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January 6, 2014

Mental Illness (study or fix?)

Show the research behind mental illness


In his Thursday op-ed “Ohio’s mental-health system in desperate need of an overhaul,” Bob Spada, president of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio, said he wants the public to have a better understanding of the problems faced by the mentally ill and politicians to “muster the courage to make necessary changes.”

He made the eminently reasonable call for an independent review of Ohio’s mental health system. Who can argue with this?

  • I do not wish to disparage the good work NAMI does. However, Spada insisted that mental illness, presumably all mental illness, is “a neurological brain disorder.” The problem is that no credible research has established a causal connection between brain functions and the desperate and debilitating feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that so many people feel.
  • How do I know this? My source is, surprisingly, the pharmaceutical companies that produce the medications designed to correct the biological defects that “cause” mental illness. Virtually all these companies state in their promotional material that no one knows the causes of mental illness.

But if no one knows the causes how can anyone know they are brain disorders?

If chronic depression and anxiety, to take two examples, are caused by brain disorders, then we need a body of evidence that supports this claim. If, as the pharmaceutical industry says, there is no such body of evidence, we skeptics have a legitimate complaint that those who advocate the medical approach have misrepresented not only the struggle the mentally ill face but the nature of mental illness itself.

My Comment:

The above opinion is from a recent statement in the Letters to the Editor page which I often DO include in my daily reading as I have respect for our central Ohio thinkers, as this letter would suggest.   And I agree with Mr. Watkins, tho, as one might imagine,  I also have a few additional thoughts which have  to do with often stated concepts of this entire blog of over 2,000 posts.   It always comes down to appropriate care of the body.  In this case (as in most), has much to do with the nutritional needs.    Not too many people will do a better job that Dr Russell Blaylock on this very thing. 

I’ve had him up recently on another post discussing Nutrition and it’s role on Behavior. Not only is it excellent – it’s stunning.    He cites study after study, some going back to the beginning of last century.  That post was named (always my downfall – go into conflict trying to name my posts) Big PhRMA, etal – surely you jest!  dated 12-19-13.  please go there and check it out or I could just give you the link again at the end .

What has been uppermost in my mind however has been the dreadful plight of our uncared for youth as they struggle from home to home,  having been let down by their own parents because of one problem or another. No one really meets their needs, let alone love them.  A number of times the frustration these young people endure overwhelms and some terribly anti-social behavior from indecency to murder ensues.  It’s heartbreaking since it doesn’t have to happen.  The running of OHIO state under Kasich has fallen so far off the cliff, one hardly knows whereto start — for everything has been cut;  our educational system  which remains unfair and illegal,  all civic services have been cut back or strangled into oblivion,  the bragging about how good Kasich has been for Ohio is endless, but guess what, the people through every aspect imaginable have suffered – most of all, our young people.  Food stamps lopped off,  and so on.  Who has time to think about the plight of mostly grown kids and what might be in their heads  — indeed!   who’s got the time, inclination or the money?  Anyway, for any of you who genuinely want to understand this thing better, please listen to Dr Blaylock.  His explanation and clear logic and the science behind it will show you that a pretty clear solution is there.  It isn’t a mystery like most would have us believe.  For then we need to have more studies and panels of people getting salaries taking a look at all this again, and again and still overlook the obvious!  The truth is  there and everywhere, but you gotta want to know it!   Oh yes the link:    Jan)

Dr. Russell BlaylockNutrition & Behavior Dangers of Aspartame

Oct 4, 2012 – Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour

Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how


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