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January 23, 2014

Easy fix 4 Flu – colds

Your health

Hospital admissions for flu up 63 percent

(and what you can do about it 4 you)


Flu hospitalizations climbed 63 percent in Franklin County and 33 percent statewide last week.

And many of those who have been to the hospital are in their 50s, leading health officials to think that H1N1 is disproportionately affecting working-age adults, as it did during the 2009 outbreak.

There were 49 people in Franklin County and 401 people statewide hospitalized for flu last week, the most recent for which data is available.

So far this season, 162 people have been hospitalized with complications from the virus in Franklin County.

Last week’s increase is concerning but isn’t wildly out of the norm, said Dr. Mysheika Williams Roberts, medical director at Columbus Public Health. Last year at this time, there had been 320 hospitalizations. The 2012-13 season was marked by relatively low flu activity but an unusually high number of hospitalizations early on.

The numbers should serve as encouragement to those who have not yet been vaccinated, said Jose Rodriguez, Columbus Public Health spokesman.

Vaccination is no guarantee that you won’t get the virus, but it’s the best protection against a disease that sidelines people in the best of cases and kills in the worst.

In a typical year, flu hospitalizations are most common in the elderly.

But this year’s hospitalizations in Ohio have been highest among those 50 to 59 years old. That group represents 269 of the 1,234 hospitalizations so far this season, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health.

H1N1, the primary strain circulating this season, has a history of sickening more younger people than other strains.


(My Comment:

My own story regarding colds, flu, pneumonia, or for that matter, almost any other germ that was floating around for most of my adult life was a bit like a crap-shoot.   If it was out there, it usually found me.  Had good genes,  ate well, was healthy and strong – seemingly blessed.  Apparently the pulmonary thing was my Achilles heel. Like everyone else, I’d heard of Vitamin D3, but never delved into it until after I had started my blog.  What I learned from Dr Cannell opened my eyes and changed my life.  Had my doctor test me and I registered at 13 – off the charts low.  She put me on 50K mg weekly and quite swiftly, my body responded – brought me up to 40.  Fine for many, but I wanted to be around 70 to 100, plus I realized that prescription D is always D2 and I wasn’t willing to settle for anything but D3.  Bought my own and began taking 10K daily and soon got up to 70 and have kept it since.  As I’m able to be outside and in the sunshine to garden and walk, I drop it down to 5000 units daily.  So far – so good.  Have not been sick or so afflicted since I started with the D.  That was my saving grace.

If you knew how I used to suffer with the episodes of illness with symptoms of colds, the flu and pneumonia, you could maybe understand why I was convinced it would kill me someday.   Now, I have no fears at all of any of that.  People are social creatures and we can’t help being exposed to the germs of others — happens to all of us.  So If I do get that old tickle in the throat or some other strange combination of symptoms which suggest that I’ve picked up an undesirable bug,  I have a simple, inexpensive few things I do and that is what I wanted to tell you and why I am running this post.  It is NOT to scare or alarm you, or heaven forbid  — suggest that you get one of those horrid, ineffective and in my opinion – dangerous flu shots.  Nor am I shilling for OTC stuff either.  My solution is not going to add a toxic burden to the liver or kidney.  Nothing iffy or dangerous here.

At the first inkling drink water which is automatic assist for body’s defense system.   I’ve spoken of vitamin C Crystals frequently, its the way I consume vitamin C since I don’t like pills in any form (gag-reflex thing) and the second item is Oil of Oregano which is an extract in softgel form.  Puritan’s Pride is the source on both of these battles.  They do a good job with them, they are effective and always highly competitive pricing – often with buy one, get one free. (works for me)  C Crystal container says  1 tsp = 5 gms  or 5000 mg.. I take 1/2 tsp full and  and 2 Oregano capsules (1500 mg each).  C jar is 20 oz and will last me for years.   Once is generally enough for me to knock it out.  I waken in morning and its gone.  But if you wait too long before taking action, the condition can get a head start and you may have to treat repeatedly til gone.  (every hour or two) and that’s okay, can’t hurt you. Well, let me add a caveat here.  I have in fact taken a  tsp of C Crystals and got diarrhea from it, so I don’t advise taking 5K at one time.  Helps to take lesser amount and more often – possibly with something to eat to mix it up with.  Some therapeutic doses can run into the hundreds of thousands, but that is usually done by IV to fight cancer or something truly serious.

I am not pushing ‘Puritan’s Pride’,  by all means google both products get quantity and pricing and try for free shipping from whomever looks best at the time.  That’s what I do, and I would hope you do too.  Stay well and happy.    Jan) 


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