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May 8, 2014

SCOTUS spewing “corruption”

I received this from Senator Bernie Sanders. . . one of my favorite people in Washington.  Few people have the capacity to understand, let alone speak up and take action the way this man does.  I almost always feel that like no other, he speaks for me. . .my mind.  That’s why I subscribe to his website and “Friends of Bernie Sanders” 

Corruption is Corruption


When I read the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon decision, I had to ask myself a question: What democracy is Chief Justice John Roberts living in? Because it doesn’t look anything like ours.

  • In McCutcheon, just like in Citizens United, the Roberts majority of the Supreme Court essentially legalized corruption, first by corporations and now by super-wealthy individual donors. So in John Roberts’ democracy, corporations are supposed to have the same rights as people and more influence on our government. And when a billionaire spends thousands of dollars on every Congressional race in the country, they’re not looking for anything in return, they’re just speaking their mind.
  • It’s absurd. When my friend Russ Feingold joined with John McCain and passed campaign-finance reform, they did it because huge, unlimited checks were corrupting our government. There was proof, and the Supreme Court agreed: When corporations call all the shots, that’s not democracy, that’s corruption. That’s allowing the billionaire class to buy elections.

I would prefer that any who feel anywhere near as passionately as I do about this dreadful development join with Bernie and the action committee we works with to try to fix this stuff.   It simply cannot keep proceeding this way  for we  are in danger of losing all that most Americans hold dear.  The link follows:



Corruption is corruption! | Friends of Bernie Sanders

Corruption is corruption! Tweet. May 5, 2014. Take Action Friend,. When I read the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon decision, I had to ask myself a question: What …


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