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January 18, 2014

Nix Flukes, chemical /parasites

(I haven’t done a response to “To Your Good Health” with Dr Roach in quite a while and reading this one made me realize that I have missed doing it, so let’s have at it again, at the end.)

To Your Good Health

Rareness of bile-duct cancer makes screening difficult

Keith Roach

Q #1: We lost a relative to cholangiocarcinoma. He had served in the Navy in Vietnam. The probable cause of his cancer was a parasite, a liver fluke, common to that region.

The diagnosis came way too late to save his life. How can veterans be tested early enough for a successful cure? Are any tests available?

A: I am sorry to hear about your relative. Cholangiocarcinoma is cancer of the bile duct, a rare cancer. Liver flukes are a risk factor, and so is a condition called primary sclerosing cholangitis, which is associated with ulcerative colitis. The cancer is rare but highly lethal because, by the time symptoms show up, the cancer is usually advanced.

Also because of its rareness, screening for the cancer in a general population wouldn’t be effective.

For people at high risk, such as those with primary sclerosing cholangitis or a history of liver parasites, at least one study has shown that screening with a blood test or by endoscopy can be effective. It would be reasonable to speak to a gastroenterologist about a screening.

Q #2: My mother, 88, recently switched her medicine for hypertension from timed-release, which she has been taking for 10 years, to one that isn’t timed-release, because the timed-release type was too expensive. I’m worried. Has she compromised her health? Her cardiologist gave her the go-ahead.

A: In my opinion, timed-release versions for high blood pressure are preferable to non-timed-release because the level of the medication in the blood can go up and down to a greater degree with the regular-release formulation. But it does depend on the medication, and her cardiologist knows more than I do about her particular situation.

Q #3: My wife suffered from spinal stenosis.

She had a cortisone shot, which helped for 90 days. She had regular sessions of physical therapy. She was in constant pain.

Then, on vacation, she was offered a “stretch” workout. After the first one, she thought she felt a little better.

The workout takes about an hour to complete, and she now does it three times a week. She plays tennis five days a week, hasn’t complained about pain since 2010 and hasn’t needed any physical therapy, either. I continue to be amazed.

Perhaps you might mention this type of therapy in your column. It worked miracles for us at virtually no cost.

A: Spinal stenosis is caused by pressure on the nerves at the level of the spinal column. Physical therapy is one effective treatment and one I always recommend before considering surgery.

I thank you for taking the time to point out that gentle stretching can help, probably by opening up the spaces between the vertebrae to give the nerve more room.

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or ToYourGoodHealth  .

(My Comment: 

 Q #1,  the answer source is one of my all-time favorite books [simply because of it’s continued value to me] – and it is Dr Hulda Clark’s “The Cure for all Disease.”  She remains one of my most revered sources for no other tome contains the extent of her vast knowledge-sharing which arms any reader to better enable a healthier life for him/her self.  Of course she tended patients – endlessly, spent her life at it, but her calling was science and discovery spending all her free time in her laboratory, searching, finding and proving – then sharing, in her books.    Because of her and her mission, I learned to see life differently, open my eyes to what really is and to learn how much power we actually do have over our lives — if we choose to assume our own authority. And of course I do, rebel that I am. 

Per Dr Clark, it’s mostly parasites or toxins which make us sick, do us in.  Question #1 is one such example.  Flukes are everywhere, all around the world.  Very prevalent here in good ole USA.  Flukes can take up residence in various [or any organ];  by and large families who are often pet lovers retain their fair share of flukes [intestinal, liver, uterus and so on].  Routine hygienic and dietary measures will afford the average body to throw off the ill effects and maintain a healthy balance.  We not only acquire flukes and other parasites from our pets, but more importantly from the chemical exposure we’re not even consciously aware of such as solvents and all kinds of toxic materials used to make clean or sanitize containers — all just another part of our industrial society.  But solvents rob of us of health in so many ways.   

The liver is a large organ called the chemical manufacturing plant for the body > pulling in food from the intestine and making it’s own chemicals it needs from that.  Toxic stuff is changed chemically into non-toxic stuff in order for the kidney to to excrete into the bladder.  Fatty content needs to be made water soluble for it to leave with the urine.  Liver also makes  bile and sends toxic stuff with it to the intestine thru the bile ducts which enables calcium and fat to be absorbed.  If the liver isn’t getting enough bile to the intestine,  fat is left in the bowel content and the feces will float in the toilet bowl.  This then is a clue that one has bile duct blockage.  Additionally,  since bile is bright green — when it is mixed with intestinal contents, the bowel movement turns dark brown.  If bile isn’t arriving in the intestine the bowel movement stays light colored [even yellow or orange].  This is another clue to bile duct blockage. Over one quart of bile needs to exit the body each day. Because bile is loaded with cholesterol it is important for this daily excretion to be kept up in order for the cholesterol levels to remain in normal low levels.  If those bile ducts are choked with debris, less is transmitted, even as little as one cup instead of a quart.  This results in cholesterol  levels rising and digestion failing. 

Intestinal bacteria [harmless in moderation] can overgrow in only a few hours resulting in bloating, gas and pain.  But remember, the body produces no ‘gas’.  The bacteria does that.  So now this is an additional clue.  See how the body talks to us?  So many ways,  but unless we learn the language, we can stay ignorant.  With all these clues, we should deduce, “We have a digestive problem.”  And this result is from a congested liver!  Further confirmation is often the pain or discomfort felt over or above it [mostly on the right side].  Not only was Dr Clark efficient in teaching us about the problem and how to recognize it,  but also lays out how to cope with it, clear it up. . .exactly what to do. Her books show how to build  certain equipment in order to zap, even the generator.  These are electronically designed to kill off bacteria and or parasites, relieve pain, etc.  One must cleanse the organs, bile ducts and so on.  But flukes won’t allow thorough cleansing of those ducts.  One must Zap AND do the “parasite cleanse.” All recipes are given in her book along with the full protocol.  So, guess I’m trying to say, we could pay more attention to what the body is doing, how it is sending signals to us — endlessly.  If we don’t ignore those clues, but instead try to learn what they mean, wouldn’t we all be better off?  Each and every one of us is going to cash our chips in. . .one day, but there is no need to hurry it along.

Q#3  I am delighted to hear somebody is taking her own life into her own hands.  She has taken a positive step and  enormously profited from it.  Sounds to me like she is a new woman. . .and she is doing it herself. Brava           Jan


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