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March 9, 2014

Hep C, [Sick Liver]

Liver Disorder known as Hepatitis C

I probably should turn my TV off more than I do.  It’s going a lot, but I’ve been told that what kills a TV more generally is turning it on and off a lot, not just letting it run.  Strange, but made a bit of sense to me, so I endeavor to do that.  Learned to ignore most of the commercials,   especially if I’m reading which I usually am or at the computer.  Hard to do because most all the advertising these days is coming from  BIG PhRMA.  This irritates me greatly  making it harder to do.

Got me to thinking,  there are so many other problems out there besides hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer;  all serious stuff to be sure  —  and what takes most of my attention, but this thought crossed my mind  the other day I had been hearing about Hep C and how there was really not much which could be done for it, and how serious and life threatening it could be, so, be sure and get with your doctor and start taking blah, blah, blah. .  .   .    so I decided to look into it.  Sure ’nuff, it’s serious stuff.


Which brings me to a fortunate happening after learning about “Thrift Books”an online bookseller that I wrote about last fall. I literally raved about all the gorgeous selections and categories and so many of them, really for a pittance. I’ve enriched my rather sizable ‘medical’-oriented library quite a bit.  One near 800 page paperback put together by Bill Gottlieb who brings a wealth of health-science material gathered in one place.  It is simply called “More than 1,000 of the Most Effective Natural Home Remedies” ALTERNATIVE CURES, published in 2008. His life has been spent as an Editor, author and writer of  these related fields and this is a helpful book to have. . . all these remedies and treatments coming from diverse sources, . . .allopathy,  naturopathy and various other specialties.    After the PhRMA ads on Hep C, I decided to check it out

Apparently millions are afflicted with this Liver disorder which under any circumstances, is in fact serious.  This condition is caused by viral infection, which can come from the use of sharing contaminated needles, leading to  damaged  liver, and poses great risk of liver failure and even cancer.  Standard treatment is powerful antiviral drugs like interferon which takes about a year and produces many difficult side effects such as muscle aches, fever, and other flu-like symptoms to more than half the patients who take them.   This treatment doesn’t always work, but can quell the virus for a period of time before flaring up again.  There seems to be no evidence that it prevents liver failure.  Alternative practitioners believe, in many cases a better way exists as Interferon and other pharmaceuticals can actually delay the healing process by toxifying the body.

While medical science has not conquered this disease, even so, Hepatitis C is a potentially life-threatening condition and requires medical care and oversight.  So due diligence and proper care is a true necessity.

Alternative practitioners find that in many cases, there are better choices of treatment which can involve strengthening the body with liver-protecting herbs along with herbal treatments which can aid the body recover from this viral assault. Antibiotics are useless with viral infections, so options are limited.   Want to touch lightly on a few herbal and nutritional therapies revealed in this book [Alternative Cures],  over five pages starting on page 376.  It is my belief that one would be ill-advised to jump whole-hog into playing around with self-treatment unless one has a firm grasp and understanding of the significant inter-relationship of these various elements and their impact on cellular activity.  Because something is herbal and natural, doesn’t make it less powerful – e.g., the Sun or fire. . .it’s how it’s used!

One of the first herbs is Milk Thistle [silymarin], great help in regenerating liver damage.  Have received Naturopathic treatment with this herb myself over a decade ago from a highly successful, well-known man I adored and respected. I have continued to used it periodically over the years in pill formula – sometimes with Dandelion root and continue to use a lot of Dandelion in juicing.

Other herbs mentioned are turmeric[I pile tablespoons of it in my Hippocrates soup}, artichoke [one of my favorites], gentian and Ginger [passionate about ginger- always in my juice with tons of garlic].

Make Tea with Lemon Balm several times daily;  St John’s wort, Shiitake, Schisandra and tons of garlic

The Anti-Hepatitis C Diet

Lady nutritionist in Oklahoma, who also HAS  Hep-C has managed to remain symptom-free and healthy.  She uses only herbal remedies and nutritional supplements along with a body strengthening diet, which she says is essential for those with Hep C as the Liver’s job is to filter and detoxify potentially harmful substances in the body  Your job she says is to avoid taxing the liver further by avoiding those foods which are harder to detoxify as in the following:

  • animal products especially red meats [loaded w/antibiotics, growth hormones & steroids], stressing liver, gallbladder and pancreas so this is one of the hardest foods to digest.
  • Dairy foods put added strain on liver
  • alcohol, well-known for liver harming effects
  • Caffeine – stimulates and stresses liver, in beverages, colas and OTC medicines
  • Tap Water includes chlorine, fluoride, inorganic chemicals & compounds liver is unable to process.  Use Distilled Water only
  • Junk food, not only a poor source of nutrition; also full of stressors – sugar, fats, hydrogenated oils, chemical  additives and preservatives
  • Fruit Juices, high in concentrated sugar.  Sugar is a shock to the liver, stresses digestive process & pancreas – feeds the virus
  • Artificial sweeteners; hard to process – doesn’t recognize what they are.  Use Liquid Stevia derived from an herb instead.

Acupressure for Acute Attacks

As a chronic, long term illness, Hep C may cause acute episodes;  periods when liver is really inflamed > can experience fatigue, nausea and diarrhea. . . .the symptoms can often be relieved with acupressure says an Oriental doctor of Medicine and acupuncturist in San Francisco (page 379).  She recommends and shows the points on page 700 and what to do for relief.  Its quite good info, but I can’t show it to you.  The book new was only about $8.00,  one could access it in library or maybe buy it used at Thrift Books or Amazon

Healthful Foods you should eat:

Gentle, easy to process sources of protein; fish, organic chicken and turkey;  beans, Lentils, chickpeas, adzuki, navy, pinto and mung beans all great choices.   Lightly steamed green vegetables and squash, summer squash and zucchini are especially good – easiest on digestion  Fresh Fruit always good, but limit to three servings daily (because of the sugar content)  (The book includes Soy as healthy and gentle and whole grains — I disagree strongly, these should not be on anyone’s list of healthy stuff anymore due to GMO on the soy and Anti-nutrient with ANY grains). . .I would however be delighted to add Fermented foods to the list, as there is nothing in the world healthier or richer in B-vitamins. . . I’ve put this in blue as I wanted to show that this is me talkin’ here – don’t blame the book for what I think. . .Jan

See, I’m not just a one-trick pony with Cancer and Heart disease. . .I think of other stuff too.  G’nite


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