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January 28, 2014

Warm – nourish yourself

Wintery Comfort Food

From John Gallagher at LEARNING HERBS,  a comforting message greets me in my inbox. How lovely. . .    so, in case all this endless snow has you grumbling too,    enjoy.       Jan

       . . . go ahead, make your LIVER  happy

Ya know?

It’s about this time of year people start telling me they want to cleanse or “detox.”

Folks feel spring around the corner and most likely are feeling a little tired, as we often do in winter.

However, in winter, eating raw and cold foods as well as eliminating “detox” herbs is not such a good idea.

Now is the time to rest, warm and nourish.

Today, Rosalee has an amazing recipe using two common winter foods and spices.

The main plant used in this recipe is an incredible food that supports your liver, one of the main detox organs.

This food also has a special pigment that supports the body’s “phase 2 detoxification.”

You can get all the ingredients you need for today’s recipe at your local market. So…

Does that look yummy or what?

Go here to find out what today’s two magic herbs are.

Detoxing should not be a harsh regiment.

Your body naturally knows how to detox, you just have to support yourself with nourishing herbs and foods.

Enjoy today’s recipe!

-John from LearningHerbs


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