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April 10, 2014

Fix COPD w/Cannabis ?

C O P D   and  M E


(Ya live and learn.. .  .  . Thank God!  Apparently this is information freely out there, if one dabbles around on the internet  [and you all know I do.] 

As is known, I smoked over a forty year span of time for about 20 of those years, with the other 20 years – – successfully spent without nicotine while I battled my demon.  The recollection of this interminable saga is the subject and reason of why I started “smokincboices” in the first place.  Tho  it doesn’t speak too well of me  [I’m such a hard-case] and slow learner,  it does demonstrate that “it” indeed, can be done.   But, as is often the case —  ya gotta pay the price anyway!   So for 15 to 20 years give or take, I’ve been steadily worsening with COPD.  But also,   as is so typical of me, I don’t cotton to pharmaceuticals, so my end hasn’t been hastened by anything  anyone else has ‘done’ to me, other than myself.  [as in the case of my mother and the young man known as Jeff in the following story].  While my condition is seemingly on the mend,  this sounds intriguing to me and I’d like to find out more about this. Would anyone else agree?     I brought this forward from Heavens 2     I’m interested, so I imagined others might be too.    Jan)


Personal Testimony: Cannabis Vs. COPD, meet Jeff



I first came across Jeff’s story in the group ‘Cannabis Oil Success Stories’, where he shared a link to an article written about him on the blog for Legalize Louisiana. In the article, and in the group, Jeff claimed to have cured himself of his Stage 3 COPD by ingesting a daily dose of cannabis oil. He was first officially diagnosed with scarred lung tissue and COPD five years ago. Before he heard about the oil he was on several medications to help him cope with the side effects of the lung damage that results from the chronic bronchitis and other breathing issues that come with having the disease. He suffered constantly from severe chest and back pain and the inability to breathe (something called ‘air-hunger breathlessness’). He was eventually put on oxygen. His health quickly deteriorated and he was informed by doctors that eventually the disease would kill him. After a bad reaction to a doctor prescribed medication resulted in spending a month on life support with a tracheotomy in the ICU, Jeff found new resolve to seek hope where his doctors gave him none.

It has been three months now, and his life has changed dramatically. He heard about the possibility of treating breathing-related issues with cannabis oil from another member of a COPD message board online. It would have been understandable if he had been skeptical, but thankfully he took a chance. He doesn’t smoke his cannabis, but rather he doses with a drop of the highly concentrated oil the size of half a grain of rice on his tongue two times a day. He reported that the effect was immediate. The oil eased the severe pain he felt when breathing and for the first time in years it allowed him to take a breath pain-free. Because he is able to breathe better he is able to exercise and be more active, in turn improving his overall health. Additionally Jeff said that besides being completely off the breathing medications he used formerly to control his COPD symptoms including inhalers and his nebulizer, he is also no longer taking his anti-depressants and anxiety medications; the only medication he takes currently is cannabis oil.

            I tried to research studies or surveys relating any kind of link between cannabis oil and COPD and came up with little in the way of academic or scientifically backed research. Most of what I found only considered the effects of smoking cannabis and whether it had an effect on pulmonary function (something I plan to discuss in another blog). What I did find was a couple pilot studies (still being conducted/have yet to be reviewed) focused on whether cannabinoids have a calming effect on distressed respiration without depressing the respiratory system. After reading the abstract for the studies, it sounded exactly like the effect Jeff claimed cannabis oil had on the symptoms of his COPD. It seems ridiculous to me that studies like these aren’t occurring in more frequency and that they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. When I attempted to email the researcher for one of the studies I found seeking participants to see if they might have a publishable outcome, it was returned undeliverable. There was little else to be found.

Where the studies are lacking there are a growing number of these personal success stories, of people successfully treating diseases and disorders which had not been helped previously by conventional prescription medicines. It may not work for everyone, but if it works for some, it is important to share it as a potential option. Those who have had positive results treating their conditions need the opportunity to share their stories in case there is someone else out there who might benefit. Noting the fact that cannabis is non-addictive, naturally occurring, has a lack of side effects, boasts a variety of positive qualities and a wide range of applications it could be said that it should be a first option instead of the last when it comes to treatment of these medical conditions.

Jeff hasn’t yet had the follow up scans to prove the results he claims so emphatically, but he is working on getting the insurance and doctors he needs so he can share his news with the world. He feels so strongly about his results taking cannabis oil that he tells anyone who will listen and hopes his story will be shared. I hope to soon be able to share updates on Jeff’s condition with awesome news from his doctors reflecting the positive results he feels physically every day. If you suffer from the severe pain and other related issues that come from living with COPD and would like more information on how cannabinoid treatment might help you, feel free to contact H2B Compassionate Collective for support and to answer any questions you may have about treating with cannabis oil.

For more information on COPD, Jeff’s story on Legalize Louisiana and a link to his Go Fund Me Campaign where he is raising funds to pay for doctors and other medical expenses, and other research I found while writing this article, check out the following links:


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