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February 21, 2014

Paxil and breast tumors


Paxil linked to breast tumors in test


A team of researchers from the City of Hope in Duarte, Calif., has developed a speedy way to identify drugs and chemicals that can disrupt the balance of sex hormones in humans and influence the development and progress of diseases such as breast cancer.

In a trial screening of 446 drugs in wide circulation, the new assay singled out the antidepressant paroxetine (known commercially as Paxil) as having an estrogenic effect that could promote the development and growth of breast tumors in women.

  • This is important because as many as a quarter of women being treated for breast cancer suffer from depression — a condition most commonly treated with antidepressants known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), including Paxil, which has been on the market since 1992.
  • Almost a quarter of American women in their 40s and 50s are taking an antidepressant.
  • Last summer, the Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of a low dose of paroxetine as a nonhormonal treatment for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

About 70 percent of breast cancers in women are sensitive to estrogen, meaning that the hormone found plentifully in females of child-bearing age contributes to their growth.

The novel screening method developed at City of Hope, described in a forthcoming issue of the journal Toxicological Sciences, also identified two antifungal medicationsbiconazole and oxyconazole — as having an anti-estrogenic effect similar to that of medications prescribed to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence in women.

Incidental to their intended use in combating fungal infections, those medications inhibit the action of aromatase, an enzyme that converts androgens — hormones more plentiful in males but present in both sexes — into estrogen.

Less surprising, the high-throughput screening mechanism identified bisphenol A — a compound used in the manufacture of plastics and epoxy resins — as an estrogen promoter capable of raising breast-cancer risk.

The discovery that Paxil behaves as an endocrine-disrupting chemical might shed light on growing suspicions about the medication in women who have had breast cancer. A 2010 study found that breast-cancer patients in Canada who were taking Paxil were more likely than those taking other antidepressants to die of breast cancer when there was a substantial overlap in their use of that antidepressant and of tamoxifen to prevent breast-cancer recurrence.

(My comment:  

Sitting here shaking my head;  not fair to ask you or anyone to dance a little faster, read more,  study more. . . that’s my cup o’ tea. . . I’m grateful you are here and perhaps finding something which can hopefully be of some help to find an answer or make a change.  So why am I shaking my head, what’s bugging me?  Maybe, I weary of beating the same drum; I’ve told all this so often and it’s clear to me.  Unless and until it becomes your own passion, that you will with a clear mind decide to find out what really is best for you, or if it is just makes more sense to you to let the docs call all the shots — that’s your business and totally up to you.  Those physicians who are so well trained in disease, not in health, because after all they are taught in schools  funded by BIG PhRMA. 

But here at “smokinchoices” the thrust is only on nature’s bounty — that which was designed to serve our needs in every way.  Wholesome plant food grown without chemicals or genetic modification;  animals living in natural habitat, freely eating appropriate foods – – always organic, (even tho now we must seek  labels to see  if it is fit to eat).  It seems an impossibility to live a chemical-free life; we are surrounded on every front with toxins in the air, our water almost all our food unless we can afford to pay extra for ‘organic’.   Additionally, there is the field of ‘Medicine’ which we all seek when something goes wrong or we are ill.  Allopathic medicine endeavors to fight disease with pharmaceuticals which are not recognized by the body, hence a further burden when already stressed or in decline.  A brief observation of all the ‘side-effects’ which can afflict one’s body with the use of drugs can be staggering.  Whereas giving the body what it needs in times of stress or illness are welcomed and beneficial — promoting wellness and the body heals itself when allowed to.

With a couple of thousand posts here, I’ve tried to give a little help with ‘finding stuff’ — ain’t easy.  FIND IT, (upper right)  has my best effort to organize, but it has got so out of hand, it’s still hard.   In section 4 and 5 are many doctors who have been showcased here (and I admire and highly approve of) A number of Naturopaths and other Allopaths who have gone beyond their specialties and become proficient with further training in order to help their patients and many teaching how best to live and eat and so on.  I personally do not espouse only one way with diet.  I encourage people to find what works for them.  I have been a vegan for a number of years.  Then fell in love with the Paleo concept.  Can be a struggle and feel it is best to be open and try to interpret the body when it talks to you (it does you know).  The Gerson Therapy is one I am most impressed with and I still juice and make Hippocrates Soup (always on hand).  It works for me.  But I will eat grass fed beef and fish when I’m moved to it and can afford Alaskan Salmon. 

For this article regarding Paxil, I would like to refer you back to Dr Russell Blaylock who so deftly explains the concept I am driving at  which have  to do with often stated concepts of this entire blog.   It always comes down to appropriate care of the body.  In this case (as in most), has much to do with the nutritional needs.    Not too many people will do a better job that Dr Russell Blaylock on this very thing. 

I’ve had him up recently on another post discussing Nutrition and it’s role on Behavior. Not only is it excellent – it’s stunning.    He cites study after study, some going back to the beginning of last century.  That post was named (always my downfall – go into conflict trying to name my posts) BIG PhRMA, etal – surely you jest!  dated 12-19-13.  can go there and check it out, but I will just give you the link to the video at the end.

 Anyway, for any of you who genuinely want to understand this thing better, please listen to Dr Blaylock.  His explanation and clear logic and the science behind it will show you that a pretty clear solution is there.  It isn’t a mystery like most would have us believe.  For then we need to have more studies and panels of people getting salaries taking a look at all this again, and again and still overlook the obvious!  The truth is  there and everywhere, but you gotta want to know it!   Oh yes the link:    Jan)

Dr. Russell BlaylockNutrition & Behavior Dangers of Aspartame

Oct 4, 2012 – Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour

Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how


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