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March 28, 2014

HBP and Heart stuff

Living with Vascular Complications

Haven’t quite done this before whereby I take a comment from someone and display it, and it may be tacky of me to do this, I dunno.  I DO know that these problems are gigantic and way too common.  Heart disease is far and away the most dire, serious threat we face with few of us  lasting much beyond five years after diagnosis.   I am beyond ten years now, though I haven’t seen a cardiologist for at least 4 or 5 years.   But then, you understand, while I recognize that I am vulnerable due to age parameters, nevertheless, I felt that I was doing a fairly decent job of serving my bodies needs.  Don’t really know anyone else personally, who does wheatgrass juicing; plus the concepts I learned from the Gerson Therapy which it is said enables the body to heal itself from any disease if it is possible (e.g. – if one’s number isn’t up).   So, you understand where I am coming from — I felt  safer with my own efforts  than I did with all the smarts, pharmaceuticals and other techniques being administered to me.  So I’m a medical drop-out, kind of.

People die every day with sick toxic bodies, mal-nourished or even starved of all valid nutrition due to many things; modern society and it’s stresses, SAD diets, and lets face it — total ineptness in choosing healthful food.  People are being duped and sucker-punched and sold out with no where to turn.  Well, we do have the medical profession.  When one looks at outcomes and costs and our national health picture,  you don’t need me to rub your nose in it, do you?   And it is bankrupting our country.  The disease statistics are mounting daily  It is very depressing if you allow yourself to dwell on it.    And none of it has to be that way.

It is very simple.  We are what we eat.  We shouldn’t need doctors just to live and be happy.  Life could be simple, if we would choose that.  Eat simple foods,  uncomplicate stuff.  Consume no prepared anything, fix it yourself from your own kitchen, buy organic (as you can afford); consume 65% to 80% foodstuff from the plant world with the rest coming from animal protein, nuts and seeds.  Be smart — give up dairy and grains  (eggs are not dairy; they are a perfect protein food).  When one eats whole, fresh, local produce and  pastured  animal protein, there is no need to have to be reading labels. Same with the butter — if the butter is organic, it has come from pastured cows; is not fed grains, anti- biotics or hormones, so their butter is going to be very healthy to consume.   Just not hard to do.  Don’t use synthetics or go near sugar  (Stevia is safe and so is Honey, just don’t over do it).  Learn to drink pure, clean water and white or green teas.  (I still love my coffee and do indulge. . . but I’m never gonna be perfect… so not trying for it.)

Returning to the issue at hand, this commenter, Judy has kindly placed her query so straight-forwardly, that I set about trying to  find my prior posts relevant to the post she is responding to:  “Varied food best vs HBP (3-25-14).  And so, Judy, dear lady,  sorry to be so long in responding to you, but my computer problems are ongoing. . .I was up all night trying to do this post last night  (til 5:30), when I couldn’t take it anymore.  This is one of the reasons why I’m so derelict in my blogging efforts these days. I’m kinda dumb on computer savvy and have about reached my limit.


Hi, Jan:

I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now, though I can’t remember how I found you. I love your articles and your writing style but have never posted a comment. I am finally moved to write you to ask you to elaborate on the amino acid protocol you mentioned that reduced your blood pressure. HBP runs in my family and I have been trying to address it with “natural” systems, e.g., various herbs and supplements, an aborted attempt with Chinese medicine (couldn’t stomach the brewed tea), chiropractic adjustments, etc. My holistic internist has finally put me on an ace inhibitor coupled with hydrochlorothiazide. Won’t bore you with details but am having mixed results, but I would love to get off these drugs so am keen to try your protocol. Perhaps in a previous blog you went into detail. Could you point me in the right direction? Many, many thanks for the fine work you are doing. BTW, I am 70 years young, as we elders like to say.   Judy E


Greetings Judy,  Delighted to hear your desire to not just  roll over for this status quo, and your willingness to at least look into other possibilities.  An open mind  and desire for what is rightfully yours. . .choice in outcome.  Kinda hard to do unless there is understanding to go along with it.  So with enthusiasm and hope, by all means, look into it.   Be aware tho, that hardly anyone thinks I’m totally there — who in their right mind would think to go against the established way of doing stuff for the body?  But then, I am an independent “rebel” who genuinely believes that our body is our best laboratory.  Just to be clear, this is not medical advice given for you personally or anyone else in particular, but since this is my blog and I have the right to express my own perspective and share what I’ve learned. . .this is what I am doing. My interest in health and what it takes to be that, get that and do it right goes back many decades which is not to say that I know all that much – – I am and will remain, the eternal student, recognizing that there are worlds of relevant stuff beyond my grasp. So will I ingest something about which I know little?  Not a chance.  And I would hope that you might feel the same with a propitious degree of discernment going for you.  Once something takes your interest, mull it over and struggle with it, because we’re grappling with our body and lives here.   It’s serious stuff. We so want to do it the right way.

My interest was tweaked highly by an 8 year old newsletter from Dr Blaylock I had filed away and then stumbled over a few months ago and it set me on fire.  I was ready to hear it now. It made sense.  But then I started to dig in online and magically, accidentally found Dr. Elwardt (a Naturopath) and read about his book “Lets Stop the #1 Killer of Americans Today” so I acquired that. For me, its top drawer.  Meanwhile Dr Blaylock references Dr Stephen Sinatra, a metabolic cardiologist of some repute. . . and on it went.

These three men were saving lives with the same or similar protocol.  All were deeply schooled in tradition, but found independently that there was a better way.  They were detailing the energy needs of our cells which can’t be helped with just prescription meds.  In fact, all three of them seldom use PhRMA, but instead dramatically upped supplementation with herbals and enzymes and amino acids.  I on my own had quit Coumadin as I never wanted it in the first place — its rat poison!.  I had been taking Nattokinase 2 X day.  Had long been taking CoQ-10, but the version I ingested is called Ubiquinol which is the more powerful version the body makes itself and therefore, recognizes  The body must be able to recognize an element or nutrient so that it understands its use; otherwise it is a burden for the body to detox and eliminate (impugning the kidney and liver with more work thereby weakening them).  This is why PhRMA being chemical is a burden, ergo not generally curative or helpful.

I’m kinda covering this again, but I did a fuller explanation in the post “HBP, fix it naturally”  (2-27-14) Please start there.  As to my computer, well, I can’t be much help til I get the bugger fixed.  With over 2075 posts and an inability to scoot around at present, I just can’t do better than guess at other recent posts and in fact the way I do my blog, the messages I may be thinking of are only in the comment area someplace.   I can offer a few more titles with dates which might be possible:

Gal’s Heart-Thyroid link  (1-27-14)

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Perhaps the first  Amino I bought was Arginine and  Taurine  These two alone per what I’d learned from Blaylock’s letter produced a calming effect to the  ordeal of radical beating in chest.  Had spent a rather disturbing 5 years in radical A-Fib which can be unsettling. The addition of D-Ribose and Arginine completed the picture whereby my energy returning was so welcome, but the ability to begin moving around again as I could breathe easier was a huge blessing because I live alone and have quite a bit to do.  I am blessed and grateful. Tho I keep speaking of the Heart,  – it is known that the entire body functions cohesively and interchangeably.  HBP going on for any extended time can’t help but affect the heart and brain and the entire body.  Oxygen needs to reach every cell or it deteriorates.  Our hearts have a huge appetite for energy, without which it fails and can no longer pump our miraculous blood to every cell which awaits it. These aminos (proteins) supply that need and do so splendidly — that’s why it works so well carrying energy thru to the mitochondria which gets the job done.

I am not trying to be mean, elitist or off-putting to anyone.  I hesitate to tell you I take this at 9:00 a.m. and that at 3:00 and so on.. I have told you what I do.  It is for you to buy a book or two (both Sinatra and Elwardt books are out there and marvelous).  I buy online and go for used where its possible (at ThriftBooks or Amazon) and both are immaculate and readable and inspiring.  One must understand this stuff and the goal and in some cases, there are cautions in combining, so one needs to understand what and how and why.  Then speak to your trusted doctor who should be able to test and measure your progress via complete blood tests.  One doesn’t want prescriptions for any of these, because we are after natural, body recognizable stuff.  So the tab comes from your own pocket — but the benefits are yours for the keeping and all of it is cheaper by far than PhRMA, with no side effects.

Let me know if I can be of any further help, and I’d love to know how you’re doing.   Success and joy to you,  Jan


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