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January 4, 2014

Big + w/easy movm’t

Huge Benefit from Simple, Easy Movement

It is no secret at all that I am as loaded with imperfections as anyone who ever lived.  I have done many things wrong (in the past) and continue to do so.  That I keep speaking of the desired state or goal doesn’t in any way mean  to convey that I have achieved these plateaus.  Most assuredly, I struggle to levels which I believe would be desirable, attainable and ideal, even though, it is by no means,  a fait accompli.  Still,, I do not wish to stop trying, for it gives me pleasure,  keeps hope alive  and gives ‘reason’ to my daily efforts; and in fact — has raised the level of my existence, I am quite sure.   

In line with this remark,  I’ll confess that I have never liked exercise for the sake of doing — it is an utter bore;  not how I choose to spend my time even tho it is said — we need more physical activity for good health.  Walking is fine, enjoy my trampoline in small doses – am able to this with no trouble.  Even so. all the sitting I do both with reading, studying and the computer work, blog and so on takes a big toll as it does with anyone who ‘must’ sit at a desk overmuch because of earning a living and so on.  It isn’t a good activity – the human body was built for activity – motion. 

The interview below is from Dr Mercola and is an update of one I saw sometime last year — a wonderful, beautiful, very smart man by the name of Eric Goodman. Has a doctorate in  ‘structural biomechanics and he developed something called “Foundation  Training”  Was so taken with his method, I almost bought the book, but I restrained myself.  I don’t DO exercise!  However, it made so much sense to me.  Now he has done a 2nd book and he and Mercola discussed it a bit and Dr Mercola had him show us this new technique.  I was able to grasp it and I promise I have done it repeatedly this very day and WILL continue to do it every day, every hour if I can manage to remember to do it.  Might have to set my timer on the hour to buzz so that I actually do it.  The rewards are almost unbelievable.   

When you transfer over to the interview, on the same page are several other options one can avail.  Dr. Goodman’s interview from before wherein he speaks at length about foundational training and two  others of a lady doctor by the name of Dr Joan Vernikos who was the Director at NASA of the Life Sciences Division for decades as she was in charge of the astronauts and their activities while in space.   This is one very smart lady.  Goodman and Vernikos have discussed their mutual  and shared findings with regard to the body and it’s needs, functions etc. 

It is that exercise in particular that Dr Joan speaks of which will amaze you – you must listen to it yourself.  But Dr Goodman shows how to do it and it’s easy. Trust me, it’s worth your time especially if you are interested in improving your health with or without exercise, want to lengthen your telomeres (which determine how long you live), improve your muscular efficiency without intense workouts and also  reduce the inflammatory process with this simple movement technique.  Easy and you can do it!  Okay?   Jan

updated foundation trainingNo Gym Required, Yet One of the Quickest and Best Exercises Ever updated foundation training
Exercise has been one of my passions for almost 45 years now, and I’ve done a lot of research on the subject. More recently, I’ve been convinced this “non-exercise” may actually be the most important component of exercise.


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