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April 18, 2014

Breast care, what’s that?


 BREASTS – Certainly worth the ‘Care’


Like most women,  breasts are important to me — still, yeah,  they really are!  I like ’em.  My 5′  2″  mother was richly endowed, I never was.  She wouldn’t be seen without her bra, but with me, it didn’t much matter. . . I wasn’t an afflicted 36 DD like she was,  just a smallish but perky 34 B.  Attitudes were different then.  I didn’t feel cheated at all — why should I?    I was fairly proportionally balanced and I saw the balance and back -stress some larger breasted women bore.  If I went bra-less, it was barely noticed.  

To my knowledge,  cancer, or more precisely, breast cancer didn’t run in either my maternal or paternal families.  Stuff was so different then;  heart disease, hypertension and arthritis  ran in the family, but little else of consequence unless one would consider a club foot a problem;  but fortunately,  my maternal grandmother  Katrina who raised 12 kids had a fix for everything   [wish I could really have known her], she had one of the children or another massaging and pulling on that foot until, over time, it was no longer a problem.


So,  back to breasts,  the only ‘care’ I heard about was self examination and generally trying to be aware of anything new or different.  Of course there were mammograms but swore off them after using.  There was no talk of  “Eat this and don’t eat that.”  In my day I never heard about the earth being polluted with toxins and poisons.  People knew how to farm,  they had been doing some version of  sustainable farming ever since it began — a long time ago.  People knew better than to kill off the natural life forms beneath the surface of the earth, for they were part of this  process of eating and living,  one hand washes the other and  we are all in this together.  We didn’t know then that dairy or milk drinking wasn’t good for you. . .just taste it, my Gawd — it was pure heaven.  And maybe, it wasn’t ‘bad’ for you back then,  everything was organic — we just didn’t call it that for it was the way things were done, naturally.    But now,  it’s hard to come by that kind of milk.  Cattle are no longer raised the same except with a very small percentage of the cattlemen.  Now its anti-biotics, hormones and unnatural grain crap (GMO’s) thrown at them.  Long ago, no one would drink milk from a sick cow.   Now, if its standing — its drinkable. 


[an aside, sorry, its the way I write]  My whole family were big on dairy.  And as farmers, I’m sure it was that way with my ancestors as well.  For many decades the thinking has changed with regard to dairy and we now understand that this indulgence is a major forerunner to setting ourselves up to vulnerability with arthritis and other hormonal problems for both sexes, but especially for women.  Since I’ve covered this subject repeatedly, I’m just not up to a long repetition again now. Please go up to FIND IT and then to Dr Cordain (Paleo Diet) or Dr McDougall who claims humans are the only species on earth who continues to drink milk after being weaned.  We do not need dairy to supply calcium to bones;  it’s over-dosing on calcium in the first place which is causing this dreadful stuff to happen.  Cordain explains so well about the calcium balance.  Not just important how much we take into us, but also how much we are losing  via urine.  Over-assimilation of dairy or other calcium supplementation creates a problem for the body and upsets the acid-base balance of the entire body, but the calcium balance as well.  Insulin levels are affected, the pancreas becomes over-worked; body tries to balance self and goes to bone  and extracts what it needs;  ergo — bone loss, bones thin. . . fractures happen — all because we’ve been told we need more calcium.  WE DON’T.  We know where those large framed animals get their calcium, don’t we?  Yea. . .from grass and plants.  And with our much smaller frames, it works fine for us too.

Toxic Load

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for recent generations is the  sterilization and poisoning of our land.  We now understand that glyphosate known as ‘Roundup’  is in our blood and in our babies and in the umbilical cord.  It is so pervasive and destructive, that now,  only our country allows this to happen for it is banned abroad.  So yes, we all carry toxic loads for there is no escaping it.  Our country doesn’t have the stomach to take ethical action on this.  We all must do what we know is best for us, take correct action where we can and then, try to let the rest go.  For the action needed will be nationwide!  So these then are some of the reasons we might  or could get a cancer of the breast.  But not what I had in mind to speak of.  That would be     

Underwire Bras      

Whether its Bali or Victoria’s Secret  or any other maker,  all the Bra manufacturers are seeming to specialize in the underwire style.  Why one might ask?   Probably because its what women want.  They are  pretty, and do a superior job of bearing their responsibilities, if not at a greater cost.  One feels secure and confident.  Yes, I have a drawerful of them, but haven’t worn them in a long time.  A few years ago I read about a potential pitfall which I haven’t been able to dispel.  If it was merely someone’s  theory or what-if hypothesis  — wouldn’t cut it for me.  I either have to have a bell going off or that familiar  “sure, I get it” coming from the gut.  This makes sense to me because I understand it and have worked with the overall concept for maybe 50 years or so , having been involved with various forms of energy healing which I used to refer to as ‘subtle healing’ . . . along with many of our friends and of course, my husband too.   [since the 60’s].   

Pathways of Energies – Meridians

Like many forms of healing from all over the world and various  cultures including  oriental acupuncture,  there are pathways of energy running throughout the body.  These can be seen by those who are able to see subtly [a natural state for most of us from birth.  But without acknowledgment and/or discussion, most generally fades as a child develops and grows].  These pathways of energy are also called ‘meridians’ by many [including Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine EEM]  So much easier when one CAN see them, but I don’t have that vision, and work with them anyway as I know they are there.  One either does or one doesn’t.  Since I have been familiar with this in my life; have worked with this technology on a minor, novice level and benefited personally, and rendered benefit to others, I have no doubts as to its veracity.  I am saying that this is a reality to me, not that I ask for anyone to accept or believe such on anyone else’s  say-so. It is for each of us to learn, think and decide for self. 

As I said above, I heard about metal in the underwire bra,  being an impactful influence interfering with energy-flow of the meridian which runs through this pathway which by its action — could impede the natural energy flow.  This kind of interference could result in malfunction of those energies.  Simple math for me.  With the statistics on breast cancer being so high, one simply must use as much brain power as possible to protect oneself.   And it added up to an  obstacle I didn’t want to have to handle at any time.  I regard this as an expedient, logical decision [issuing from personal experience over the years], and not one out of fear [i.e. please life, don’t do this to me].  So I no longer wear these bras even tho I don’t recall my source.   I do have that nagging feeling that I have a post somewhere within the last couple of years where I have imported a list of helpful things to do which are greener and less harmful than other choices. . .like tampons and undies and soaps etc.   With almost 2100 posts here now, I can’t track the thread of a thought as easily anymore. . .it seems to have grown so much. 

My action on this issue is pretty typical for me.  If one is convinced of the truth or validity of something, one must act on it to maintain personal integrity.   5 or 6 years ago when I learned about the harmful influence of using Microwave ovens because of the way they alter [change] cellular structure — all the food we heat or warm up with them, even water – automatically changed.  EMF’s are a known health hazard;  we are literally bombarded 24/7.  So I put my beautiful  Microwave at the dumpster — was gone in about 10 minutes.   Really missed it.  They can be hard on hearts and I do have a problem there, don’t I?   So I’ve told you what I wanted to say.  Wish I had a more definitive, for-sure  conclusion, but we are all kind of on our own, aren’t we?  Went online hoping for a clearer picture to share, but only found a biased  piece from the established powers that be who would regard everything Ive said here — pure hyperbole and hogwash and quackery.  So be it. . . .  Jan



There is a pervasive myth that says that wearing an underwire bra will give you breast cancer, and it remains firmly a myth, without basis in medical fact. The origin of this misunderstanding comes from the book Dressed to Kill, published in 1995 by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, a couple of anthropologists. The authors, who are not medical doctors, claim that wearing an underwire bra restricts drainage of fluid in the breast tissue through the lymph nodes, and therefore marinates the breast tissue in toxins. The problem is that these authors did not arrive at their conclusion on the basis of any medical study, and they exhibit a fundamental lack of understanding of the lymph system. The lymph nodes that handle drainage of bodily fluids from the breasts are located in the armpits — and so drainage is upward and toward the arms, not downward past the underwire. In other words, a bra underwire can’t prevent your body from draining toxins from your breast tissue, because an underwire doesn’t cut off or restrict anything relevant to lymph function.

Another rumor making the rounds of the Internet suggests that the pressure from bra underwires has a negative effect on the wearer on the basis of acupuncture or acupressure. This belief is fueled primarily by ideas from an article called “Chinese Lessons For Modern Chiropractors” by Dr. George Goodheart, who was a Doctor of Chiropractic, and not an MD. Essentially, the idea that the pressure from a metal underwire is problematic for reasons of acupressure assumes a belief in bodily “meridians” and an insubstantial life force called qi, or chi, which flows in these supposed pathways, the existence of which is not recognized by mainstream medical science. Therefore, the question of whether or not metal underwire bras inhibit the flow of qi is not a matter that is recognized by mainstream medicine.

So, why are there so many different concerns about why underwire bras might be dangerous? Why are there so many myths and misconceptions mixed in with the genuine medical issues, and why is it so hard to tell them apart? The reason is surprisingly simple: Women wear bras every day. A bra is an important, basic garment, relied upon almost universally, and underwire bras are very common. If such a common, basic item could hurt you, and especially if it could somehow put your life at risk, it would be horrifying. Women are terribly vulnerable to any dangers posed by their bras, and so any real risks take on an emotional charge, while myths about other potential risks grow into urban legends. But dealing with the issue is mercifully easy. Just make sure your bras fit properly, discard a bra that is worn or breaking, and don’t buy underwire bras if you are worried about them.






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