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December 30, 2013

2 Cancers gone – Gerson

Dear Readers,  Can you stand one more post today?  Can’t help it. . . .when I read of something as encouraging as this is;  a young married with a whole life and new baby to care for and to get such bad news as you find in the first paragraph below;  well, it’s mind-boggling.   Then to emerge less than a year later from dual cancers — healed through the Gerson Therapy.  .  amazing “Blessing” Must share.   Jan

Dear Jan,
In 2010, Marcia Schaefer’s “perfect” year ended with a dual diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer and malignant melanoma. Newly married, with a 4-month-old baby, Marcia had a lot to fight for.
Marcia chose to heal herself with the Gerson Therapy–and emerged victorious from her battle with cancer. On September 8th, 2011, she was declared cancer-free, less than a year after her initial diagnosis!
Do you want to help others like Marcia fight for true healing? If you do, I hope you will consider making a gift to the Gerson Institute to help provide others with hope.
Two years later, Marcia remains cancer-free, and is still following the Gerson Therapy to maintain her health and prevent a recurrence.
During her time on the therapy, she often sought support from the Gerson Institute.
“The Institute was great. I called [the Gerson Institute’s free help-line] a lot in the beginning.” Through the Gerson Institute, Marcia got in touch with Networkers, recovered Gerson patients who shared their experiences with her and “helped me decide if Gerson was the right option for me. “Then, [after I left the clinic in Mexico] the follow-up from the Institute, the phone calls and check-ins, was a great help as I continued the therapy at home.”
Please make more stories like Marcia’s possible! Your donation to the Gerson Institute goes directly to funding:
  • Our free educational help-line
  • Our patient support programs
  • New educational materials and translations
  • New free resources for Gerson patients
Every donation matters, whether it’s $5, $50 or $500! Gerson persons across the globe need your help to get the support they need.
Marcia is making an impact on others as she continues to educate others about the Gerson Therapy with the most powerful information – her own healing story!
Marcia said:
“I have defeated cancer. I have opened my practice, and I am living proof that a positive attitude, supportive, loving friends and family, and lots of carrot juice can make all the difference in your world.
I want to help others with this fantastic therapy; I will pay it forward to anyone who will listen!” 

If you, like Marcia, want to help others with the Gerson Therapy, donate today!
You can even help year-round as a monthly supporter.
Whether you can share Dr. Gerson’s gift of hope & healing this year, or whether you are in need of support on your own healing journey, we can make it together.
Thank you for being a “Gerson” person!

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