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June 13, 2014

About Hillary, let’s be clear

 So I’m ‘Speaking Up’ on Hillary

I know, I know, I’ve had my say more than once or twice on this subject.  But the volume is turning up these days on Hillary being  the Democrats choice nationwide and too many are taking that old “INEVITABLE”  thing too far.  Democrats nationwide are NOT  for Hillary.  I’m not and never have been.  I shall vote for her “only if she is the only democrat standing”  when all is said and done. . . because, I’d rather cash my chips in if a Republican takes the presidency.  America can not survive on an on- going diet of pain, austerities, inequities  and disenfranchisement of it’s people. 

Problems that need attention

The lobbyists and those who direct and endow them are running this country.  It is a mockery especially of going to the very expensive trouble of elections, as it appears that we may as well just set up a palace for the lobbyists.   The game of life as its going seems little more than a crap-shoot now with a stacked deck. 

ALL are to blame.

It is not just those few power moguls at the top;  it’s the whole ball of wax.  Its all of us.  ALL are to blame.  Our citizenry is clueless and has no idea what OUR responsibilities are.  All of us are part of the machinery — like it or not.   It is imperative that our students have a better educational background in order to be fully functional, knowledgeable  and able to participate.    If that were true now, we wouldn’t be out there looking for the latest thrill or victim – whatever;     bigger, more important stuff would be in everyone’s head about the larger conditions all around us.   There are humongous issues in the world, but it seems far too many are unwilling and unable to understand what’s happening , ergo, can do nothing but accept it. 

The energy and life force that created us all resides in each of us, and we do know much is wrong, but we lack tools;   and struggle and falter and die.  This has to stop.  We must all realize that we are, indeed, in this thing together.  If you fail – I fail.   If I fail, then you do too.  Againstness is destructive.   We must use our innate tools.  We must use heart, mind and right action.  Better to pool our forces through discussion, seeking solutions. . .and then cooperative action.  Nothing can stop that,  for it is right action and powerful.    Through ignorance on our part, we have allowed too many of our rights and privileges to slip away or be usurped.

‘The Right to ‘bear arms’

Government has no right to tell us how we must live our lives — other than to abide by the laws which were created to protect the “GREATER GOOD.”  The distortion has struck insane lows when anybody, sane or otherwise can buy a gun and murder people at will.  IT’S OUR RIGHT!  it is claimed.  No it isn’t — that’s a distortion!  Our forefathers were very special men, educated, disciplined, creative;   and endangered themselves in the extreme to have accomplished all that they did.  But they were not emissaries of God,   [tho, I for one, do not doubt that they WERE divinely inspired!]   That right to bear arms was to protect the Republic from invasions or what have you, to allow and reinforce the militia if it were needed.  It was not a mandate for individuals to run wild in the streets wielding weapons as the NRA would have all believe. What’s caused this madness?  Big Business. . .the corporate structure. . .not the welfare of society! 

Mandatory  Medical Participation

Nothing from any source gives the government the right  to determine what kind of medicine people should be using for any thing or type of illness.  Yet, in our country,  the AMA and BIG PhRMA dictate not only who has the right to practice and what type of treatment is used.  This is highly discriminatory especially for a growing segment of our society (we’re finally trying to catch up to Europe with chiropractic and Alternative therapies.)  We don’t like our babies and tots being given destructive inoculations and vaccinations which are injuring delicate, still forming central nervous systems and brains and all the rest. Their science is claimed, NOT proven.  But it goes further;  if we prefer natural supplements instead of pharmaceuticals, I must pay on my own — not covered by insurance.  Talk about robbery!  Nor do I feel  mandatory participation is fair.       What’s caused this madness?  Big Business. . .the corporate structure. . .not the welfare of society! 

Synthetic Food

It is much the same ole, same ole here too  –  with our food.   It’s Big Business. . .the corporate structure. . .it’s the bottom line of business.  Blame BIG AG (whose director is a Farmer) and the so-called Chemical companies  like Monsanto and all the others who promised “Better Living Through Chemicals.”    GMO’s, synthetic fertilizers, the insecticides together have about destroyed the quality of soil in which we attempt to grow our food.  Our food is compromised, devitalized, not even a 1/3 as nutritious as it was 50 to 70 years ago.  Worse still is the genetic modification of our staple foods which all love.  The GMO’s have taken over impacting the health of Americans, for the GMO food stuff is also fed to food-crop animals.  They are even farming fish now.  It is a desecration of the magnificent life which was freely provided to those inhabiting planet Earth.    Look what we have managed to do in less than 100 years.   Americans hate GMO’s and totally reject them, but  those clever lobbyists have managed to keep the status quo and enrich the bank accounts of almost everyone in Washington.  Doesn’t take long to learn this game.  Of course,the final insult with our food is that at the very least, we need labels so that we have the right to choose. (supposed to come with being an American).  But our deaf, dumb and blind government has denied us this as well.  (They really have us beaten on this abroad!)  

Revolving Door Officials

We have more people working in Government in highly placed positions who were previously highly placed with Monsanto (like the head of FDA and so on).  It is therefore, no wonder that anything some of these corporations want, they’re gonna get!  Still, it takes a lotta backbone to tune out the massive dissent of the voice of the American people.  My fellow Americans, this cannot stand. . . . this is still our country.   There are more of us than there are of those at the top or their flunky lobbyists. All we need do is talk to one another,  get some organizing going on, find some leaders who understand the needs  and interests of its people and genuinely want to help and begin to correct these multitudinous  flaws and ‘slanted laws’ our Supreme Court is cranking out with some regularity.   We need to change the way things are done if we are going to get a sense of equality here in the home of the free.  It can be done.  

The Haves and the Have-nots

Obviously, the Republican party  has always pretty much seemed to be the party of the wealthier as a class, and that seems to be even truer today.  This Congress has moved nothing forward the whole time Obama has been in office.  This was by design for all wanted this man to fail.  They would grant him nothing, the hatred is so fierce. (calling it like I see it)  Nevertheless, this is and remains a brilliant man, a good man with the highest ethic.  He has accomplished quite a bit, amazing I guess, considering all the roadblocks which were thrown up.  Much of what he has done comes under the classification of the “populist” category.  And by that I mean, he has done some of the things which people dearly wanted.  He has risked his reputation to get these things done.  He has done stuff many (or most) of his predecessors have not been able to do.  Imagine what could have been if he had even a little cooperation?  Even so, his accomplishments are many.  He is appreciated and still loved – by me. 


But this was supposed to be about Hillary! (guess I’ll never change. . .just too long winded)   Been reading articles weekly in the news by many and varied writers. To me, some were kinda mean-spirited and I would not choose to run something for the sake of tearing her down.  She is a good woman, accomplished and very smart.  Bill loves her, ergo — she MUST be special.  Mainly, I do not believe in dynasties.  Our country has far too many brilliant people with much to offer to start building dynasties.   Have a grand-daughter who is gifted and smart as hell, but I would not vote for her either – for President!  

The threat of Hillary running is pissing me off in that some of the finest aren’t really willing to step up and say yes, because why, . . . protocol??  pecking order ??   Bullshit!  with a capital B.     Our country needs the best we’ve got and Hillary is not the ‘best we’ve got’!   Sure, people are scared of her.  She can be a tyrant;  she sometimes has a mean mouth.  She obviously has a temper and isn’t open to criticism!  She hasn’t learned to temper it with reporters or learned how to get along with them.  None of that is helpful.   What pray tell,  would she have done with even a tiny bit of what Obama has had to endure?  And yet he is surviving and getting his job done with smiles and humor . . and heart!   I don’t believe that Hillary’s heart rhythm pulsates to the populist causes,  can’t see it!  But she definitely knows how to play the game with the big boys with whom she and Bill are quite comfortable.  That’s fine, but not the orientation our country so desperately needs.  While I really want a woman in the White-house, I do not want this one.  As I’ve said before, my choice is Elizabeth Warren, but if she won’t let that door open, Nancy Pellosi is an almost perfect woman (but what would the House do without her?).  I love Bernie Sanders– we have a huge bundle of talent. . give it your best shot. . .  Jan


Liberal wing gears up to take on Hillary Clinton

Carl P. Leubsdorf

The elections of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have generated new energy in the Democratic Party’s liberal wing, especially among critics of President Barack Obama’s centrist course who fear a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean more of the same.

The former secretary of state’s support for a tougher foreign policy than Obama’s in her new book, Hard Choices, won’t assuage them.

But while Clinton’s book and accompanying tour have attracted enormous attention, and her standing within the Democratic Party remains very strong, there are increasing signs its liberal wing remains determined to play a role in 2016.

  • While Warren said she doesn’t have plans to seek the White House, a fellow New Englander seems interested. Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s independent senator, told The Nation magazine in March, “I am prepared to run for president of the United States.” But he added he had not decided whether, if he did run, he’d do so as a Democrat or an independent.

Sanders recently made an Iowa appearance. And Eric Davis, professor emeritus of political science at Vermont’s Middlebury College, told The Washington Post he thinks the onetime Socialist mayor of Burlington “is definitely going to run, and that he’s more likely to run as a Democrat than as an independent.”

  • Sanders is not Clinton’s only possible challenger from the left. Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who visited Iowa last year, said in an interview with the Weekly Standard that Clinton has shown a tendency to “shift hard right.” He said he is considering running even though he also said a presidential bid “would ruin my life.”

De Blasio presumably won’t run, but he’d like to play a role. The Democratic National Committee named New York City one of six finalists for the party’s 2016 convention, and de Blasio said he hopes to hold the main sessions in his home borough of Brooklyn, one of the nation’s most liberal areas.

“The progressive spirit of New York City has never been stronger or more vibrant than it is today,” he wrote the Democratic National Committee. “We believe that this spirit can energize and captivate both the Democratic Party and the nation.”

In any case, if Clinton does face a challenge from the left, the Iowa caucuses that begin the nominating process would be an ideal battleground for such a challenger, just as it proved to be the perfect spot for Obama to deal her 2008 hopes a devastating setback.

Iowa caucus participants are far more liberal than the party as a whole. In 2008, for example, 54 percent of them said in entrance polls that they were very liberal or somewhat liberal, 15 points more than called themselves liberals nationally in the Gallup Poll.

Besides, Iowa’s Democrats have always had a strong antiwar tendency, be it the Vietnam War a generation ago or the more recent Iraq conflict.

The degree to which some Iowa liberals distrust Clinton was evident in the reaction by one to Sanders’ appearance last month at a Hall of Fame dinner in the Mississippi River town of Clinton.

  • “Hillary Clinton is rancid spoiled milk in comparison to Bernie Sanders,” wrote Tom Fiegen in Bleeding Heartland, a blog about Iowa politics. He criticized her ties to Wall Street, complained that President Bill Clinton “sold out all of us” in pushing through the North American Free Trade Agreement, and concluded, “If she were ever to become president, progressives would rue the day.”

Such attitudes could be a problem for Clinton if enough Democrats shared Fiegen’s views. But there is no sign yet that such resentment is widespread. The Real Clear Politics average of leading polls shows she has the support of two-thirds of registered Democrats, nationally and in Iowa. Sanders didn’t register, and the total backing Warren and Schweitzer was in single digits nationally and low double digits in Iowa.

As for the convention, party leaders might be wise to choose a site other than New York, given the fact that the city is a magnet for liberal interest groups and Clinton’s home state. Still, it has by far the most big hotels, the best transportation system and lots of places for the partying that accompanies a national convention.

Carl P. Leubsdorf is the former Washington bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News.


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