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March 10, 2014

Shopper’s Guide (GMO’s)

(Since  there is so much standing in the way of having our preferences heard In Washington,  where it counts and these endless regulations could have the potential to protect our American Health;  we have little choice for the present — other than to find ways to figure the mess out for ourselves.  Thankfully, there are others with the ability to help us here, we don’t have to take the time to re-invent the wheel.   But we still must do our best to keep on “demanding our rights and voices be listened to” for our laws ARE built around these concepts. 

I just now took the time to download this guide.  It is good.  If you haven’t done so, please take a look at it.  Jan)


Do you know which foods are genetically engineered?

Get your Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Food today
Do you know which supermarket foods are genetically engineered?
Download our free Guide or get it for your iPhone or Android!


Do you know which supermarket foods are genetically engineered? This is probably the most urgent question the public has about these novel foods. Opinion polls show that up to 90 percent of the American public wants GE foods labeled. But despite this overwhelming demand, almost no foods on U.S. grocery shelves reveal their secret, genetically engineered ingredients.
That’s why we created the True Food Shoppers Guide to Avoiding Genetically Engineered Food fourteen years ago! We believe everyone has the right to know what’s in the food we purchase and feed to our families. While we work hard to pass mandatory GE food labeling at the state and federal level, until there’s labeling, our Shoppers Guide can help you navigate the aisles with confidence.

We’ve seen that our government, under pressure from the biotechnology industry, has not required the labeling of GE foods. And the biotech industry does not voluntarily identify them, fearing, probably correctly, that the majority of Americans would avoid GE foods if given a choice. As a result, the U.S. public has been deprived of its right to choose whether to buy and consume these engineered foods. However, this is not the case with most of our major trading partners around the globe who have instituted mandatory labeling of all GE foods and ingredients.

Our True Food Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods is the first of its kind, first published in October of 2000. In fact, the Shoppers Guide is what launched the True Food Network!

The Guide is designed to help you reclaim your right to know about the foods you are buying, and help you find and avoid GE foods.

How do you get our free Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods?

The True Food Shoppers Guide also arms you with valuable information regarding common GM ingredients, as well as brands to look for, and to look out for. The Guide includes a “Four Simple Tips” section, which offers easy ways to avoid GM ingredients. The online Guide and mobile applications also include a “Supermarkets and GMOs” section to help you identify GE and non-GE private-label store brands, and a rbGH and rbGH-free dairy guide.

In addition to a list of brands that produce non-GE foods, the mobile app also offers contact information for the companies that DO use GE ingredients. This feature enables you to personally voice your opposition on the use of GE foods directly to these companies, right from the app. The mobile app also has a “Take Action” section allowing people to contact state and federal agencies and officials to demand better regulatory oversight, safety testing and labeling laws for GM foods and crops, and a “What’s New” section to keep up to date with CFS’s work.

Our Shoppers Guide gives you valuable information on common GE ingredients, brands to look for, and look out for, and common sense tips to keep you in the know. Stop shopping in the dark and get your Shoppers Guide today!




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