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May 26, 2014

Sugar, Lymph & Decaf -Dr Roach


6-ounce glass of juice hardly a sugar overload



To Your Good Health
Keith Roach

Q: I’m a 76-year-old woman who enjoys a 6-ounce glass of ruby-red grapefruit juice every morning before my breakfast of cereal, half a banana and coffee. My husband has been trying to convince me I should stop having my morning juice, calling it a “sugar bomb.” Is he correct?

A: A 6-ounce glass of grapefruit juice is a perfectly reasonable serving size. Six ounces would contain about 16 grams of sugar. That is less than half of what is in a can of a soft drink. Your husband should lighten up. I see people drinking 64 ounces of juice or soda. Those are sugar bombs.

Q: I just found out I have lipedema, a rare disease. What can I do about it? Should I find relatives who have it? My mom and dad don’t have it, nor do other family members. Should I try to find which relatives have it? I am told that it is an inherited disease.

A: Lipedema is indeed a rare disease, although it might be under-diagnosed. It is almost always found in women and is suspected with marked fat deposition symmetrically between the waist and the ankles. The areas affected are often tender or painful to the touch. It isn’t the same as lymphedema, a fluid increase caused by poorly functioning or damaged lymph vessels, although people with lipedema can develop lymphedema.

Treatment includes compression garments or manual lymph drainage, often combined with surgical treatments such as liposuction.

Only about 15 percent of people with lipedema have a family history. It isn’t surprising that you can’t find relatives who have it.

More information is available from several support groups and at   lipedema.

Q: Please address the possible health risks of decaffeinated coffee. Is the process used harmful? I try to avoid caffeine and consume a lot of decaf coffee each day, hence exposing myself to greater amounts of what is reported to be residue from the decaffeination process.

A: Of the four ways to decaffeinate coffee, two use organic chemical solvents (methylene chloride and ethyl acetate); the others are carbon dioxide and water. Your question is about the amount of the organic solvents left in the first two methods.

(Incidentally, organic has two meanings. To a chemist, it means “carbon- and hydrogen-containing,” so both methylene chloride and ethyl acetate are organic compounds. The common use of organic means foods grown without synthetic chemicals. These terms are often in direct conflict with each other.)

The amount of residual solvent in decaffeinated coffee doesn’t pose a threat to health, the Food & Drug Administration has found.

If you are still concerned, you can purchase coffee that has been decaffeinated by the water process (sometimes called Swiss water process) or carbon dioxide, neither of which leaves chemical residues.

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or ToYourGoodHealth  .


(My  Comment:

Can’t stifle my thoughts like Archie Bunker might prefer on Q #1 here, because I regard sugar as one of the great destroyers of health in our modern society. It pervades everything and is in fact one of the major triggers for diabetes 2 (and #3 – Alzheimers disease), obesity and even heart disease.    So, on to:  

Q#1   We don’t have access to this lady’s physical status  (health picture), so we don’t know if there is a weight problem. . . but I bet there is.  The soft drink comparison is irrelevant to this issue.  While the juice is delicious and nutritive — it is high in sugar.   As is the cereal no matter what kind of cereal she is having. . .it is MORE carbs, plus the 1/2 banana = more carbs.  How does she drink her coffee. . . a little sweetener and maybe creamer (what kind of sweetener and what type of creamer non-dairy?   I agree with her husband – sugar bomb!

Everything, she is having in the morning to energize her body and face her day is presenting to her kidneys as carbohydrate which then contributes toward slanting her body toward the acidic state rather than a more neutral alkaline status which is condusive to better health.  It is also an additional burden for her pancreas and isn’t feeding her brain and other vital organs with the deeper nutrition it has a right to expect.   There is a whole lot of  stuff missing here. 

Take the coffee as an example:  Do ya know we don’t have adequate FDA regulation  with regard to coffee as they do all over Europe?  Almost any coffee you can buy in our American stores (even the best ones) come to you with molds and other pathogens.  If we want to be free of that, we must buy “organic coffee.  Try googling the Bulletproof Executive and how he makes coffee.  Organic coffee to start with, pure water,  don’t use paper filters as they prevent the natural (expensive and healthy) coffee oils from getting thru to you — you want that! Use the sheer metal filter instead – one less ongoing product to have to buy –( mine is a Braun item called Swiss Gold).  Then he adds coconut oil (couple of spoonfuls) and a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon to the cup and blend.  I use my stick blender (so versatile – 1000 uses), right in the cup and finish off with a splash of organic whole milk.  First off, it is delicious!  Actually, one cup is all one needs as it is so filling and energizing.  Will be hours before you really want or need food.  And your brain is fed and energized  (the brain needs oil to function well).  Probably the most one could force down at this point would be a few berries.

Q #2   Don’t know much about Lipedema, checked it out in my Merck Manual and it’s pretty much what Dr Roach said.  We know nothing  else regarding her health, but  according to this disease pattern,  the excess weight is borne  in the lower realms of her body  in areas not amenable to easy loss  as would be the case in the upper part of her body.   It is suggested that the lymph vessels aren’t generally damaged, yet the condition is painful or uncomfortable.  The treatment doesn’t sound inviting or agreeable at all.   

The lymphatic system needs to have the body engaged in normal or regular movement patterns which may be difficult due to discomfort.  I would suggest the use of the mini-  trampoline.  This is a gentle, easy rather enjoyable activity and the single primary reason I started with one several decades ago is stimulating the lymph system. Good for those like me who never liked ‘exercise’ per se.  If that lymph system is sluggish, health will be diminished.  So easy to take an effective action on this issue.  It would also be important to ensure that plenty of water is being ingested to help the body in the elimination of its waste.  As an aside, if experiencing problems  one can take some alfalfa tablets,  or my  favorite – Milk Thistle (known as silymarin).  Can buy those capsules everywhere as a single substance or mixed with Yellow Dock or Dandelion — all helpful in cleansing your system and kidneys (or swollen ankles).  Just sayin’ . . . . 

 Q #3   So, we’re back on coffee again (or I am).  I am personally not inclined toward decaf, and honestly don’t see why anyone would want to drink decaffeinated coffee.. . . there are so many lovely teas to enjoy.   Just heard Dave Asprey   (Bulletproof Executive) speaking of this recently on a David Wolfe video (I believe).  Can’t find my notes, so I can not address this.  Sorry.  And I do have this slight memory thing going on.  But I won’t make something up in order to save face or whatever.  

As to the FDA saying that anything is fine and not going to harm us, could anything be more ridiculous?  When have they or BIG AG or BIG PhRMA been out there fighting for what serves OUR interests?  Indeed — they serve the corporate structure and their profit picture.   Guess, that’ll do it              . Jan)


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