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April 16, 2014

Yoga mat stuff in breads?

Restaurants / Fast food

Subway yanking ‘yoga mat’ ingredient



    Subway says azodicarbonamide will be removed from its breads.

After a spate of bad publicity over the use of an ingredient also used in the making of yoga mats, Subway confirmed that the chemical will be removed from all of its breads in a week.

The sandwich chain earlier this year drew criticism after a food blogger launched a petition urging the company to remove azodicarbonamide, an ingredient used as a bleaching agent and dough conditioner.

A spokeswoman confirmed an Associated Press report in which Subway’s chief marketing officer Tony Pace said the chain will have phased out the ingredient from its bread in the next week.

  • Azodicarbonamide is found widely in other products, including foods served at McDonald’s and Burger King. The chemical, however, is banned from use in foods in Great Britain, the European Union and Australia. A 1999 World Health Organization study found it induces asthma in humans.
  • In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration says the ingredient can be “safely used” if it is intended for use as an “aging and bleaching ingredient” used in flour in an amount that doesn’t exceed 2.05 grams per 100 pounds of flour. It can also be used as a dough conditioner.

The use of the ingredient was the subject of food blogger Vani Hari’s petition earlier this year. Hari has a reputation for targeting restaurants and food companies for their use of controversial ingredients.

Hari previously had launched a petition to remove yellow dyes from some Kraft’s macaroni and cheese products for children. Hari declared victory when Kraft Food Group Inc. announced in November that it would remove the yellow dyes.

Subway’s Pace said the company’s removal of the ingredient was occurring before the petition and that the move wasn’t in reaction to it.


(My Comment:

Since the Governmental offices our tax dollars are going to support to do the People’s Business, such as the FDA, who  continuously lets us down, isn’t it a good thing that we have fine young ladies like the “food blogger” Vani Hari to watch out for us and raise a ruckus?    Oh well,, a little toxin here and a little there as long as it isn’t in large amounts. . .what the hell?  Don’t you kinda wonder however, what they are using for  making these judgements?    It is supposed to be for protecting us against contaminants and other injurious stuff which has the capacity to impact our health.     When you add up all these big and little “errors” in judgement, it’s a wonder we have any health at all.   

Now mind you,  I’m not one of those who think the American government is out to GET US  . . . .  . (you know, conspiracy theorists),  actually, I do believe that many  in Washington, indeed do their best to follow the rules.  Our problems are primarily in  influence peddlers paying off most everyone to get those rules and regulations either thrown out or modified down to meaningless levels in order to accomplish  the corporate intent of profit making with little regard for what is correct and proper for the “people” of our country.  The process used to work much better than it does now.  But this congress especially is the worst in history. . .so what else could we expect?  It needs to change!  And it won’t until people have had enough and wake up and take action.  Gotta get those do nothing people outta there.  They seem hell-bent to destroy the entire structure.   

But this one is so disgusting, its really kinda one for the books, isn’t it?    Jan)


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