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April 11, 2014

OCM – Face oil cleansing method

Facial Oil Cleansing

My oops, sorry, thought  I had  posted on the pleasant satisfaction that face cleansing with oil can be, how good and indulgent it feels and how much better my skin is looking.    When my friend told me that she couldn’t find it, I looked around for it and I couldn’t find it either even tho I thought it was done a few months back.

Actually, I discovered this technique as I was seeking  help  for  the post  “DIY Haircare” done January 11, 2014 in which many of the same people were inspirational in this recent discovery for me.   Again – – ‘Wellness Mama’ and ‘Crunchy Betty,’  but I also want to add for this: *       This is the pivotal point for many of those who are doing this now.

Olive oil is a wonderful oil for facial cleansing

So why do I like this practice of using ‘oil’ rather than soap or some fancy cleanser for my face?   Well, for one thing it is completely natural (as opposed to all the chemical applications most of us were reared on).  Scientifically, it is sound.  It produces more beautiful skin no matter what kind of skin one is walking around in; oily, acne-prone, teen-age skin,. . .ordinary, normal skin or as in my case. . . older skin showing signs of not being young any longer,  male – female and so on.  The red asterisk in the paragraph above showing the oil cleansing method has all the answers and details it very well, so please read that to start. *

The OCM site  shows the how-to’s as well as does Crunchy Betty and Wellness Mama and a ton of video snippets over in YouTube, where these days one can find  absolutely everything, and I watched quite a few.   Essentially, its the same thing with slightly different ways of doing it.  Some wet faces first, others simply apply the oil and gently rub or massage it in.    There is no need to remove makeup or anything else from face first; just secure your hair back out of the way and go for it.

  •      Gotta say, I really loved this site, and it was from this one that I learned one important step that was amazing to me and I’d never heard of before.  She describes how she finishes up with adding a tallow skin balm to her face after her nightly cleansing and didn’t seem to “need” any additional oils for moisturizing or whatever. . .  .  had no idea what she was talking about.  But I had to know what she meant. . .what is tallow?   

So, back to the search on internet for Tallow balm.  Mommypotamus made her own.  I learned that this is suet or tallow which is the fat which comes from grass-fed cattle [bovine or sheep, etc] – – therefore it must come from an organic farm – all the way to slaughter.  I found this almost upsetting, but as I thought about it, logic took over and it seemed perfectly natural.  I don’t want to mess this up for anyone, so I’m asking you to go to one of the most dedicated and beautiful sites I’ve  perused and its called  “VINTAGE TRADITION”    They have gone to great lengths to explain this with all the history one would want to know and it is lovely and beautiful.  They are simply spectacular.  They sell a body balm which they make.  They also provide the raw tallow in amounts one wishes to purchase if choosing to make your own;  they provide the how to’s, complete with pictures.  I will most certainly want to do that in time, but for now, I bought their balm for self, my son and a close friend-neighbor.  A tiny bit spreads easily over the face and neck (and I love it for my hands).  It completely sinks in and there is no greasy sheen at all.  It is in fact, almost magic. 

According to Village Tradition,  this IS what people used before chemical cosmetics came along.  Tallow is similar in composition to our own body needs and is totally compatible, which is why it sinks in so well and has a healing and corrective capacity.  But again, please do go to the site,  it is so well laid out and highly informative.  I feel like I’ve struck gold with this addition to my daily routine.  I am having to make and use less of all the other lotions and creams I’ve been making (tho I enjoy that and love the creams, etc.,)    I believe the condition of my face is improved and easier to contend with. 

Believe it or not, my he-man son is happier with his own face than he has ever been.  He was acne-prone as a youth with all the usual trauma.  Shaving is a burden, leaving him with irritation on his face.   He took to the oil cleansing like a duck to water and even goes the extra mile of shaving with this oil.   He claims his face has never felt so good.  I’ve had to write out the recipe for him because he doesn’t want to be without it, you know. . . down the road.       So the link:

When I was searching for tallow online,  I came across other sites and there must be quite a few, but Vintage Tradition did it for me.  My nature has always demanded quality and I was satisfied with V.T., but the stuff isn’t really cheap.  So I was open to the same demands, but hopefully at a lesser price and one presented to me which I also bought from and they were cheaper, and still lovely with all the organic essentials, plus they will customize one’s order with different oils and or scents, which I find appealing.  So let me give you this site as well and you can have a leg up on decision making .  These people are ” ” and they market through something called Etsy and that site is below:     The owner is Linda.  I don’t really know how I reached them, I found them online, but obviously, my purchase was made thru ETSY and all kinds of people market thru ETSY.  So, you’ll have to figure that out. . . their balms are quite nice and I like them. A bit more variety. 

The Oils

All of the sites I’ve given here will teach you and explain about the oils.  Don’t think I need to tell you to be selective about your purchase of anything you put on your skin – it should be organic and fit to take by mouth . . .as your skin is your largest organ.  If you wouldn’t swallow it, don’t put it on your skin! (because it will be absorbed and taken up by the cells of your body as if you had eaten it.)  

The number 1 oil is Castor Oil.  Yes, old fashioned Castor oil. (organic)  This is the primary oil and from there one adds some combination of carrier oil in proportions which fit your skin type (teenager,  normal,  aging and so on).   Since I am of the aging variety, I use some richer oils; so my recipe is 1/3 Castor oil, then depending on what I have on hand, I’ll use about 1/3 Almond oil (+ or -), 1/3 Avocado oil, and or Sesame oil,  1/2 tsp or more of Argon oil and Vit E oil.  This feels great.    I take my time and make small circles all over my face and neck, gently rubbing in. . . let it remain on skin and absorbing while I care for my teeth (all home-made stuff including flossing and water irrigation with sea-salt),  then I proceed to the hot water on a fluffy wash cloth which I hold to face and neck til it looses the heat and repeat 3 or 4 times. . .ending with gentle wiping away of any remaining oil.  No harsh wiping.   I follow this with the tallow balm. . .just the tiniest amount, applying with upward motions, very gently.  By now, my skin is glowing and happy and almost WOW!  It feels like your baby’s skin. . . which is so fine.   Once you’ve tried this, done it — you’ll understand why it’s so wonderful – it’s just flat-out indulgent and pampered.   Enjoy,  Jan   



Okay, this is next day and I see that I forgot something which is fairly easy to glide over and just “assume”  that all understand what I’m trying to impart.  About all those oils being “organic” — well, that’s fine.   But lets say you wind up making almost a cup or so of this concoction,  . . .remember that it is organic!  Ergo,  one doesn’t want to leave this sitting around at room temperature. . . there are no preservatives in our mix — on purpose!    That’s one of the things we are trying to get away from.  So, keep your total amount stored in glass (with a lid) in the refrigerator, with only a small amount in some smaller container in the bathroom where you are generally going to use it;  I’ve had no problems doing this at all and I’ve been using this tiny glass jar for several weeks at a time.    Not a biggie, but wanted to make sure  you realize how oils can change and go rancid and if that happens , it’s not a good thing and adds to the oxidative burden of the body which is already fighting  inflammation for all it’s worth.   .  .  .  carry on,  Jan


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