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June 30, 2014

Dr Clark’s ‘free book’ (dl it)

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Have tried several times over the months to acquire this book because it was written by a doctor who had worked with Dr Clark for years until her passing.  I’m just not as smart as I think I am, because, I couldn’t do it.  Still, don’t really understand what I did wrong.   (I have had so much trouble with my new computer that it seems to have gotten the better of me — not only with this, but my posting as well, e.g.. . . . . I did a post on 28th on Donal O’Neill  who at 41 strove to overcome his genetic proclivity to not follow his familial tendency to wind up with heart trouble and/or diabetes – – the Cereal Killer Movie.   I loved it, spent much time on it, finished it, published it, recorded it in my archives, yet next day when I looked,  it wasn’t there.   

I’ve had so much of this sort of thing that it kinda takes the joy out of my efforts which for me, has always been a labor of love.)   So I went thru it [mostly] again on the 30th.  Had to get it up to share as I loved this production so much — a rare exception if not a landmark redirection for HEALTH CARE IN OUR WORLD TODAY! It is that good. 

Nothing will ever be able to move my highest admiration and respect and gratitude which I feel for Dr Clark. She is and was one-of-a-kind [sainted, really].   Therefore, I deeply wanted to share this with you.  I was able to download successfully this book with it’s 243 pages. . .the way I do it — labor intensive and time consuming as I wanted it printed on both sides of the page.     One need not do any of that — the book is being given freely to any and all, but to receive the hard copy version delivered to you, it cost’s $8.00 if I am remembering correctly.   I intend to get that one also,  as there are many pictures and displays Dr Chamorro has used in lovely color, and my printer is only black and white.    I also seem to have lost the ability to copy and paste at will – so went online to find a link for you in order to get the book.   Their invitation was dated 6-17-14.  You can contact them to sign up to receive their newsletters as they develop.  Good luck with the book;  it even has listings for doctors who practice her therapies worldwide and dentists also who adhere to her particular protocol.   May this book be a blessing to you,  Jan


Free Dr. Clark Book | Order today or download to your … to Free Dr. Clark Book | Order today or download to your …

Order Clark Therapy Book. Free Book … Clark Therapy. Health and Prevention at any age. by Ignacio Chamorro Balda … The Doctor Clark Information Center
For information on Dr. Hulda Clark and her protocol go to
The website does not sell products.
For books and products, please visit this page
In this edition:
• The Importance of the Kidney Cleanse
• Clark Seminar in New Zealand
• The Zapper and the MORA Bio-resonance Therapy
• The Liver and its Regenerative Capacity
• Free Book
• Saliva tests
• Testimonials
The Importance of the Kidney Cleanse

Fauja Singh, born April 1st, 1911, took part in the London Marathon in 2012 at the ripe age of 101 years. He ran 42 km in 7 hours and 49 minutes, an extraordinary undertaking within the reach of only a few people.

But we can all stay healthy without having to run a 42 km marathon.

Ou r main emunctories are in a constant marathon getting rid of our toxins day and night. These organs are: the intestines, the liver, the kidneys, skin, lungs, and the lymphatic system. The word “emunctory” comes from the Latin word “emunctorium” which means “dry up” or “drain” and refers to organs that excrete and whose function is to “detoxify” .

We can compare these organs to a container with a drain. If the amount of waste is processed within an appropriate time so as not to overload the body, then the body is kept clean and the cells can function properly. On the other hand, if the drain is clogged or there are too many toxins that cannot be removed, the body will gradually be overloaded and the functioning of the organs will slow down.

Another point to consider is that the older we get and the slower our body works..

Although today the word “detoxify ” is even on the lips of children , we must keep in mind that Dr. Clark, in her great understanding of how the human body works, was one of the first to promote the cleansing (detoxifying) of the emunctories.

The kidney cleanse is one of Dr. Clark’s most important cleanses. This is because our kidneys are constantly exposed to high concentrations of toxic substances. Our white blood cells need to empty their toxic load into the bladder. This can only happen if our kidneys are clean since they precede the bladder.

If our kidneys are filled with toxins, our white blood cells will not be able to empty their load. This will be the beginning of an immune depressed state. The majority of renal diseases are connected to a weakened or abnormal immune system. Considering that our kidneys need to filter about 200 quarts of blood a day, of which 2 liters become waste products and excess water (urine), and that about one fifth of the blood pumped by our heart goes to the kidneys, we can well understand how healthy kidneys are associated with the proper functioning of all organs and therefore the health and proper functioning of the body depends to a great extent on an adequate renal function.

Dr. Clark has carefully chosen herbs and roots from the “Garden of Nature” to prepare the best recipe for renal strengthen and to cleanse the kidneys.

Many of the herbs chosen for her kidney cleanse were used by North American Indians as a remedy for kidney and bladder problems and stones. The North American Indians had found these herbs aided and encouraged the expulsion of remaining stones and harmful bacteria from the urinary tract.

Her kidney recipe of herbs and roots dissolves kidney stones and removes methyl malonate, heavy metals including gold , dyes , asbestos , radioactivity , wheel bearing grease, motor oil, plastic and rubber .

You can read the active properties of each herb and root of her kidney cleanses here.

Dr. Clark recommended cleansing the kidneys twice a year. Now is a good time to start!


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