BED BUGS effectively and cheaply and certainly more conveniently than going thru quarantine and all that time.  I hear it can cripple a neighborhood when an infestation comes on.  So there was that one.  

Also did another post on the huge relief D.E. can be for pain in the mouth with certain afflictions we all get from time to time.  A wisdom tooth emerging, or trying to.  Or a dental infection hurting  and you can’t get to the dentist yet.  A little dab’ll do ya on the end of a Que-tip — tooth or gums.. . no pain!  

See, I won’t use any toxic stuff on Heidi.   Any ole soap will do — just douse with plenty of  soapy stuff and keep him/her occupied for at least 5 minutes while you rub suds in all over .  Will kill fleas.  Relief.  But the buggers come back and this is the worst onslaught Heidi has ever had.  So I needed more help.  So now I know,  Gotta vacuum well, put D.,E. in big sieve and sprinkle everywhere on carpets, her beds, etc.,.      Jan

Diatomaceous EarthYouTube

Aug 2, 2012 – Uploaded by GeneSisPayne

Benefits and Uses of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) …GeneSisPayne …. Great!!!! Thanks. A bunch of fleas just popped up in one room of my house.







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