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December 24, 2013

David W’s Salad

David Wolfe’s  “Skin Glow” Sulfur Salad

From the people of FOOD MATTERS, a welcome presentation of one of David’s most popular recipes from his book 10 years ago called  “EATING FOR BEAUTY”.  David demonstrates the building of the salad and how to make the dressing.   It definitely got my attention, but then I’m such a fool for toys in the kitchen.The only thing which I’d have a problem with is the chlorella tablets sprinkled over the salad at the end, as I don’t think I could get those down and spoil such an enchanting meal.  I might use my coffee grinder or just sprinkle chlorella powder on in the first place. To each his own, they say.

It is  fascinating much like Dr Joel Furhman and his admonition to make one’s own salad dressing for all the same and customary reasons. (I catch that show each time I find it on PBS, and have his book too.)  I don’t buy salad dressings  anyway, as “real”  virgin olive oil, lemon juice or Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar and as many fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts as I can crowd in, works for me. 

When you eat gorgeous food that nature blesses us with  and you’ve assembled it gently with full attention and stir in the love,  there really isn’t anything better. . . and in fact, one does find as David says,  your needs being filled and sated  — don’t need as much ‘food’ or dessert, etc. 

At the close of the video, try not to rush by quickly;  he lists the ingredients at the end and below.  Jan


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how do I make myself feel beautiful? In David Wolfe’s 2 DVD set ‘The Beauty Diet’, discover how to make delicious “beauty food” recipes that will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your hair flow in the wind.

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