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January 30, 2014

Stop Farm Bill or die sooner

Fellow Americans, when one reads the following communication,  It is so evident that the Representatives who go to Washington are not there to speak nor act on our behalf.  Since that is the only purpose for their jobs for which they were duly elected, might one think that it is time to take action against such incompetence?   We can’t go down without a royal stand opposing this flagrant un-American behavior and obvious self-interest — fattening their wallets while poisoning the populace.   VOTE THEM OUT!  While there is still time,  call your Senator and try to stop this.    Jan

January 30, 2014


Dear Jan:


On Monday, the Conference Committee on the Agricultural Act of 2014 released the final compromise language for the legislation, also known as the “Farm Bill.” The committee added the following language at the eleventh hour, that reverses EPA’s proposed phase-out of the neurotoxic fumigant sulfuryl fluoride (which took 8 years in a hard-won victory by FAN):


Agricultural Act of 2014 – Sec. 10015 Regulation of sulfuryl fluoride.


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall exclude non-pesticideal sources of fluoride from any aggregate exposure assessment required under section 408 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 346a) when assessing tolerances associated with residues from the pesticide. (PAGE 806 at

Legislative leaders in the House quickly scheduled a vote on the 1,000 page bill for Wednesday, giving Congressional members no time to read the full text, and opponents little time to organize opposition. As a result, the House of Representatives voted 251-166 in favor of the bill yesterday afternoon, sending it now to the Senate where it’s expected to be approved before Friday night.

See how your Representatives voted

Read FAN’s Press Release on the vote:“Kids Get More Brain-Damaging Fluoride Thanks to Dow’s Lobbyists”

If the Senate approves this legislation, then the U.S. will remain one of only two countries in the world that allows this highly toxic fumigant to be sprayed directly on food, leaving unsafe levels of fluoride residue to be eaten by consumers and putting infants and children at risk of exceeding the EPA’s own reference dose for fluoride. If passed, it will be even more imperative that we end water fluoridation as soon as possible—if we can’t eat our food, let’s at least be able to drink our water!

Our only chance of stopping this horrible legislation is to contact Senators and demand they VOTE NO on the Farm bill. Please take a few minutes to use our automated system to email your Senator. Please also call their Washington, D.C. and local offices to tell their staff that as a constituent you expect your Senator to VOTE NO. Remember, a phone call is worth 100 emails.



Stuart Cooper,


Campaign Director


Fluoride Action Network

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