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December 19, 2013

Wit – Charm of Abraham

Ask and It Is Given

(Many of you understand that I subscribe to the Abraham-Hicks site since falling in total appreciation with the ‘teachings’ of Abraham as conveyed through Esther. Have a video or two and some books i.e. The ‘Law of Attraction’ and “Ask and it is given”. Have been receiving the daily messages to which anyone can subscribe if desired. For years now, I sometimes can’t help myself from sharing a daily thought or concept from “them”. There are times when one fills up so completely, that it must come forth and I have this wonderful blog, so I do. This then, is another one of those times.

Please understand, I’m not after your soul or acceptance of anything. Your soul is in good shape and you are where you need to be for which we are all happy.

I simply want to share a wonderful few moments which obviously Esther also felt the need to share. And that’s what this is about, a very humorous sharing. But as the video snippet ends, other choices are presented from which one can choose another so I did. There is a pic of Esther’s face and the words Abraham – The SECRET behind the SECRET FULL   My son had shared a video some years ago with me Called the Secret behind the Secret  — that was my introduction to “Abraham.  But this was more and bigger,almost 3 hours with the distinct approach of how Jerry (a life-long seeker) and Esther got involved.  And I totally loved it.  I fancy that like Jerry, I have always been a seeker, but also — like Esther,weirded out over spooky stuff or psychic phenomenon to which I have never been drawn.  So their story fascinated me and thought, perhaps you might like to see it for yourself..  Jan)

Dear Friends,You’ll be able to feel, from watching this video clip, that we had a wonderful experience together in Asheville! As I watched this clip this morning, in readiness to send it to you, I laughed out loud several times! How I do love Abraham.

If you would like to experience the fun and expansion that our Asheville group experienced, the DVD: New Thoughts — New Ideas — New Approaches is now in our warehouse ready for delivery.

To see this “very funny” clip, click here.

To read more about the ground breaking material contained on the DVD, click here.

With love,


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