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June 4, 2014

Foster Farm chickens R risky

Health update

Salmonella-tainted meat still making people sick

By Mary Clare Jalonick ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTON — An outbreak of antibiotic-resistant salmonella linked to a California chicken producer continues to sicken people more than a year after it started.

  • But producer Foster Farms has not initiated a recall, and the government apparently has no plans to shut it down.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 50 new illnesses were noted in the past two months, bringing to 574 the number of cases in the outbreak. Most have been in California, but the outbreak is widespread; victims are from 27 states and Puerto Rico.

The Agriculture Department said it is closely monitoring Foster Farms facilities and that rates of salmonella in the company’s products have been going down. The department threatened to shut down Foster Farms’ facilities last year but let them stay open after the company said it had made changes to reduce salmonella rates.  (Ineffective and corrupt!  Responsible to protect “people – not Corp!)

  • Food-safety advocates say it is long past time to pressure the company for a recall and to shut down production. Foster Farms said this week that it has put new measures in place, including tighter screening of birds, improved safety on the farms where the birds are raised and better sanitation in its plants.

The company suggested that the recent cases might be because salmonella incidence increases in the warmer months. (Cop-out!  Cost of doing business — Step up or Close up!)

  • Dealing with outbreaks is nothing new for Foster Farms. The company was linked to salmonella illnesses in 2004 and then again in 2011, before the current outbreak, which started in 2013.

Recalls of poultry contaminated with salmonella are tricky because the law allows raw chicken to have a certain amount of salmonella — a rule that consumer advocates have long lobbied to change. Because salmonella is so prevalent in poultry and is killed if consumers cook the meat properly, the government has not declared it to be an “adulterant,” or illegal, in meat, as is E. coli.

The CDC said 37 percent of victims were hospitalized and 13 percent had developed blood infections, almost three times the normal rate.

The USDA has not released a comprehensive list of where Foster Farms is sold. Last year, Costco and Kroger-owned stores took Foster Farms products off their shelves. Neither company commented on whether they are selling them again.

Foster Farms did not respond to a request for comment



This stale, repetitive beat goes on and on,  sad isn’t it?  This sort of thing has been gong on for so long;  the government agencies paid well to regulate and protect the health and well-being of our citizens,      but instead, take corrupt treasure to look the other way.   Our voices are clear,  the message succinct  and we are ignored.  Would anyone agree that we must demand better from the White House?

Factory farming is killing us my friends.  We’d all be better off if we just ate organic veggies in a salad.   Animals living tortured brief lives, fed  unnatural GMO’s; pumped full of chemicals and hormones and anti-biotics because they are so sick bring nothing to the table which is fit to eat.   Jan)


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