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May 2, 2014

Little “green” moves (sharing)

Easy,  Helpful “GREEN”  choices


So what are some of the small “green choices” I do for me?    Have I changed my ways?   Most definitely — YES!

Have I given up anything?. . . well, it certainly feels like it [sometimes],    — YES!

But has it been worth it?. . is there a net gain?   — most definitely,   YES!

Think I’m gonna have to break this up into pieces or rooms,  so let me start with:



Regular readers know that I am a juicer, am kinda “Raw,” but keep Hippocrates soup going most of the time and do have other gently cooked foods as preferences dictate.  This has been a struggle for me as I so highly value the need for and the action of “enzymes” in our daily regimen.  If we COOK our foods, this effectively either reduces or kills off the enzyme action that plant life has freely given to us in order that we may digest and utilize the food we so  desperately crave and need.

How does that affect us then?  In many ways, we are effectively reducing our nutrient content to little more than paper or worse.  Which means, our body is of necessity, required to relegate it’s energies to providing the needed enzyme action because there can be no utilization of vital nutrients without ENZYMES which breaks down, separates and utilizes all that we eat.   This means, we have taken many of our organs away from their assigned, usual activity of providing hormones and other vital sera and activities, so that everything inside our bodies can harmonize and function properly. This in effect, strains and over-works many of our vital organs.   This innocuous, seemingly innocent activity has contributed to the impairment of one or another of  our various organs and/or glands such as  pancreas, thyroid, pituitary, adrenals  and so on.

As one can see, it isn’t just toxins and pesticides, vaccinations or GMO’s injuring us, but even, a simple question of what we are doing to prepare our food for consumption.  We can say RAW IS BEST!  And that is correct,  it is the way nature gave it to us, but it isn’t the whole truth, is it?   Fairly recently,  we learned about cruciferous vegetables.  While acknowledging their nutritional bounty and how exceptional they are, we are also alerted to the need to either soak them and drain off the water (discarding it), or to partially steam or cook them for the purpose of alleviating the disadvantage of cruciferous veggies (which includes broccoli, cabbages of any color, cauliflower) —  why, one might ask?   Because these highly prized and valued vegetables also have within them an anti-nutrient which can be harmful to us, especially anyone who has thyroid problems (or suspects that they do). They are referred to as goitrogens.    There is much growing naturally in nature which can harm us and we would be well advised to learn these distinctions if we would choose to expound on them.    And, we can buy enzymes if we want to, to take along with our cooked food, . . .that works, maybe not as well, but it works.   Enough already, what did  I give up?

My Microwave

Had lived with them for years. . . never intended to cook with them — only heated stuff, warmed up water or coffee, or melted whatever needed it.. . . reheated leftovers. . . the usual stuff.  But  it was a huge convenience factor.  And it took a LOT of “getting used to” without it.    I really missed it – it’s convenience.  It’s been a couple of years now;   I’m surviving and had to become ‘creative’ in the warming-up part of my life.

Had no choice as I see it;  once I became “aware” of the microwave mechanism totally altering molecular structure of whatever was placed inside of the chamber — that was it.  Even water.  Most know that I go an extra couple of lengths to be sure I’m drinking the best water available to me.  I distill my own water and then remineralize it with all the minerals and trace elements which nature had intended. I generally make two gallons daily which is ample for just one person.

I also learned that Microwaves can be dangerous for those with heart concerns, emitting radiation waves.  It is claimed however that the very latest models do not emit radiation levels.  I wasn’t interested in checking that out, I’d heard enough.   While still in the kitchen,  maybe I should mention the Storage factor.


Since I no longer require shelf space for storing all those cans, boxes and bags of commercially prepared food-stuff,  I have easy accommodation for my collection of  oils, bottles and containers and other equipment for all the personal care stuff that I’m into and enjoy,  for my teeth, body, skin and hair.  This works out well for me as I have this wonderful pantry off my kitchen which I fully utilize for all my mops and brooms on a wall-mounted bracket,  and some garden utility supplies along with plenty of room for my other toys I don’t really use that much any more, but don’t want to be without, i.e. crock-pot, rotisserie, Mix Master, coffee grinders and food processors and my 40+ year old tool-kit that I’m sure I couldn’t live without.  Love my pantry.  It’s all good!   “CHOICES”


This may be one of the most important areas to consider since most of us spend on average, i/3 of our lives here.  So how much importance do you give it?   I’m not into decor here, addressing only health concepts.

EMF’s come to mind.  For years we’ve heard about not living under those High Wires the utility folks put up,  that ring our lives. . . not too healthy for us.  Those “Electro Magnetic Frequencies” don’t just threaten us from the high wires from the utility poles, however. . . they’re coming at us from all the gadgetry with which we surround ourselves.  They reach us from the pulsating forces of the universe, and from our cell phones and our always present television. . .and our computers.  This modern life is playing havoc with our own personal energies, and mostly — none of us realize it!  We’re stressed almost out of our wits sometimes.  And we think its all us.  Maybe it is-  –  –  but maybe it isn’t!

David Wolfe and his friend Clint Ober with the GROUNDING concept have been busily informing us all about these EMF threats and showing us ways to offset them and/or to fight back and reclaim our vital, ‘normal’ energy patterns which may have been gradually slipping away from us.  We can go BAREFOOT as much as possible, walk on grass, sand or natures bodies of water.  What we’ve lost is our connection to “Earth”  Our ancestors and indeed, all the way back to the cave man have always had this connection because of close contact.  Modern man has not got the same connection.  We close ourselves off from one another and instead surround ourselves with gadgets and things (mostly electronic).  We remain in our cubicles whether we call them mansions or cells — it’s our own four walls, safe and secure, but lonely, isolated, stressed out and alone.  That ain’t right!  It’s not the ‘human way.’  Humans need one another – we are gathering tribes of others who cling in community, not to smother, but to share and just “be”.

There is much about the “Grounding” dynamic which can be learned or manipulated for personal use.   Think I’m past the time I can do this – but a lot of you can and Clint has discussed this and even shown how to do some of it.  One can buy the pads to put under the computer, the mouse or one’s feet as we sit at the computer.  Takes the levels down all the way to almost zero (instead of the hundreds or thousands).  These EMF’s are hurting us in many ways including spearheading our pain levels.  That in itself, should be enough to make a multi-trillionaire of Clint Ober.  I want a pad for my feet when I sit anywhere (computer or dining room table  as I pore over papers and tomes.)  Would also like one of those 1/2 sheets for the bed.  Budgets being what they are these days,  it’ll have to wait. But that doesn’t spell doom to me.  No, indeed.  So, here is what I did for my bedroom:

Clint through all the Grounding talk (including others who speak the language for him) suggests to us to disconnect from all the electronics we don’t actually need or aren’t using.  Even the circuitry in the walls are busily emitting forces outward toward us —  and we aren’t going to do anything about that;  only the stuff we have plugged in to it.  Got it?   So I disconnected an old VCR in my bedroom and took it down to the basement.  Unplugged the alarm clock- – -(don’t use it anyway, so why have it generating EMF’s at me?)   The TV is a lovely thing, tho I rarely watch from bed.  I frequently pull it’s plug anyway unless I need to watch something  because my DVR can’t assist my needs at the moment.  Have  TIME WARNER and it only lets you watch one and record one (crappy, but unless I sue them, what can I do?)

When I want the time, I certainly don’t want to have to get up and go into another room, so I brought one of my striking wall clocks into my bedroom.  I figured out how to not have the striking part working so as not to disturb me during the night.   Now I have the beauty of the clock, plus all that it offers.  I figure my bedroom is as clean as I’m going to get it electronically.   So that works for me.   Incidentally, I saw “works for me” on CRISIS the other night.  He was one of the bad guys.  Loved seeing him anyway….  .  .  .  he’s a bit older now, but aren’t we all!  He is 6’4″ and  still gorgeous and if they give him a show – I’m up for it! His name refuses to come forward at the moment.  . . .give me about ten hours.  o.k.?. . .for God’s sake I’ll be 85 in August.  Stuff still works, just not as fast. ((that show of his was called HUNTER)

So I’m doing what I can to offset those EMF’s. . . I’m barefoot as I take Heidi out for a potty run, or to just get my mail.  I try to spend a little extra time on the grass to consciously welcome the earth energy. .  When we go for a walk, however, I must be shod since I don’t relish ‘bleeding accidents’ for me or anyone else.

One of the things which seem so uncivilized and uncouth is that so many are extremely hung up in their cell phones.  These instruments are hugely  clever and admired. . . . thus immensely valuable,  . . they also seem to be robbers as well.   Can’t remember anyone sitting across from me at the table or anywhere, and not receiving endless intrusions.   I find this destructive to relationship factors, and personally offensive.  It seems no one has the luxury anymore of being “fully present,”  and that is a great, but modern loss. . . .  throwing individuals such as yours truly back against the memory of what once was.

Meanwhile, do the best you can to disconnect from unnecessary gadgetry thereby dislodging the impact of EMF’s on your health.  See if it doesn’t matter or make a difference.    Yours in joy and health,  Jan




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