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January 13, 2014

The Bigger they are. .

.  .  the HARDER they FALL.  . 

I don’t agree that Governor Christie has handled all this well at all as so many of the GOP faithful are claiming.  In many ways, he IS a big ole Teddy Bear kind of guy, at least you hope so because there must be something to offset that brusque countenance;  the rude demeanor, all that in-your-face stuff.  It is said that his New Jersey constituents love that about him – his take-no-prisoners attitude.  I don’t pick that up at all from the mild mannered, but sensible and politically correct Mayor Sokolich who seems driven to be fair, cordial and above board.  Is this not valued by people within this state? 

Many are saying that Christie “handled himself well” or its to his credit, “the way he took action.”  Well, I don’t agree!  This action, all self-serving, with no other option open to him but to come forward after the sky has fallen — he had to come forward.  The time to do so was four months earlier when  illegal lane closing had happened which put a great many people to an awful lot of misery and frustration which didn’t have to happen as there was no reason for it.  It was a hot topic; in the news, the papers, on TV — couldn’t have been ignored even if one tried. That would have been when to speak up because he cared about the people of the state AND it was his job to do so. 

To speak for two hours is no indicator of innocence or pure conscience, just a question of style and choice.  He sought distance from himself and his well-orchestrated staff, which he now wants all to believe had en-mass, betrayed him by going behind his back without cause, rhyme or reason and collectively done this.  And they all lied when he questioned them just last week if anyone knew anything at all about this.  This is what is meant by saying these people lied to him.  Does Christie feel all but himself is gullible, not too bright, unable to use simple logic?

Webster’s:  BULLY: a blustering, browbeating fellow;  one habitually cruel to others weaker than himself 

It is a given that Governor Christie micro-managed everything — tightly;  it has been said (I know not whether in jest), that one could not go to the john w/o his permission.  All know that he is a stern manager of that which goes on around him. So it is assumed not much happens without his knowledge and/or approval.   When asked about the discussion he had with his individual staffers, especially top aide Bridget Anne  Kelly, his response was kinda  childish rather than one of a thoughtful adult.  Nothing!   He would no longer speak to them as they had lied to him, betraying him,  let him down.  He fired them without discussion. Schoolyard Bully – my way or the highway.  It is immature to just blow up and sever associations.  An assured, intelligent and balanced thing to do is to calmly discuss reasons, options and finally, the terms of disassociation.  Tho possibly painful, it is fair. All of which — in the absence of, the residual pain and unrequited resentment is bound to come around and bite one where it hurts most.  As they say, what goes around- comes around.   Jan

dividers4Ongoing coverage

Christie backers, detractors weigh scandal

By Angela Delli Santi ASSOCIATED PRESS

Gov Christie

TRENTON, N.J. — Prominent Republicans leapt to GOP Gov. Chris Christie’s defense yesterday, insisting that the traffic scandal wouldn’t ruin any presidential ambitions, while Democrats say it’s difficult to believe such a hands-on manager knew nothing about a plan by a top aide to close lanes at a bridge into New York.

  • Politicians from both sides of the aisle took to yesterday’s talk shows to debate the fallout from the traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge in September and any role Christie might have played. Documents show Christie’s aides appeared to engineer lane closures at the busy bridge to punish a Democratic mayor who failed to     endorse his re-election bid.

Mayor Mark Sokolich

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told NBC’s Meet the Press that Christie could move past the scandal and still win support from primary voters in the 2016 presidential race    (ya think?)

He said Christie demonstrated leadership by holding a lengthy news conference on Thursday to apologize for the scandal, the most-serious challenge to his political career, and to disavow any knowledge of its planning.

“America’s a forgiving people, but they’re forgiving when you take ownership, you admit mistakes, you take corrective action, and that’s what Chris Christie showed,” Priebus said.  ( how, when, where? )

Christie said he was “embarrassed and humiliated” by the conduct of some of his staff, including top aide Bridget Anne Kelly, whom he fired after learning she gave the go-ahead to close the lanes. Christie said he was “blindsided” by the revelations, which he said he discovered when subpoenaed emails were released last week.

John Wisniewski, a New Jersey Democrat leading the legislative investigation into the traffic jams, told CBS’ Face the Nation there’s no evidence Christie was directly involved in the traffic tie-up. But he said the governor didn’t have to know about the lane closures for them to be a crime.

“When you use the George Washington Bridge for what the emails show to be a political payback, that amounts to using public property for a private purpose or for a political purpose , and that’s not legal,” Wisniewski said.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, said on ABC’s This Week that he found Christie’s explanation “pretty darn credible” that he didn’t know what members of his inner circle were up to while he was running for re-election.

“He was in campaign mode,” Giuliani said. “You miss a lot of things. You’re not paying as much attention.”

Mark Sokolich, the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee whose town was clogged with traffic, said he wanted to believe that Christie’s staff members acted without his knowledge but was having trouble buying it.


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