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March 30, 2014

Secrets of Sugar (5th estate)

More than you may want to know on Sugar

The fifth estate has put together an almost unbelievable film on Sugar which shows that it is driving the explosion we have in our healthcare costs.   Researchers find that Sugar is involved intimately with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and alzheimers and so much more.

We as a population must get involved and demand changes within our government which will bring about integrity and right action for our deserving people which would support a more healthful food system which could potentially result in improved health results.  As an example,  the government continues to heavily subsidize (with taxpayer money — read that yours and mine) the corn syrup industry; and GMO crops of corn, grains, soy and beets.  We need to demand action on the Farm Bill to stop this type of conflicting interest, as we are being coerced to drive the nails into our own coffins.   Forgive the morbidity.

I hope you find this as illuminating as I did.  This is stuff we all need to know,  Jan


The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate – CBC News – YouTube




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