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February 13, 2014

Mammograms & other musings

Latest study

Doubt cast on value of mammograms at any age


One of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter-century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age.

It found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not.

  • And the screening had downsides — 1 in 5 cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman’s health and did not need aggressive, difficult treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

The study, published yesterday in The British Medical Journal, is one of the few rigorous evaluations of mammograms conducted in the modern era of more effective breast-cancer treatments. It randomly assigned Canadian women to have regular mammograms and breast exams by trained nurses or to have only breast exams.

Researchers sought to determine whether there was any advantage to finding breast cancers when they were too small to feel. The answer was no, the researchers report.

The study seems likely to lead to an even deeper polarization between those who believe that regular mammography saves lives, including many breast-cancer advocates and patients, and a growing number of researchers who say the evidence is lacking or, at least, murky.

In the United States, about 37 million mammograms are performed annually at a cost of about $100 per mammogram.

(My Comment:

I have never thought of “Mammograms” to be in the vague category of ‘fraud.’     Having had one long ago, . .simply vowed to never have another.  And I haven’t.  They are (to me) torturous;  and I felt anything which could so brutally smash delicate, sensitive tissue like that has no place in my life – period.  But, if in the face of such well-done evidence and this valid pronouncement,  well, one won’t  have to question the resistant doctors thinking, but rather — should be questioning their ethics. 

I disagree a bit with regard to finding potential cancers before they are prominent enough to palpate.  Reflecting back 50 years, I remember a dear friend of mine who felt the so-called lump which worried her.  She saw her doctors over this a few times — they perceived nothing.  Still, someone finally did, operated and in less than a year, Donna was dead. The cancer proved fatal once disturbed.  Since we had shared similar suspicions with each other, this did a number on my head.   My OB/GYN spent a bit of time explaining to me all the things which were right in my life and that the nodularity I felt quite often happened following  the nursing of a baby.  But I protested, all this was more true of Donna who led almost an idyllic life. My lump never went away and never did anything;  most likely tied to the hormonal system as I always noticed it more around my period and my periods were notoriously bad.   Per Dr McDougall, all this was due to dairy which humans were never meant to ingest. 

We live and learn.  Dairy destroys hormonal systems – both sexes causative factor in “acne,” osteoarthritis,  menses grief,, leads to problems with insulin.    Grains give us beer bellies, diabetes and obesity,  erodes and wreaks havoc on our intestines – piercing the walls thereof  allowing non-allowable foodstuff to pass through into our bloodstream, causing the horror of many an allergy and debility. All grains are an absolute affliction to mankind and for the same reason;  they are imbued with anti-nutrient qualities which nature designed for them to keep other life forms from destroying them. Natural grains weren’t as bad even 50 years ago.  Gluten content has increased by 40 or more times over the last few decades (through Genetic Modification and for the purpose of higher yields and profits).  But it has made us even fatter.  And we now know that Alzheimers is considered to be like Diabetes 3. . . with sugars and grains being the biggest causation. To which we are all addicted, apparently. 

Any time spent with Doctors who have studied the way nutrition, plant life and bio-chemical reactions within our body works can so  enrich any of us.  It pays to study them and what they have come up with.  What we need to know in order to have healthier bodies and better lives has already been paved for us – the work has been done, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  But it is kinda hard to harvest the info we actually need.  And all of them that I have sourced seem to say the same thing;  that tho much is indeed known and out there,  little attention is paid to it because the flora of the world is already there – can’t be patented, ergo,  can’t make any money off of it.  They (science institutions and medical foundations, etc.,  etc.,.) will not take the time or money to develop any of it and in fact MUST deny its value or have attention deflected from what they do make money on – – pharmaceuticals! Docs who practice outside the box of accepted procedure, run dreadful risk both monetarily and even loss of license.  It’s a stacked deck, but so not in the favor of the public interest — only corporate!

When I uncovered 2006 articles hiding in my files from Dr Blaylock and discovered the powerhouse of information there to which I could easily help myself with regard to my heart.  I was stunned.  Apparently, I wasn’t ready for the info at the time, just stored it away in the file cabinet [yes I use those – a few of them, I’m such a hoarder]  I haven’t seen a cardiologist in several years now and for months I’ve known that I was knee deep if you know what I mean.  Always tired, weak muscles, getting more fragile in all ways.  So my search for more understanding was top priority.  Heart and brain are our two most important muscles.  No time to waste.

Have tried enthusing each time I found something new which is actually helping.  But disjointed and unclear perhaps.  I’m stopping that.  When I’ve done the deed and I’m percolating on all burners again, I’ll try to synopsize how I did it.  But I am getting help now with all my books and a few good doctors who were kind enough to write books on this subject honoring the path I’m on and prefer. Natural and/or organic. I mentioned Dr Russell Blaylock and he mentioned his latest book in one of our recent posts with him.  I want it. In my search, I uncovered Dr Harry A Elwardt, N.D., Ph.d.  whose book I recently received called “Let’s STOP the #1 Killer of Americans Today” published in 2006.  Love this book which truly gave me the confidence to jump in.  Now I have and am using all the requisite natural product.  I’ve had to juggle a lot around because of timing and what should be used together with what and what can unite with other stuff.  We’ve heard from Dr Andrew Saul, also a Naturopath and last but not least Dr Stephen Sinatra,  who is an up-front leader in modern thought.  He is a Metabolic Cardiologist with an open mind and has been advancing the practice of cardiology for decades now.  I am immersed in his The Sinatra Solution Metabolic Cardiology publ:  2005.  I’m lovin’ his book.

So what am I taking?  Arginine,  L-Carnitine and Taurine, all three Amino Acids  Also taking Arjuna and in my mind – the star of the show – D-ribose.  Have already been taking high doses Omega 3’s and Ubiquinol [co-Q10], Vit-D and other supplements I deem necessary.

So why this diversion?  Needed to express that I feel modern medicine by and large is letting most all of us down.  There are many good and even great doctors among us.  But the materialistic drive has overshadowed the thrust and purpose of their effort.  Too much corp control totally driven to one goal – to protect their domain of unbelievable power and wealth.  All goes too far when people like me who demand natural, organic or herbal  solutions in order to protect the body, find it necessary to take up the study in order to overcome life’s little surprises.  Actually, the wearing out of one’s body due to old age shouldn’t really come as a surprise.  When one’s insurance won’t cover most Alternative care – let alone Naturopaths, one finds few choices open to use.  But I have always had good or great energy levels, enviable blood tests, demonstrating that I have endeavored to do it as right as I knew how,  so this stumble now on my path is so uncomfortable and unfamiliar to me. 

Reading the accounts in Dr Sinatra’s book on fading, near dead patients and how  their lives were saved with simple body-friendly,  recognized and badly needed nutrients is awe-inspiring.  So much of what is already well-known goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and even before.  Many way showers.  This sort of thing comes about when the mind is open and curious and the passion leads them to their answers.  Couldn’t wait to get started.  From what I’m reading and learning. . . all is right with the world. .  when the student is ready – the teacher will come. (and I’m nothing if not the eternal student). So beloved books – let’s do it!

The movement is afoot.   People are fed up with being poisoned by our foods; have taken action and demanding change. It’ll come, hang in there. . .its a big ship so its hard to turn around.   Same with medicine.  It isn’t right that our government has allowed the AMA and BIG PhRMA to dictate what, how much and what kind of “treatment” we WILL get. Nothing medical should ever be mandatory.  Our way of life is based on FREEDOM and “choice” and we must take that back.  Insurance in my mind is practically a joke, except that it hurts so much.  So much money is necessary to protect all these huge behemoths, there really is no wiggle room left over to consider what the American people might want, prefer or need.  MANDATORY PURCHASE whether one can afford it or not, want’s it or not. . . my Gawd!   No matter how one looks at it, Medicine in our current day is disgraceful. Like so much else; the rich get richer and the poor do without.

But if doctors were more informed,  our population would be healthier, because their docs would have told them how to eat and why and in general, would be watching out for what best serves their patients “needs”.    take care,  Jan)


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